Thread of infinite appreciation!!

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Re: Thread of infinite appreciation!!

Unread post by Druchii » Fri Feb 14, 2020 7:16 am

So this is overdue.. :naughty:

Firstly a big thank you to my two regulars in and out of my Guild: Shadowspinner70 and K'yon respectively - for all the RP since I arrived. It has been incredibly enjoyable to get back into Drow RP with you.

To the rest of Selmiyeritar, I can safely say I have enjoyed all our interactions and I look forward to furthering our schemes with you all. I won't name you since many have opted for the ??? But you know who you are.. and if you dont well.. :snooty:

Finally to the two DMs I have interacted with regularly of late: Boo and Spartacus.

DM Boo for looking into my requests woth the whole team and coming back with the consensus but also explanations and advice on how best to adapt them to the BG setting. And for putting up with my lore debates. :geek:

DM Spartacus for running an event for me and Selmi on short notice and even when he had time constraints on the eveninh itself. It was important to support a cross guild plot relationship and despite us not having GH we have successfully made it work. Very grateful.

So there we are, ta folks - see y'all soon. :D

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