Already aproved in 2018. Harlos/Halros/Zylros [RCR'd]

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Already aproved in 2018. Harlos/Halros/Zylros [RCR'd]

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For all to enjoy reading if interested.
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First Name: Zylros
Last Name: N/A
Pseudonym: Halros Lackman

Race: Half-Elf (Moon Elf Heritage)
Age: 30 ( Marpenoth 11, 1323 )
Height: 5.4 Ft
Weight: 140 Lbs (Lean muscle)
Eyes: Ice Blue
Hair: Brown with blond highlights.
Facial Hair Style: Stubble

Personality Profile:
General Health: Good
Deity: Non-specific, but pays respect where it’s due.
Initial Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Profession: Mercenary
Base Class & Proposed Development: Rogue / Fighter / Guild Thief / Ghost-Faced Killer
Habits/Hobbies: Smoking tobacco out of a wooden pipe / Brawling and other athletics that can improve physical and combat prowess / Attending taverns for drink and other entertainment values.

Languages: Common / Cant / Elven / Chondathan / Illuskan
Weapon of Choice: One-handed and Shield

Background: Born on Marpenoth 11, 1323 in Waterdeep’s Dock Ward, Zylros’ Mother Betha was a human who worked in The Grey Griffon Tavern serving food and drinks to its patrons, while his elven father Tarron would be working along the docks moving crates to and from.

Growing up, Zylros too worked on the docks and was known to get into brawls on the dockside with its other workers. When one day Zylros was approached by a shady looking man. This man would offer Zylros a job to collect a debt owed by another to him. Zylros would not hesitate as the gold offered for the job was very generous, a whole months pay in gold comparison to his job at the docks to do one collection.

Zylros would find this debtor at The Sleeping Wench tavern and wait for him to depart, where Zylros would follow the debtor who departed to his home. As this debtor would open to door to his home, Zylros would have pushed the debtor inside his own home, slamming the door behind him. After sometime inside smashing his place up, the debtor would have offered the sum of gold over to pay his debts to Zylros. Zylros would to his client with the gold, and was paid for a job well done after the fact.

Two years after consecutive underworld debt collection Zylros was set up on his latest job in Waterdeep, once Zylros had entered the home of a claimed to be debtor some guards would have been inside waiting for him. Zylros upon seeing this would have ran, and hid in Waterdeep before he was finally able to make his full escape from Waterdeep.

It was then he had decided to travel some distance North up to the Ten Towns in hiding as a Waterdhavian fugitive in hiding under the Pseudonym of Halros Lackman. Giving it some many years before Halros would bother venturing out of the region again in hopes he could start a new life away from the frost biting cold and barbarian tribes that would attempt to bring harm to The Ten Towns. He was age of Thirty before he would take his chances to return to other lands offering services as a blade for hire for the time being still under the Pseudonym of Halros Lackman.

Goals: Proffit In times of war and conflict by not making the first strike, but to put effort in making the last one.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: Ex-Debt Collector. / Mercenary. / Waterdhavian Fugitive in Hiding under a pseudonym. / Scoundrel. / Selfish in regards to having narrow sight on right or wrong actions, so long as he sees that he can gain from it in the situation. / Convertible to a faith.

Resources used: AD&D The Savage Frontier / D&D 3.5e Complete Scoundrel / D&D 3e Races of Faerun / D&D 3.5e City of Splendors: Waterdeep

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