Zyn Twin of Nym

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Zyn Twin of Nym

Unread post by jerrylanier spc » Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:01 pm

Zyn is quite different than Nym. Zyn saw how his brother had a natural talent for the arcane and was always envious of him until he was given a blessing from the Ravenancer he was able to use the divine !!
For a drow male this is a death sentence in a lolthite society So Zyn and Nym fled to Sshamath a place where Lolth holds little sway and there their power Can Grow .
Now Zyn to his knowledge is the Only Jaluk Hirophant of The lady of the dead the Ravenancer the vengeful Banshee.
Unlike most drow he supports his brother and they can often be seen fighting as in teasing each other one way or another.

Zyn loves the undead and enjoys useing his undead as often as he can .
Zyn has no love for the living and will do everyinthing in his power to try to protect the ways of Ssamath and keep it out of Lolthite hands .

Zyn Hates Lolthites
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