Thread of infinite appreciation!!

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Re: Thread of infinite appreciation!!

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gedweyignasia wrote: Tue Aug 31, 2021 2:28 pm Thank you DM GrinningDeath for support with some friendly PvP the other day! Very patient and helpful! (Thank you to all the players involved for being very amicable throughout in OOC!)
Agreed on that point, you all did some excellent RP based combat on player initiative. That's something I love to see, and be involved in.
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Re: Thread of infinite appreciation!!

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Need to give a shout out to DM Spartacus. They picked up a story for people, and came into it having to figure out what was going on, field questions, and then move the plot forward. It's only been a short time, but have to give them kudos for what they've done so far!
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Re: Thread of infinite appreciation!!

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...need we say more?
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Re: Thread of infinite appreciation!!

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I wanted to express my gratitude to the incredible staff I've had the pleasure of working with for this last season of DMing. From our admins encouragement to our HDMs, I am humbles and impressed by all of the wonderful people I've worked with DM side. I wont go on too long, but there are far to many worth mentioning. Thank you to the DM team which has welcomed me and helped me along the way. I cant remember having this much fun with any other staff. My sincere gratitude to our builders, scripters, and balance team for putting in the effort and keeping strong communication with all of our team members.

To the players, I want to thank you for working with me as a DM and letting me be a part of your stories. Thank you to everyone who put in requests and gave me plenty to write about. For those of you who followed up, and those of you that participated. Thank you to the BGTSCC community for the long years of RP and joy. I have no immediate plans for BG, but I hope to catch you all another time. Until then, all of my best.
DM Ink
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Re: Thread of infinite appreciation!!

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I want to thank myself for being awesome.

That is all carry on.
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Re: Thread of infinite appreciation!!

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I want to thank the devs who keep this server not just up and stable, but continue to improve.

Im shocked by how much they've added recently.
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Re: Thread of infinite appreciation!!

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I want to give huge thanks to everyone participating in celebration of Autumn Equinox. I didn't emote much, but I always love reading your writing.
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