Endelyon Castillo

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Endelyon Castillo

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Basic Info:
Full Name:       Endelyon Castillo (she goes by Elly)
Birthdate:       Tarsakh 5th, 1328
Birthplace:      The village of Arres, on the southern border of Tethyr

Race:            Human
Age:             Twenty seven
Height:          Five feet (150cm)
Weight:          A hundred and eight pounds (49kg)
Eyes:            Deep blue, as the color of sapphires
Hair:            Black as night, normally worn loose
Skin:            A tan color, often showing freckles in the summer
Handedness:      Left

General:         Endelyon is quite small, lacking strength but moving with grace
Accent:          Some mixture of Tethyrian and Calimshan
Deities:         Waukeen, Eldath
Alignment:       Neutral Good (48/86)
Profession:      Too many to list
Class:           Bard/Unknown
Languages:       Common, Alzhedo, Thorass
Strengths:       Diplomacy, Bluff, Perform, Charisma, Tumble, Escape Artist
Weaknesses:      Alayna

Endelyon seems most happy when she is playing and singing for people, though she seems most comfortable playing for crowds at taverns or festivals as opposed to the high stage. She abhors violence, though in her short time on the Sword Coast she has already seen her fair share of it, having come to terms with the fact that one must sometimes fight in defense of the things she holds most dear. She is warm, caring, and has an open heart, though her naivety is often more than evident to those around her. Her heart is deeply adventurous, and at times Elly might almost seem oblivious to the dangers that surround her. She is quite optimistic for the most part, and continues to try her best to live every day as she thinks her mother would have.

Endelyon's mother was a traveling performer, her father a skilled vintner. Her early years in the small village of Arres were quite idyllic. She would laugh, learn, and play with the other children of the village. She was born with an incredibly pleasant singing voice, and around the age of nine her mother began to teach her to play the mandolin, and Endelyon began to play and sing at wedding ceremonies in Arres (marriage festivities continue to excite and fascinate Elly to this day). It was just before her tenth birthday that her little sister Leanne was born. Endelyon was incredibly close with Leanne, even in these early years.

Around the age of thirteen, Endelyon began to drive her family's wagon into the various towns and cities in Tethyr to sell her father's wine, travelling as far north as Zazesspur, though her father would not allow her to travel south into the deserts of Calimshan. Even at this young age she would often spend days at a time on her own, and grew quite independent because of it. It was in the bustling city of Zazesspur that she learned her love of playing in taverns, and her love for wine. Young and vulnerable, however, Endelyon had to get herself out of more than one sticky situation, and she developed a penchant for escape, a talent that she still shows even now.

It was in her teenage years that Elly's bardic powers first manifested themselves, and her mother guided her through the process of learning to understand and control these amazing abilities. It was also in these years that Endelyon first developed her relationship with Heather Wreyndt, another girl from Arres that was a few years older than Elly. Though the two would often quarrel during these years, in time they would become like sisters themselves.

In 1347, the fighting in Tethyr began, and for three years Arres managed to avoid the worst of things, being far too small to be of any strategic or political import. A day finally came, however, when the war finally reared its ugly head even in the remote southern parts of the country. Endelyon would rarely be willing to speak about what happened in detail on that day, except to say that Arres had been destroyed and ransacked, and her family killed. Endelyon seems to still feel deep regret over these events, even bordering on guilt. Her and Heather escaped together, and relying on one another they managed to flee north, arriving in Baldur's Gate as penniless refugees at the beginning of summer, 1350 D.R.

It wasn't long after arriving that the two were separated, and Endelyon has not seen Heather since. A few days after arriving in the city she first met and was given a job by Cheryl Mae Castillo, working as the Head of Accounts for the Sword Coast Commercial Exchange (a mercantile endeavor Cheryl had began on herself some time previously). A sizable order for duskwood from Captain Mealir of the Whistling Wandress took her south into Amn once more to the bustling trade city of Athkatla where she (along with Charraj Cain and Koba) tried to find an importer of the rare wood. Though they were ultimately unsuccessful in this task, it was during this trip that she received invitation to meet and speak with one Lady Aura Coprith, whose offer would change her life forever. She would come into ownership of her very own bank.

