The passing of a community member

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Re: The passing of a community member

Unread post by Almarea90 »

I'm very sorry to hear T99T has passed.

I only had the pleasure to RP with him in one occasion and although strictly IC it wasn't a particularly friendly encounter I really enjoyed our exchange and invited him OOC to visit Candlekeep again.

My thoughts and heartfelt condolences go to the family.
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Re: The passing of a community member

Unread post by Rainy »

Very sad. He was an outstanding player at the center of some of the best RP I ever had here, it boggles the mind that he's gone and he will be sorely missed.
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Re: The passing of a community member

Unread post by DM SummerBreeze »

This is awful. They were such a good player and member of the community.

I had the pleasure of interacting with them on a semi regular basis, up to even just a few days ago. This is honestly shocking and incredibly sad.

I am absolutely going to miss our interactions both over Discord, and especially in game. Their good nature OOC, and fun writing and play style IC will be sorely missed.

Every time a person is suddenly lost like this who held so much creativity in their mind it is truly a loss for everyone when that precious mind, writing and talent is removed from the world so suddenly and far too soon. I hope only now that their family can move forward and that whatever it is they were suffering from is finally over. I'll be thinking about them for some time to come. I hope that we as players and DM's can find a way to honour their memory as best as we can.
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Re: The passing of a community member

Unread post by Tekill »

I'm sorry for this loss to everyone.
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Re: The passing of a community member

Unread post by Justabloodymage »

I only roleplayed with him a short time but he was a phenomenal roleplayer in that time. Me still being a bit new to the community here he gave me tips on how to better myself and we had fun moments together both on the surface and in the underdark. He will be greatly missed. :(
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Re: The passing of a community member

Unread post by BattleBee47 »

I've written this post nearly a hundred times and deleted, re written and deleted.

There was so much left unexplored with Kargas and his name OFTEN found its way into my RP.
I was excited to see Team Evil have a champion and someone that inspired a sort of unease with his brilliant roleplay.

My deepest condolences to the friends and family members. He will truly be missed here.
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Re: The passing of a community member

Unread post by predrag »

I only once had a chance to play with him , seemed quite devoted to RP and good at it .
My condolences to the family and friends .
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Re: The passing of a community member

Unread post by Tristam »

I'm grateful to have this loving community for mutual support as we face Kargas's death. Thanks for your post Selhan. I'm going to save that. A Kargas NPC would be an appropriate tribute I think. I'm sure he would have liked that.
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