[Retired] Aeili Azenci

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[Retired] Aeili Azenci

Unread post by Tsidkenu » Sun Aug 24, 2014 10:47 pm

Credits to Angevere for the commissioned portrait.

First Name: Aeili
Last Name: Azenci



Aeili is slightly taller than the average elf, but she is very thin, bordering on anorexic. Her cheeks show signs of this gauntness, although the degree of severity of her apparent frailty is determined by the state of her chronic illness which comes and goes. Despite her somewhat sickly appearance she would probably still be considered rather attractive, as elves generally are.

She has tattooing across her forehead and upper cheeks, and while more or less obscure the tattoos just above her cheekbones could be recognised by those in the know as the holy symbol of Corellon Larethian on the right cheek, and Sehanine Moonbow on the left.

Apart from her tattooing she does not seem to have any other obvious decorative ornamentations, earrings, bangles, bracelets etc, except for a necklace with Mystra's holy symbol which is sometimes visible around her neck, at other times concealed inside the folds of her blue and white Mystran vestments, and two rings, one worn on each hand.

Race: Sun Elf
Age: 149 (Actual); 268 (Effectual)
Height 5'7" (170cm)
Weight: 100 lbs (45kg)
Eyes: Emerald-turquoise.
Hair: Long golden blonde.

Personality Profile:

Aeili is a rather temperate and mild-mannered sun elf, although her life experience has lead her in a far different direction than her ancestry-proud parents and kinsfolk. She endeavours to be polite and eloquent in her use of language, sometimes tending towards scholastic intellectualism in the way she approaches conversation, especially regarding the topics of religion and magic.

When she first came to the Sword Coast she was rather naive about human nature and society but her years have helped calm her inner anxiety about living in a foreign land and culture. She is cautious as to whom she trusts, but those who win her confidence will find a helpful and loyal friend and companion in the Mystran priestess. Aeili still has many inner struggles, such as finding love and dealing with her chronic illness, and because of these things she can, at times, come across as emotionally unstable.

Aeili eschews confrontations, violence and overuse of magic, and will prefer to talk her way out of difficulties. If push comes to shove, she will hesitantly use magical enchantments to support her diplomatic efforts and, failing that, she will rely on her innate diviner's 6th sense to judge danger to herself and others and attempt to respond in the most efficient and effective manner, whether it be teleporting away to safety or using True Speak divinations to force an alternate outcome.

General Health: Deceased
Deity: Mystra
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Profession: Priestess of Mystra; Diviner & astrologer.
Base Class & Proposed Development: Wizard (Diviner) + Cleric (Magic & Knowledge Domains)
Habits/Hobbies: Aeili is a keen astrologer and diviner. As a Mystran priestess she also has a love of magic and magical creation, especially wands and small, easy to conceal magical objects.
Languages: Common, Elven, Arcane, Draconic, Sylvan, Cormanthan, Chondathan, Halruaan, Netherese, Loross, Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal, Auran, Aquan, Ignan, Terran.
Weapon of Choice: Teu'evaliir, a silver longsword of Elistraean make and design. She is also rarely seen travelling without her Staff of Mystra which functions both as a bolster of her arcane abilities and a priestly holy symbol of her faith.

Hidden: show
Aeili was born in the year of the Golden Sash, 1203, on the summer solstice (20th of Kythorn) in Leuthilspar, the capital city of Evermeet. Her parents are two proud high-elf nobles: her father an enchanter and her mother a priestess and diviner of Sehanine Moonbow. Aeili thus grew up in a home where she was expected to pursue her parents' love of the Arcane and Divine Arts. Aeili excelled at both, although this lead her to have a somewhat cloistered life spent studying books and practicing magic.

On the turn of Aeili's 117th year she was quietly meditating beside the Fountain of Stars in Leuthilspar when she had a sudden dream. A beautiful human woman surrounded with a blue magical aura approached her and bid her to follow. Aeili stood up and followed her, flitting through the dream world until they came to rest in a Temple in a human city. "You will serve me here," the woman said, smiling softly at Aeili before slowly disappearing. That city, as it turned out, was Baldur's Gate; the temple, Mystra's.

Aeili spent several hours pouring over the dream and what it meant. She dreaded returning home to tell her mother especially, for the proud high elf matron would not appreciate her daughter departing the blessedness of Evermeet for a strange human land. Such was indeed the case, she was severely berated by her mother who warned her very sternly not to obey the dream and to remain in Evermeet.

Aeili remained sullen for the next few weeks, divided between her filial love for her parents and the stirrings in her heart because of her dream. It was the events of 2 Ches, 1321, that changed everything. Zaor Moonflower, the king of Evermeet, was assassinated at the hands of a high-elf extremist who was bent on ursurping the Moon-elf regency and replacing it with a sun-elf dominated Council of Elders. Aeili was utterly disgusted with this plot and sought all the more to leave Evermeet for the mainland.

