Mi-Sun Soh 米孙哦

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Mi-Sun Soh 米孙哦

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«With truth on your side, you can go anywhere; without truth, you can't take a tiny step.»
«Repay good with good.»

Family Name: Soh
Given Name: Mi-Sun
Full name: 米孙哦
Clan Name: Royal Vagabonds ( 皇家流浪汉 )

Appearance: [1] , [2]
Race: Human, Shou
Age: 20 years old
Height: 5' 7''
Weight: 132 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Mi-Sun was born in a family of bushi (fighters, soldiers) from Huaiyang, a small village near the port city named Karatin. Both her father (Jung-Hi Soh) and her mother (Hyun-Jae Soh) are esteemed fighters. In fact, when she was born, she was given to the care of the wise grandmother (Soo-Min Soh) who, at the ripe old age of seventy, decided to take care of the sweet creature. However, when Mi-Sun grew, she wasn't exactly the classical girl: she was always bratty, or rather, always wanting to find something new. She had an indagatory mind, but it was too lazy to even think to become a Wu Jen. She was, in fact, a bit scared of magic at the time.

The parents, instead, wanted of her to either serve the Bureaucracy, or to serve the Emperor as a soldier like them. However, she had other plans and even if she knew duty, she knew what was best for her since at the young age. Initially she trained under one of the best instructors her parents could afford to make a fine soldier of her, but it failed - because at some point the girl stopped even trying to hold a katana between her hands.
Then they tried to find her a place as a geisha: respected position, no doubt, but she felt it always too boring.

So in the end, when she was praying the Ancestors for guidance - she was 12 by then, it was then that she saw the unthinkable: a man coming out from the shadows, attempting another man's life. She thought that the other man was done, but what happened later was worthy of note: the attacked man dodged without even thinking, while they began to fight barehanded. Knives began to fly, and one of those almost hit her - she had to fall on the ground to barely evade it.
She understood very little of what they were saying while fighting, but one caught her attention when the armor from the man was stripped, as well as the upper clothing. A magical sigil on her chest, pulsing and throbbing with magic. So she followed her instincts, especially when she saw that the assaliant also punched anyone that would get too close.
So when he saw the tattoo'd man into trouble, she just threw him the knife to have him defend himself. And, indeed, it worked.

She learned only later, when the man and two others went to her home, that they were actually ninja and on a secret mission - and since she helped them complete it, saving one of the Clan, they asked the Soh's family to join them.
Of course, they refused at first, but Mi-Sun decided that she actually wanted to learn how they fought. She thought that they were actually doing something good, even if they weren't recognized by the people.
The parents eventually relented, but that left them with bad blood - but Mi-Sun found her place.

She was then adopted by the Clan, which she only later found out they were the Royal Vagabonds, a Clan working unofficially for the Emperor.
She then was taught the ways of the Ninja, until one day the Clan received a letter from the Minister of State Security: they had to take out a man who attempted at the life of the Emperor's son in Karatin, in a tavern, trying to mask it as a common brawl. The son's bodyguards were killed and many civilians in the process, but the son in the end was saved. So, it was time to find the killer.

Finding the killer, however, required a lot of travelling - and the Clan decided to leave the task to Mi-Sun, thinking that one would have been more than enough to lay low. Her chase made her travel from Kara-Tur to Cormyr, to eventually Sembia where she almost lost him, and eventually the chase continued... until she finally arrived in the Sword Coast.

Personality Profile:
She likes to take care of her friends, and she likes to repay a good deed with another, whenever she can. However, in her profession she's required to be merciless when an adversary is found - without caring or thinking if they have family on the other side. She knows that orders are just orders, and if the Emperor (or who for him) gave an order, it is certainly for the good of the Empire. Besides, what is the death of one man against the well-being of anyone else? However that doesn't mean she's heartless, and she'll always give a chance to surrender and submit to judgement to her targets. She likes to find allies, even in the most awkward way. She finds herself to be more of a follower of Kwan Ying (the Immortal of compassion and mercy) than Chan Cheng (the Immortal of combat and war), but she does respect his aspect of bravery as it is one step closer to enlightenment. Because of the work she's in, and because of his family history, dedicating herself to mercy and compassion is certainly what is closer to her - compassion to her heart, mercy toward the enemies, bravery to face them. When she vows to do or say or accomplish something, she feels compelled to respect the given word. She, also, attempts to tell the truth when it's needed.

General Health: In good health
Deity: Celestial Bureaucracy (Nine Immortals, Lesser Immortals, Millions Officials, Ancestors)
Initial Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Profession: Assassin
Base Class: Phantom
Habits/Hobbies: Fashion. She likes new dresses and jewelry, despite her profession.
Languages: Common, Shou, Mulhorandi
Weapon of Choice: Daggers and rapiers
Scars, Tattoos or Insignia: She has a magical sigil borne on the chest.

  • Finding the Emperor's son killer
  • Doing a name for herself in the land
  • Others that might come out as she stays there
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
  • She finds the company of elves pleasant
  • She dislikes the Thayans and the Tuigan
  • More to come
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