Osbert Humbridge, Sage and Scholar

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Osbert Humbridge, Sage and Scholar

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For inspiration only, not quite a perfect match

First Name: Osbert
Last Name: Humbridge

Appearance: Osbert is clearly old, his skin sagging and wrinkling, his eyebrows wild and bushy with age. He dresses very well, often in rich silks of reds and purples, as one fit for royal court, with golden threadwork and exotic fur lapels. His soft white hair (balding on top) contrasts his rich dress, often a bit wild and unkempt, especially when talking passionately about some topic or another. His oft ink-stained fingers may hint at his work as a scribe, his penchant for carrying several books a hint to his thirst of knowledge.

Race: Human
Age: 61
Height: Short to Average
Weight: Medium, lacking tone and definition
Eyes: Green
Hair: White
Facial Hair Style: None or Beard

Personality Profile: Osbert is normally friendly enough, but can be somewhat crotchety, bored, and unimpressed at times. He is passionate about books, what he has read in his books, and the knowledge he has amassed over his long years. He respects scholars as peers, and while he occasionally finds worth in the tales of adventurers, he often finds them only worth the trouble for the books they sell to him. He enjoys and expects the small luxuries in life including food and drink. He is obsessed with rebuilding his collection of books, and to that end he will work for coin.

General Health: He is old, well past his physical prime. Osbert is prone to developing a cough, moves with a slow and stiff lumber, and is weak for his size. His mind and his spirit are nothing short of sharp.
Deity: Oghma, though he honors many gods. Deniir, Siamorphe, Tymora, Waukeen, and Gond hearing prayers often.
Initial Alignment: Neutral
Profession: Scholar, Sage, Scribe, and Collector of Books
Base Class & Proposed Development: Bard?
Habits/Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Collecting Books
Weapon of Choice: N/A, carries a staff but is ill-equipped to use it

Born in Selgaunt, a large and wealthy city within Sembia, to a well-off but not well-connected merchant family. His family owned a fleet of merchant ships, importing goods from around the Sea of Fallen Stars. Born the 4th of 6 sons, Osbert was never destined to run the business (which is now ran by a great-nephew to whom he has very little ties). Instead, from an early age, Osbert was immersed in scholarly pursuits - books, music, history, heraldry, etc. His father would bring him books from distant ports-of-call, and he would lock himself away to drink in every word. His interests varied widely, and dabbling in things such as gnomish architecture, merchant families of Waterdeep, to the more esoteric fields of planar travel and inhabitants. He apprenticed to several sages of the city, Askarran, Rasthavin, and Thantos, and submitted himself for a time as a non-priest acolyte of the Sanctum of the Scroll.

It was during his later adulthood that he decided he would see the world he had only read about, and set off on ship with his collection of books and a master plan to see the world. Disaster struck soon after, when the ship be traveled upon was attacked by pirates. Luckily for him, they allowed he and a cook to live. Unluckily, his entire collection of books was taken.

Eventually making his way to Westgate, he vowed to never again sail the seas. He headed west along the Trader's Road, and soon found himself on the Sword Coast. His knowledge kept him well fed and well dressed early on, but his dream is to rebuild the library he lost at sea.

Rebuild his lost library
Find a patron, work as Sage/Scholar
Learn everything he can

A look at a small sample of his current collection:

Tome - A vast treatise covering vermin, such as insects, arachnids, arthropods, worms, and similar invertebrates
Tome - A general overview of gnomish architecture, with detail on cities and settlements
Tome - A compendium of knowledge covering the great bodies of water found on Faerun. It contains a special section detailing Balduran and his explorations.
Tome - A detailed listing of Noble Houses of the Sword Coast
Tome - A chronicle of the history of Tethyr, leading up to the Black Days of Eilent

The Darkest Knight - a work of fiction he has yet to read entirely
The Orange Book of Estagund
The Green Book of Cormyr's History
The Dark Blue Book of Halruaa
The Red Book of Calimshan History
Silver Book of the Last March
History of the Creator Races
Helm's Hold
The Rival Orc Tribes and their Great Battles
The Trade of Blades
The Imp
Book of the Waves
The Doombringers
Fundamentals of Terrible Destruction
Advanced Arcanery of Personal Defense
The Crafts-work of Evermeet
Wind by the Fireside
The City of Luskan
Thick Tome of the Western Heartlands
The Wondrous Potions of the Brothers of Ilmater
Uthgar's Legacy
Essays on Shadowdale VII
Religions of the Sword Coast

Current Lore Skills (approx):

Lore - Arcana: 28
Lore - Architecture & Engineering: 30
Lore - Dungeoneering: 28
Lore - Geography & Astronomy: 28
Lore - History: 33
Lore - Local: 28
Lore - Nature: 28
Lore - Nobility & Royalty: 35
Lore - Religion: 28
Lore - The Planes: 33

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:

- Is often looking to purchase books, the more uncommon, or esoteric, the better.
- Has been hired on as a retainer to a growing merchant company, acting as scribe, advisor, and sage. He will still work odd jobs for coin, and is willing to take on other, non-competing, retainers.
- Rarely adventures himself.
- Dabbles in potion brewing, and able enough at crafting wands.

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Re: Osbert Humbridge, Sage and Scholar

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