Attn: New Staff Groups, the Forum Helpers and Speaker are now Active

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Attn: New Staff Groups, the Forum Helpers and Speaker are now Active

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Attn: This is now up and running!

The Forum Helpers and Speaker staff groups are now active, effective immediately. Bear with me while we organize it properly and test it out. It might take a while before everything is running smoothly. :D

You can now PM them as a Staff Group. They are listed as "Forum Helpers" and "Community Speaker". It is recommended that players send in any requests/suggestions/issues/complaints to the "Forum Helpers" staff group directly, instead of our previous method where PM's of these types were sent directly to the DM team. If you are not comfortable with using this new method, you can send your PM to the DM team still. For any PM's which are better handled by the Developers, QC, Art Team, HDM's, or that are related to DM events, please send them to the appropriate group instead. For bugs, post them in the "Bug Reports and Mechanical Issues" subforum.

The "Speaker" is also available (or will be shortly) to hear any concerns you may have about the server, hear out your suggestions, or generally bounce ideas off of.

Additionally, we are still actively looking for people who are willing to volunteer to become a Forum Helper. PM me or the HDM team if you are interested!

As a refresher, here are the two group's responsibilities:

Forum Helper
  • Collect PM's from players, and sort them onto their own forum, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Reply promptly to the message's sender, confirming that their message has been received.
  • For simple issues, they can help them out immediately. For more complex issues, they will be expected to collect any necessary evidence on the topic, discuss the matter between all Helpers, and come to a conclusion. If necessary, more complex issues can be passed on the DM team or HDM team, as needed.

Speaker (Community Speaker)
Acts as a liason between the community and all the other staff groups, essentially hearing out people's opinions, and ensuring information gets where it needs to.
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Re: Attn: New Staff Groups, the Forum Helpers and Speaker are now Active

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Exciting, I think this could help out a lot, freeing up the DM team to handle more events and minor player requested plot lines.
If done correctly This can funnel everything and help keep the forums sorted and clear of clutter.
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