A fun old tabletop story.

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A fun old tabletop story.

Unread post by Ychrana » Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:28 pm

Story time… long story time... this’ll be in bits cause word limits…

...and I’d probably call it the story of Grishnarhk, who was probably the most memorable and beloved of all the characters in the game.

>be playing D&D, 3.5ed Forgotten Realms
>be the DM an vet of about 15 years
>players am all also vet RPers, larpers, actors
>good times were gon get had
>finally get to run campaign I’d been working on for years
>very story driven, equally heavy combat/roleplay
>characters all got reasons to be there
>each PC has their own story, backstory and something to do
>game is revolved around them as much as the story
>doing this (#2) properly
>why am is evvyone together in genericsmalltownington though?
>Highharvestide festival is tomorrow
>some come as mercs guarding caravans, others come for festival
>long story short, all gather in tavern for drinks that night, meet each-other
>floor suddenly collapses, ground caves in, entire bottom level of the Inn plunges into darkness
>couldn’t handle the weight of so many people in for the festival
>everyone’s suddenly stuck underground together, need to find an way out
>I’ve done this before
>moving on
>long story short, place was all old grounds of Kelemvor, god of dead stuffs, but hates undead stuffs
>an whenever the local clerics got an undead they couldn’t full dead they’d capture and entomb it underground, till they could find a way to destroy it
>however this went on for centuries, and time slowly erodes big, magic sealed stuff
>so yeah
>party fell into an tomb
>and accidentally, a lich
>because that’s how these stories go

>lich escapes, possessing a barmaid they’d rescued
>PCs follow
>by the time they get back the whole town is just… gone
>lich took all the bodies to raise as undead
>8 day walk to next town
>erryone gets offered their weight in gold to find out wtf happened
>cause nobody actually knew at this point
>enter the Bard
>is an nice dude, IC an OOC
>but likes to play smart
>or not just ‘smart’… but ‘clever’…
>decides to prepare
>Loudwater is an reasonably large town
>find an alchemist
>charms him
>convinces him to sell everything in the shop for 1gp
>”is not technically stealing cause I did pay for it”
>goddamnit Bard
>”sure ok… but the guy’s still gonna be pissed, and react realistically…”
>”seriously, he’ll probably complain or hire mercs to hunt you down or something for cheating him…”
>”alright sure whatever you can take anything in the shop”
>behold the bag of Holding
>which Bard has cause everyones’ mid level
>opens bag and just nonchalantly slides everything off the tables and shelves into it
>and everybody is just standing there tense as whilst glass bottles of alchemists fire, acid, and casks of gunpower clash together falling into this magic bag
>he takes literally every alchemical item in the shop
>we decide to work out actual numbers
>40 vials of normal/improved alchemist fire
>30 normal/improved acid flasks
>a dozen tanglefoot bags
>and about 30 gods damn kegs of gunpower
>all stashed in this one, delicate, light little Bag of Holding
>”please be fking careful with that you Halfling bastard”
>I can see where this is going…
>not the type of DM to try and blow up the party for giggles
>just tell them to be careful and it should be ok
>but that merchant will be pissed and bad things could possibly happen
>so srsly, please be careful… don’t kill my campaign by killing your party

>6 months later
>campaign has been epic
>fought off dreadknight henchmen of the lich
>armies of undead
>shenanigans been had
>recruited a Marilith, a sphinx
>gone from lvl 3 to 14
>characters been loved
>story’s been loved
>fun all round
>party finally finds Lich’s 600yo lair
>rundown castle he’s using undead labour to slowly rebuild
>is covered in wards and usual stuff
>as well as hundreds of undead guards
>and the local family of vampire lineage who aren’t to kind of trespassers
>front entry ain’t so good looking
>does an smart PCs and scout around
>like… a lot of scout around
>oh hey an secret underground entrance
>did not expect at all
>goes in, searching, keeping stealthy
>doesn’t wanna thousands of undead army
>finds an ancient stone door with writing
>surprisingly written in plain common
>”Those who is friends can enter here, but if open youse eyes, beware”
>kk… so just gotta walk through this one room with eyeses closesed
>pretty simple
>…should’ve been pretty simple
>everyone goes through eyes closed till they get to the door on the opposite side
>however is all an good trap/defence
>vampires gaseous form into the room and start messing with the PCs
>taunting them but they know they gotta keep their eyes closed…
>use some magics and smartnessing… or lack of…
> whilst the vampires are just touch draining and messing with peoples
>half of whom are safe in the next room and can see the vampires behind them
>… bard decides he can’t resist opening his eyes
>…cause curious
>ya shouldna’ did dat

>Vampires suddenly see Bard, being ‘clever’, eyes open.
>Vampires turn to smoke and flee
>Bard looks around
>room is octagonal
>on 2 of the 8 sides are the doors they were passing through
>on the other 6 sides… were mirrors… of opposition
>6 mirrors, 6 exact copies of the Bard
>all trying to kill him
>panic mode is on
>party can’t come help or they’ll get mirror copies trying to kill them too
>panic mode is definitely on
>oh wait…
>Bard is decided to an clever
>gets companions to put Blade Barrier around him
>buffs, etc.
>Copies can’t get anywhere near enough to attack him
>but wait… what’s this?
>each mirror also creates an exact copy of all your equipment…?
>…and will do anything and go to any lengths to kill you?
>what’s that you got there little Bard…?

>yesh it is…
>yesh it is an entire (do-me) alchemists shop in in a small, delicate bag that will burst open if it takes any damage and spill all its contents into this tiny room full of fire and blades
>…and yesh, there’s now a complete alchemists shop in each of these 6 copies hands
>that’s like… 7 alchemists
>which they are about to throw at you while grinning maniacally
>how much is that exactly?
>in total…
>280 vials of alchemists fire
>210 vials of acid
>84 bags of choking powder
>350 litres of lamp oil
>and over a metric tonne of gunpowder
>…5285d6 of damage to everything within 600ft
>enough combined direct, fire, and acid damage to erase you, the party, the Lich’s castle and a large portion of this mountain from existence
>mfw they realized I'd been waiting for this ever since he robbed that alchemist's shop


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Re: A fun old tabletop story.

Unread post by playerr2 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:04 am


that's so... spiteful!!!
I love it!
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