Backed by Lady Coprith's capital and investment, the Sword Coast Commercial Exchange started doing business then not only as a merchant company, but as a growing (and profitable) bank in the city's East Gate district. Endelyon continued to work closely under Cheryl as her Head of Accounts. She made quite the name for herself around the city in this time as well, from winning her very first Open Stage Night and joining the White Mask Theater troupe, to establishing the Baldur's Gate Herald alongside Jon Arrington, a series of broadsheets that circulated in the city for years to come. She formed a fast friendship with Telia Navra upon the woman's arrival in the city from Darkhold, giving her a job at the Herald and later even giving her full ownership of the project (which she continued to write for).

She also had a seat on the Foreign Exchange Committee (eventually even becoming chairwoman), an advisory group with representation from the city's various guilds and organizations. It was established by the Grand Dukes to bring them advice on matters economical, and though the meetings would last hours on end (at times to little or no result), Elly would learn quickly that this was simply the nature of politics and bureaucracy. The Committee had many successes, though, including a large import of healing supplies from Darkhold--reagents needed to treat a plague that struck the city in early 1351.

For months after arriving she had been writing letters to her mother as if the woman were still alive to read them, stuffing them in a cabinet Her life seemed almost perfect again, now. Elly had gone from rags to riches, and she had everything she could ever dream of. It was at this time that she finally accepted the loss of her family, though the regret she feels for not being able to protect them has never quite disappeared.

1351 was a difficult year for all the residents of Baldur's Gate, and even saw undead attacking citizens in the very streets. Soon thereafter, however, Endelyon left for Neverwinter with newly appointed nobles (and diplomatic ambassadors) Cheryl Mae and Llywelyn Cadwaldr. Panic set in almost immediately for the Bard when realized that she was voluntarily leaving her beloved home once more, and in a time of war and crisis. She could not repeat her mistake, she would not run again. This time, she would stand and fight, and die, if that was what it took to protect her home.

There was little she could do directly about the problem of Larloch's servants, but she did organize and host meetings of the War Council at the Exchange, coordinating them and making sure everyone had a forum to discuss strategy and share information with each other. She turned her attention instead to another grave threat growing inside the city's very walls as the undead threatened it with out: a group of seditionists known as the Virtuous Soil. She battled them time and time again, and with the help of others even stopped an assassination attempt on the Grand Dukes, as well as an attack on the city's seaport. She also gave the city and the Grand Dukes a fairly sizeable loan from the Commercial Exchange during this time of need.

As the situation with the undead came to a head, she worked with Eldarian Al'maire and the Song of the Morning Temple during this time to help them expel the corrupt Mayor Benino, making some minor contributions herself in the effort to drive the Shadow Thieves' presence out of Beregost. After that she traveled far and wide at Eldarian's behest, to curry favor and support from a group of Lathandrites in Amn to help with the refugees displaced by the undead attacks. For this, Eldarian promised her a lobster dinner--a promise that remains unfulfilled (and a fact she reminds him as often as she sees him!).

Once the General's armies had been repelled, Endelyon took time once more to focus on her more charitable side. She organized the opening of a soup kitchen in the Baldur's Gate harbor, as well as training its staff. Shortly after this the Dukes recognized her service to the city, Endelyon swore an oath of fealty, and had bestowed upon her the title of Lady. Since then she has not been in the public eye very often, though recently she began an attempt at reviving the White Mask and hopefully returning it to some of its former glory.

- ҉ - Bring success to the Commercial Exchange, as well as economic prosperity to Baldur's Gate
- ҉ - Assist in the long-term economic revival of Soubar and Triel
- ҉ - Master the art of playing the violin
- ҉ - Obtain a mandolin enchanted to keep itself in tune
- ҉ - Find and reunite with Heather once more
- ҉ - Fund the construction of a Bardic College in the Baldur's Gate region
- ҉ - Secret goal: Somehow obtain a surname

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas:
- ҉ - Bard college!
- ҉ - Commerce!
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Re: Endelyon Castillo

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Re: Endelyon Castillo

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Updated her History to detail what happened after 1350.

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