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Re: Sad News

Unread post by DM SummerBreeze »

this is awful.

they were pleasant and a phenomenal member of the community with every interaction I ever had with them both as a player over the years, across multiple characters of mine, as well as a DM.

I am truly saddened to hear this.
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Re: Sad News

Unread post by Rasael »

Condolences :cry:
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Re: Sad News

Unread post by Asmodea »

I have a message for her. Even though she is gone... and that message is: "Goodbye". She knows the context. No one else might... So It Goes.
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Re: Sad News

Unread post by Hakken2 »

My deepest condolence. My thought goes to families and friends. I can't imagine the pain you feel.
Rest in peace, you will be missed.
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Re: Sad News

Unread post by Empoweredfan »

Nomster? Christ, this feels unreal. She was such a great person, a real pillar of the community and I can't think of anyone that brought so much to the server as her when she played. I am so sorry Colonic. As sad as I am about her passing, I know that you must be hurting so much more. If there is anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to contact me.

My deepest condolances.
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Re: Sad News

Unread post by Tsidkenu »

As a former player who literally spent hours of IC tutoring of Nomster's wild ex-Zhentarim sorceress Telia Santraeger with my Mystran priestess Aeili, I will forever cherish those tear-dropping and evocative RP sessions, especially the last when I retired Aeili from the server some years ago. Noms was one of a kind, irreplaceable and always true to character.

I knew Noms had been ill with other serious conditions for a very long time. Many of her sleepless, insomniac hours were spent discussing that difficult life. It is very saddening to hear of her passing in this way and at that age.

Kleomenes, my heart goes out to you. I know you cared very deeply for Noms all this time and her loss will linger for an age. I will never feel the pain as much as you do. Weep bitterly, my friend. There is no soul poured out like a drink offering more than the lamenting and bereft heart. There is no shame in such a raw and open expression of loss and grief especially at a time such as this.

Prayers of comfort, solace and peace will be spoken earnestly for you both.

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Re: Sad News

Unread post by Wyatt »

While it has been a long time since I was a regular in the community here, Nomster/Glowfire was was one of the first characters I ever interacted with. She had a marvelous wit and did a wonderful job of maintaining her characters' personalities. I am deeply saddened for her family and friends and hope and pray that they may find some small measure of comfort in this tragic loss.

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Re: Sad News

Unread post by Fury_US »

I have no words. I recall not just the impact her characters had on mine, but the discord conversations we had- she bore a beautiful soul. Colonic, I am so sorry. I may not be around in the community here anymore, but if ever you need a virtual ear or shoulder, mine is always there for you.

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Re: Sad News

Unread post by kleomenes »

A funeral service is being held on 24th January at 3.15 GMT. Its going to be a fairly small, relaxed thing as she would have wanted, but there will be a link to a live stream for some family who can't make it. If anyone from here wants the link shoot me a PM on discord, Colonic#1038.
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