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Dalo's Cast of Characters

Unread post by DaloLorn » Wed May 15, 2019 11:38 am

Soooo, yeah, my signature is bursting at the seams now. And since I like having some kind of character list in it, this seemed like an obvious choice.

I'm not going to write full bios in this thread; characters which have those will have a link to the full bio. The only stuff that goes here is a brief summary of the character.

Shali Menner - A Hapless Sorcerer
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"I didn't start casting spells until a couple of months ago, and now I'm burning down villages. *pause* … Metaphorically. I haven't started any fires that big. Yet. And hopefully I won't. You know, ever. *pause* … At least not in a village."
"You inspire naught but confidence, Shali."

- Shali Menner on her rapidly developing powers, and Isabella Villame's response
A young sorceress from the vicinity of Waterdeep, frequently overwhelmed by her emerging draconic heritage. Shali was initially eager to learn more about her magical talents and use them to help people, but as time progresses, she is becoming increasingly discouraged by her many failings, as well as the fact that her heritage is pushing her towards the fringes of society.

It remains to be seen whether she will learn to accept her fate, find a way to escape it, or be destroyed by it...

Ollandor Ilvanthis - The Tactless Scholar
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"You can call me Akram, I am skilled in the arts of conjuration, transmutation, illusion and enchantment."
"*gives a polite nod* For once, I believe I can sincerely claim it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Ollandor Ilvanthis, mage and cleric of Azuth; seeker, keeper, and interpreter of lore."
"Ahh. It seems you and I pay homage to similar powers then. The Lord of Magic is known to me."
"Illusions aside, it is not every day that I encounter one with whom I may have an... intellectually stimulating conversation."

- The mage known as Akram exchanges introductions with Ollandor Ilvanthis
A somewhat insufferable moon elf mage/cleric of Azuth, Ollandor travels throughout the world not because of any great fondness for travel and adventure, but because he deems it necessary. Without the will and the ability to pursue knowledge to all corners of Toril and beyond, Ollandor reasons, one cannot truly claim to be studying a topic. As such, although his frail physique would certainly favour sequestering himself in a well-stocked library, he has grudgingly become something of an adventurer.

However, having lost the resources with which he had originally intended to conduct his research on the Sword Coast, Ollie is a little stuck. Before he can continue his studies, he must first forge partnerships, acquire sponsors, and generally restore his ability to move around the region safely.

Siril Alenor - The Beacon of Illefarn
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"There is little to be gained by wasting our strength fighting amongst ourselves, and for the moment, the Thayans are our allies. Whether it remains that way is better left to them."
"Yer better be a daft joker now, prick-ear, I swear. *snarls*
"... Neighbours, maybe. Allies? Eeeeeeeh."
"Do we not have a common enemy? I do not mean to say we should be careless in our dealings with them, only that we have nothing to gain by minor acts of hostility such as this."

- Siril Alenor, Jalib and Isabella Villame, shortly after the latter shoo the Red Wizard Azymandeus Faustus away from the campfire outside the Friendly Arm
A somewhat naïve moon elf fighter from the city of Suldanessellar, Siril has but one goal in life: To create a worthy successor to the fallen kingdom of Illefarn. He does not know how to achieve this, nor does he entirely know what it will look like. He does not entirely realize that there were other empires with some of the traits he admires in Illefarn, such as Cormanthyr, nor does he know that the symbolism in which he shrouds his actions and equipment have very little real connection to the fallen realm. Nevertheless, he presses on, secure in his belief that this is the right thing to do.

In his travels across the Sword Coast, Siril seeks to build a reputation of honor, fairness and integrity, both for himself and the kingdom whose principles he believes to be upholding. Some day, he is certain that that reputation may prove integral to achieving his ultimate goal...

Silia Evrine - The Fallen Matron
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Drow female - Details TBA

Mainda Fennemen - The Wandering Con Artist
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Prominent aliases: Celine Watters, Anella Galler, Glena Vittis

Human female - Details TBA

Hugishnak Tenck - The Noble Berserker
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"Hugishnak Tenck does not know what this "expy of Varvatos Vex" is, but he is certainly not it!" ;)

Half-orc male - Details TBA

Vichan Sterr - The Ailing Lab Potato
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Human male - Details TBA

Fon Frihzes - The Frostlord
Hidden: show
Water genasi male - Details TBA

Mard Fettian - The Black Spinster
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"I need to see your bedsheets. The bedsheets of Stonebook."
"*lightly* ... Not sure Winthrop will rent to a crazy man. But I'm willing to let you try."
*facepalms* "I don't need oblivion."
"Well. Don't cut up any bedsheets. We need those."
"I need bedsheets for vision. To see the stream of my mending." *gestures to the keep* "Stonebook overflows with bedsheets. I am overturned."
"Ah. You mean a book?"
*nods* "Bedsheets. And pillows."
"Yes. Sane people call them books."

- Mard Fettian and Isabella Villame, as the former requests access to the Candlekeep library
Human male - Details TBA

Kana Tannard - A Would-Be Knight
Hidden: show
Human female - Details TBA

Cald Hanicen - Nature's Sentinel
Hidden: show
Half-elf male - Details TBA

Ilhara Evrine - The Lost Refugee
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Drow female - Details TBA
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Notable characters:
  • Shali Menner
  • Mard Fettian
  • Cald Hanicen
  • Vichan Sterr
  • Ilhara Evrine
  • Kana Tannard

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