Fierlith Silverglade

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Fierlith Silverglade

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Commission art drawn by Angevere
Fierlith Silverglade
Child of winter rain
This Teu’Tel’Quessir has a graceful demeanor, petite, slender build and melodious, soft voice. Her complexion is pale. Faint flowery scent hovers around her. Her delicate face is framed by lustrous, blue hued tresses, often gathered up. A pair of blue eyes measure the surroundings with interest.

An assortment of pouches dangle from her belt and she carries a worn leather satchel on her side with an emblem sewn on it depicting a crescent above full moon. She seems burdened by the bulging backpack under her cloak. While armored, she wears a well maintained chainmail with a symbol of a circle surrounded by a half circle etched on one of the armguards. On her side hangs a sturdy morningstar within easy reach. From beneath her cloak protrudes a tip of a bow and a bundle of feathery arrows, also a curve of a round shield is visible.

Otherwise she favors fine clothes. A silver chain would be visible over the clothes with a medallion resembling a circle surrounded by a half circle.

Race: Moon elf
Age: 200+
Height: Shorter than average
Weight: Light
Build: Slender, petite, lacking in strength and stamina
Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Lustrous, vivid shade of dark sapphire blue, often gathered up
General Health: Healthy, no defects

Emblem: Circle surrounded by a half circle can be found on person at all times. Placement may vary depending on her chosen apparel.

Personality Profile:
She has a serious and calm side that is often met first. Sometimes compassionate to a fault. She tries to appear civil and courteous, well mannered. She is not easily thrown off balance. Tendencies towards stubbornness. There is a soft and warm side to her that occasionally surfaces and is more visible in the presence of kin or friends. She loyal to her friends and has a caring nature.

Deity: Sehanine Moonbow
Initial Alignment: Chaotic Good
Profession: Cleric (Sky Seer)
Domains: Moon, Illusion
Base Class & Proposed Development: Cleric
Habits/Hobbies: Books, enjoying stories and performances, illusions
Languages: Common, elven, sylvan, celestial, illuskan, chondathan
Weapon of Choice: Longbow or blunt (currently morningstar) and heavy shield

The Gem of the North has always been her home. Born and raised in the middle of the magical and musical wonders of the foremost center of learning and culture in the North, the city of Silverymoon has surely left its mark on the elven maiden.

For a long while her life was harmonious, joyous, full of wonder, full-filling. She had found a sense of peace, a cocoon of hope and life in the safe haven she called home. Before reaching adulthood she heard the calling of the Lady of Dreams gently guiding Fierlith into her flock and became a Mooncalled. With patience the priests and priestesses instructed and educated the still young elf – telling her of the Seldarine, familiarizing her with the celestial plane and its goodly creatures but also giving an overview on the dangerous planes and their inhabitants. One of the important subjects also included the history of the elven kind and magic.

Life was easy and joyous. Places of learning were many and Fierlith flourished on the path of learning beside her duties. She advanced within her clergy and became a full priestess. She was given more responsibility and she performed in earnest but not shying away from the many feast and revelries of the city.

Time passed swiftly in Silverymoon. So many places to visit, many marvels to see and countless of loremasters, artists and artisans to meet.

A letter for aid and guidance arrived on one fine eve. It was passed on to the church of the Luminous Cloud and they chose to answer the call and decided to send Fierlith to investigate as she was somewhat familiar with the petitioner.

The time for a quiet, pleasant life had come to an end. The journey to Baldur’s Gate began.
Notes & journal
Among the common folk of Baldur's Gate

  • Aid those deserving to your best abilites.
  • Persevere against the foes of the Luminous Cloud.
  • Gather knowledge.
  • Keep an eye for elven artifacts.
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas:
  • Anything elven related
  • Anything Sehanine related
  • Undead, other foes
  • Old artifacts of elven people
  • Domain related (illusion, moon)
  • Mind, soul, mystery
Misc Facts:
  • Lacks in battle prowess
  • Occasionally clumsy
  • Selective fear of heights, strong aversion towards boats/ships
  • Sometimes compassionate to a fault
  • Is often or tries to be in company of an escort/guardian/protector
  • Cautious towards shady characters, tieflings, genasi
  • Aversion towards orcs
  • Strong aversion towards drow
  • General displike of spiders
Do not trouble your heart overmuch with thoughts of the road ahead.
Maybe the path that you shall tread is already laid before your feet, even though you do not see it.
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Fierlith Silverglade | Cleric of Sehanine Moonbow
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Re: Fierlith Silverglade

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Re: Fierlith Silverglade

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