RavenC. Lobby of Dams

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RavenC. Lobby of Dams

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Na'Karia (Tiefling, Favored Soul of Kossuth)


Rauva Z'ress (Half Drow, Monk/ Shadow Dancer)

More Danger Ladies will come as time goes on and storylines close.
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Team of Sassy Ladies who may or may not be very questionable
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Re: RavenC. Lobby of Dams

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*Thumbs up*
“We drink to get drunk, we get drunk to fall asleep, when we fall asleep, we commit no sin, when we commit no sin, we go to the Heaven's. So I say, let's drink till we reach the Heaven's! Huzzah!"

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Re: RavenC. Lobby of Dams

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Rose Wintertal , Itinerant Minstrel, Troublemaker, Administrator of the Phoenix Company and The Run a Rig owner!

Trissae Baeniryn , Yatharil
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