Baldur's Gate map

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Baldur's Gate map

Unread post by Blackhorizon »

Maybe this would be helpful to someone in navigating and finding their way through the city.

The map is not exhaustive, but it does cover a lot of things. Rooftops are not covered at all and mostly places you can go into are marked. Nevertheless, it should serve as a good starting point and help navigate the maps. Open the image in new tap to view it fully (2800x2500px).

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Re: Baldur's Gate map

Unread post by Theodore01 »

very helpful, thxs
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Re: Baldur's Gate map

Unread post by predrag »

Confusing at first glance , but helpful after giving it more time , thanks !
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Re: Baldur's Gate map

Unread post by Józef Taktyka »

Great work, thanks :)
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Re: Baldur's Gate map

Unread post by Snarfy »


Very nice. Now I don't have to make one, thanks :dance:
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