PvP Near the Friendly Arm Inn

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Re: PvP Near the Friendly Arm Inn

Unread post by Sharrans »

If you were found to be angry or upset over the pvp incident.
Try your best not to.
I used to have emotions invested into bad pvp events in the past, it never paid off.
Relax, enjoy the game, and enjoy your opponents ever ticking mind in trying to best you.
Enjoy literally every aspect of this game.
We won't have it forever.
Do you enjoy the embrace of the darkness?
Do you still suffer from the loss of a loved One?
Or are you seeking magical secrets, beyond normal understanding?

The Church of Shar awaits you...
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Re: PvP Near the Friendly Arm Inn

Unread post by Terankar »

Tbh, if it was a real setting, there would be plenty of people who would be able to find you on the same map as the FAI. The guard towers as well would have archers scouting the area, easily spotting turmoil close to the Inn.

I would go to an entirely different area of FAI map ingame and even then if it were a real setting, you could easily be spotted in the distance, not counting for the sheer noise it would make and if we factor in the right wind condition, you could easily be next to a guard and he would hear it still.

Like the reminder, but it would make more sense to direct it towards the involved parties. I quess that has been done too, so just nice to get a nice visible thread from DM Golem, stating the rules.
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