In the chaos which followed she managed to slip through one of the portals connecting Evermeet to Evereska. After spending some years in Evereska Aeili decided it was time she travelled to the Halfway Inn and joined a merchant caravan headed for Baldur's Gate.

Aeili first arrived in Baldur's Gate in 1345 and immediately joined the church of Mystra there. It was not long before she acquired the attention of the local mage's guild, the Weavemasters, whom she joined as their chaplain. Aeili remained in the city for about a year and a half before word of her talents spread to the Hall of Wonders in Waterdeep. She transferred there and studied under the tutelage of enchanter and assistant priest Ilbrost Mythyl.

Aeili, however, did not get along well with the cruel-minded high priest, Meleghost Starseer. When Meleghost proposed closer ties between the church of Mystra and the Red Magic Enclave in Waterdeep it created an instant rift in the congregation. Aeili was an supporter of Ilbrost's dissenting party but Ilbrost lacked the personal charisma and willpower to dare make an open move against the High Priest of Waterdeep. Dismayed at the indecision, Aeili acquired a transfer back to Baldur's Gate in 1350.
[Update 12/03/2017]To promote the Mystran Faith in the region. COMPLETED
[Update 12/03/2017]To catalogue the region's spellcasters. COMPLETED
[Update 12/03/2017]To further her studies of Alaundo's prophecies. ABANDONED
[Update 15/03/2015] To promote an understanding and appreciation of Torilian astrology by the residents of Baldur's Gate COMPLETED
[Update 08/06/2015] To begin a school of wizardry in Baldur's Gate. ABANDONED
[Update 04/07/2015] To see Sparrow restored and vindicated to her home, and to find a cure for Sparrow's muteness.
[Update 14/08/2015] PARTIALLY COMPLETED - Sparrow was vindicated and left, but Aeili was not able to find a permanent cure for her muteness.
[Update 14/08/2015] To bring her talents to bear in her new home of En Dharasha Everae COMPLETED
[Update 13/12/2015] To find out what happened to the Elistraeean drow, Drathyrra, after Aeili had left the Misty Forest. COMPLETED
[Update 01/08/2017] To renovate the Temple of Mystra in Baldur's Gate, including a Shrine to Azuth. COMPLETED (DM Soulcatcher)

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas

[Retired - Irrelevant]

Misc Facts

As an ordained Mystran priestess, Aeili has access to Weaveglow (signified IG by a ring of blue light, 5ft). She will never reveal this power to any non-Mystran.

She is a former member of the old Weavemasters guild. She still carries her Weavemaster signet ring with her in remembrance of her old allies and friends.

[Update 16/09/2014] Aeili has a miscellaneous quirk: she will often flutter/blink her eyelids repeatedly when stressed, excited or flustered.

[Update 16/09/2014] Aeili has now completed two books on Mystran Dogmatics. They are available for purchase both in Candlekeep and the Shelf of Many Books.

[Update 14/02/2015] Aeili has now completed a 5 volume series on Torilian Astrology. They are available in Candlekeep and the Shelf of Many Books.

[Update 15/03/2015] Aeili is a regular contributor to The Herald, having written sections on astrology, Mystra and the attack on Kheldrivver.

[Update 08/06/2015] Aeili has now completed two more books: one on Mystran Liturgical practices, and another more philosophical work on the relationship between Mystra, magic and morality.

[Update 04/07/2015] Aeili has temporarily departed Baldur's Gate for a safer haven until such time as she deems it appropriate to return.

[Update 14/08/2015] Aeili has now left her association with the Weavemasters in her memory alone. She is trying to settle in to her new home in En Dharasha Everae.

[Update 30/08/2015] After almost a year of thinking about it, Aeili has finally expressed her feelings for Charraj which, to her delight, was reciprocated in kind. Time will tell what Fate has in store for them.

[Update 13/10/2015] Aeili has now completed a 4 part series entitled Lectures on the History of Magic.

[Update 13/12/2015] Aeili discovered that her recently-made Elistraeean friend, Drathyrra, was not willing to return from her goddess' realm after her decease. Aeili was shattered by this news.

[Update 20/12/2015] Aeili was slain on 20th Nightal, 1351 after sharing her life-force with Dawnknight Eldarian in order to ensure the defeat of The General.

[Update 08/01/2016] Aeili was resurrected successfully on the 8th of Hammer, much to the appreciation of her friends and of Charraj. The powerful healing magics of the Resurrection spell have, for now, left Aeili in a stable, healthy condition, although the strain of having returned from the dead does wear upon her.

[Update 10/04/2016] Aeili and Charraj split up some months ago and the two have hardly seen each other since. What limited contact they have had has been nothing less than awkward.

[Update 10/04/2016] Aeili was somewhat distressed by the news of Celestia's passing away in the depths of the Underdark. Together with some of the other elves of Doron Amar she was able to locate her body and see that it got returned to the relative safety of the surface. Aeili then refused to resurrect her because of the moral quandary she felt about it.

