Trade/Merchant RP Roll Call

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Re: Trade/Merchant RP Roll Call

Unread post by BDobolina »

Bumping this to seek a few more responses. I am traveling this weekend but will organize and get it put together after that.

I would love for more of the independent types to chime in! There are a lot of you that are regularly selling things at Mudds, through forums, and through RP in game. IF you are looking for RP (I realize not all of you may be), please put up your info!

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Re: Trade/Merchant RP Roll Call

Unread post by mixafix »

Name of Group or Individual: Golden Wheel (Brualot the last of the wheels)
Affiliation (if Individual): N/A
Contact Info: (mixafix)
Base of Operations: Friendly Arms
Trade Goods: N/A
Crafted Goods: Wands, spells and other goods found along the way.
Special Focus: Relic hunting
RP Hook, the last of the wheels determined to recover the good name of a Guild he once help found. He trades in goods and makes wands of various kinds. His speciality and frequent diversion is to hunt lost relics of the world for their rarity.
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Re: Trade/Merchant RP Roll Call

Unread post by LazyTrain »

Name of Group or Individual: Beram Morkirk

Affiliation (if Individual): Freelance

Contact Info: PM LazyTrain on forums

Base of Operations: Neverwinter/Baldur's Gate

Trade Goods: Raw Materials for housing.

Crafted Goods: N/A

Special Focus: Meticulously crafted and personalized housing designs. (I make houses for you in the toolset so you don't have to fight with it.)

RP Hook, Rumor, or other IC information: Operating originally out of Neverwinter, Beram has recently moved to Baldur's Gate and begun setting himself up, looking for potential clients. There is no notice board that doesn't have one of his flyers, decorated with the symbol of a golden lizard, advertising his services.

Maelis Warren

Beram Morkirk
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