[Update 10/04/2016] Aeili was incredibly proud to welcome Mili as the newest member of the Temple of Mystra. She is now tutoring the teenager in the Mystran faith and wizardry.

[Update 27/04/2016] Aeili and Mili both departed Baldur's Gate together by ship. Where they were going or for how long, only time would tell.

[Update 24/06/2016] Aeili has been in good health and, despite a temporary crisis of faith, is overseeing a few important changes in the Temple of late.

[Update 20/08/2016] Aeili's health has once again taken a turn for the worse. She is now spending significant amounts of time in reclusive bed rest.

[Update 03/09/2016] During a ritual to restore Elyssa Symbaern's magic, Aeili's constitution took another turn for the worse after she transferred 119 years of her potential lifeforce to power the ceremony. She is dying.

[Update 12/09/2016] In the evening of the 12th of Eleint, under the guardianship of a full Selune, Aeili partook of a incredibly rare and potent herbal tea made of the petals of the legendary moonflower, and within moments her vitality had returned to her.

[Update 03/10/2016] Aeili has now joined the Elvish community of Doron Amar as a citizen, and her health is in full recovery.

[Update 20/11/2016] After spending more than a month in development and research, Aeili finally completed her most monumental achievement of magical creation thus far: two magical orbs of her own design. One remains in Doron Amar where she made them; the other was delivered to Candlekeep.

[Update 21/04/2017] Aeili completed her final projects on continental Faerun, namely her unique spell research and two tel'kiira gemstones for the use of EDE & DA respectively, before departing with a group of Evereskan pilgrims for Evermeet. It would be the last time she ever set her feet on the continent.

[Update 01/08/2017] Aeili's Legacy Fund was utilised to renovate the Temple of Mystra with truly splendid results. Her final legacy in absentia.

[Update 16/08/2017] Aeili passed away amidst a High Magic ritual on the eve of the 16th of Eleasias, Year of the Arch, 1353 DR
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Re: Aeili Azenci

Unread post by Tsidkenu » Tue Sep 16, 2014 7:59 am

[Updated 16/09/2014] Plot hooks and misc quirks better defined.
[Updated 17/11/2014] General Update & Screenshot added!
[Updated 14/02/2015] Aeili has finally completed her 5 volume series on Astrology.
[Updated 15/03/2015] A few minor updates above, and started on a detailed history below.
[Updated 08/06/2015] One goal update, as well as updating her literary accomplishments.
[Updated 04/07/2015] Aeili has left Baldur's Gate temporarily due to the political instability of the city.
[Updated 14/08/2015] Goals updated.
[Updated 30/08/2015] Misc Facts updated to include her new relationship with Charraj Cain! ;)
[Updated 08/09/2015] Added Aeili's quarterly constitution rolls to determine her wellness.
[Updated 13/10/2015] Aeili has now completed a 4 volume series on the History of Magic. She as also resumed writing her monthly astrology section for the Herald!
[Updated 15/11/2015] Commissioned portrait by Angevere underway! :mrgreen:
[Updated 16/11/2015] Commissioned portrait by Angevere completed! :D
[Updated 22/11/2015] Added and completed various goals.
[Updated 01/12/2015] Aeili's wellness is once again on the decline.
[Updated 10/12/2015] Fleshed out Aeili's personality profile and physical appearance in greater detail.
[Updated 13/12/2015] Updated goals and misc. facts to underscore Aeili's recent journey to find out what happened to Drathyrra.
[Updated 06/01/2016] Updated miscellany with a note regarding Aeili's decease on the 20th of Nightal, 1351 DR.
[Updated 10/01/2016] Updated Aeili's heath and status in light of her resurrection on the 8th Hammer, 1352 DR.
[Updated 10/04/2016] Updated Misc. Facts with a few recent important happenings including her now broken relationship with Charraj Cain.
[Updated 27/04/2016] Aeili has taken her new apprentice on a journey!
[Updated 24/06/2016] Aeili is now rolling quarterly again for her health status.
[Updated 20/08/2016] Aeili has once again taken a downturn in her health. It is noticeable.
[Updated 03/08/2016] After performing an intensive magic ritual, Aeili is now dying.
[Updated 03/10/2016] Having partaken of a draught made of the legendary Moonflower Orchid, Aeili is now in full recovery. She has since become a citizen of Doron Amar.
[Updated 20/11/2016] Few minor edits & changes, and added Aeili's most recent quiet accomplishment.
[Updated 21/04/2017] Aeili is now permanently retired from the server.
[Updated 01/08/2017] The refurbished Temple of Mystra is completed, finalising Aeili's legacy.
[Updated 03/09/2017] Aeili died on the 16th of Eleasias, 1353 DR.

There will be no further edits of this biography.
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Tsidkenu wrote:Do you want to panic over something that 99.996 percent of the world population doesn't even have?
Do you want to panic over something that 99.99983% of the world population hasn't even died from?
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