Vyrana Ravenmoor

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Vyrana Ravenmoor

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Vyrana in Full War Regalia

  • Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20 years
    Height: 5-feet 4-inches/1.625 meters
    Weight: 100 pounds/45 kilos
    Eyes: Ice-gray
    Hair: Black
    Hair Style: Severe part to one side
    Complexion: Pale
    Physique: Lean
  • Initial Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Profession: Priestess + Missionary
    Base Class & Proposed Development: Cleric + Hierophant
    Deity: Beshaba, Maid of Misfortune, Lady Doom
    Domains: Fate + Luck
    Religious Symbol: Black antlers on a red field
    Background Feat: Devout
    Weapons of Choice: Morningstar + Crossbow
    Origin: Various remote hamlets of the Dalelands
    Languages: Common
    Habbits/Hobbies: Known to linger afield among carrion crows
    Of stern and somber countenance, Vyrana’s austere expression is augmented by her hairstyle, severely parted to one side and half-draping an eye. Raven-black locks contrast sharply with pale complexion. Her lips are thickly coated in crimson rouge, presumably to match her cloak. Though by nature controlled and steady of speech, in battle her war cry amplifies with the voice of her deity.

    Lean and lithe, Vyrana remains small chested and appears unlikely to acquire the full figure of more voluptuous women. What she lacks in curves she makes up for in stature. Though of moderate height, she displays an almost regal poise. Head held high, back straight, limbs taut and toned, she walks with more a soldier’s discipline than a lady’s grace.

    Vyrana favors chainmail hauberk over which she wears form-fit leather cuirass stained dark red and secured with an elegant network of straps, each silver buckle embossed with a skull centered upon a cross. Heavy plate pauldrons bear further clerical insignia. Long leather gloves extend up her forearms. She prefers a simple shield banded in iron. When in full war regalia, she dons a ceremonial helm streaked in crimson and crested with raven feathers black as night.

    Vyrana wields a morningstar with pommel forged unto the likeness of a stag head. The weapon is wreathed in fire; barbed flame darts and flickers in an illusory dance that at times appears as fiery spiked horns stabbing outward. Her crossbow is lined with baroque rose motif along the shaft. A double-strap leather belt girths her slender waist, and slung at hip rests a quiver of bolts fletched in black and silver.

    Vyrana typically dons a cloak of deepest crimson. Fashioned unto her brooch is the image of a stag head, its antlers more akin to gnarled branches with thorns than to a deer’s rack of horns. Thick metal rings fit over each gloved index finger, one inset with lustrous ruby and the other with marbled onyx. She wears a red-enameled torc that clasps pincer-like upon a polished black antler tine pressing at her throat.
Holy Symbol of Beshaba
Misfortune has coursed through Vyrana’s life like a bad virus, though at first indirectly. Born under a blood moon, she was raised in the tranquil hamlet of Fernwallow, sited amidst the western Dalelands. During her first autumn, the town cobbler was found drowned in a well. Not six months later, the blacksmith was brained by an unruly mare. Both events were deemed unfortunate accidents, but more than one villager began to muse whether Vyrana’s birth brought ill omen.

Tragedy soon struck more direct. As the family slept one winter’s night, hot cinder sputtered from the hearth and kindled the floor rushes aflame. Their timber dwelling ignited into an inferno. Vyrana’s mother shielded her to safety through ash and ember, but both parents died soon after from grievous wounds. And so Vyrana came to understand early on that sometimes bad things happen to good people.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Orphaned and homeless, the girl was passed unto nearby Willowbrook where she became fostered by a local miller. Hardship and adversity followed in her wake. The man proved a stern disciplinarian. Vyrana was forced to toil long hours sorting grains and tending gears. That first harvest the river ran low and she was forced to grind by hand for weeks on end.

The second season brought heavy rains and rivers swelled high and turbulent. One freak thunderstorm she found the miller submerged chest deep in churning waters as he struggled to set a brake for the waterwheel. The man had lost his footing and reached to her in frantic desperation. As she paused on the bank, weighing her chances of surviving such peril, a sudden surge swept away her harsh taskmaster. And so Vyrana came to grasp that one person’s misfortune might turn another’s boon.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Following the incident at the mill, a handful of the more suspicious townsfolk succumbed to superstition. Fishwives and kitchen scullions began to whisper that Vyrana bore a dark taint upon her soul. Traveling merchants shuttled the girl between townships, but she remained hard put to find anyone who would take her in. Seems folks had plenty of their own problems to sort before taking on a wayward lass with a grim past. Then in her thirteenth summer, pushed beyond the riverland hamlets of her childhood, Vyrana was at last admitted as a ward of Tilverton. She was made to be a caregiver in a local infirmary. Though she strived in earnest, the girl proved to have a horrid lack of healing ability. Many of the ailing actually fell more ill under her soothing touch.

The magistrates came to recognize their mistake and Vyrana was reassigned to a wing for the terminally ill. There she administered to the needs of the dying. If not more gently, her patients at least passed more quickly under her watch. At times she felt as though she helped drain away their lingering life force. And so Vyrana became aware that while some people are inspired by powers of grace, others are inherently attuned to energies of a darker nature.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Vyrana’s salvation arrived in the form of red-robed crusaders, a cadre of Wormlucks pledged to Lady Doom. The troupe entered the infirmary under the guise of prayer for the afflicted, but in truth preyed upon their dying fears and offered redemption through Beshaba. Yet it was Vyrana who heard their dark promise and saw a path forward. The sisterhood welcomed her unto their fold and she readily went under their wing when they returned to their temple outside Saradush.

Early years of adversity had toughened Vyrana’s spirit, but she remained more a survivor than a fighter. Life at the monastery changed that. Abiding those cloistered halls proved a lethal challenge, for each of her initiate sisters fostered foul energies rife with menace. Random mishaps became part of daily routine. Vyrana went about her daily clerical rigors with a caution that bordered on paranoia; and each night she would sequester herself in prayer, beseeching Beshaba to deflect tragedy away from her.

In time Vyrana developed a fierce resolve, a “kill or be killed” mentality. She excelled at prayer and demonstrated exceptional aptitude for religious doctrine. Within but six moons she mastered third-tier hexes and rites of blood sacrifice. At her Marking, the faith’s ceremony of ascension, Vyrana was conferred the surname Ravenmoor in recognition of her gift for dark tidings.

Upon attaining her twentieth year, Vyrana was sent forth as a missionary to spread the Lady’s dark truths to the destitute and despairing of the land. She arrived in Baldur’s Gate by way of riverboat—with three fewer deckhands than when crew put oars to water, thanks to her black presence. Standing harborside in second-rate chainmail, armed only with a meager bag of coin, Vyrana watched the vessel fade unto encroaching dusk and allowed a rare smile to cross her lips as she mused on what fateful ventures lay ahead.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Wheel of Third-Tier Hexes
  • FAITH:
    Like most followers of Beshaba, Vyrana worships Lady Doom out of genuine fear. With the tragedy that has tracked through her life, she is convinced Beshaba has marked her a vanguard of misfortune. She kneels in hope of escaping Beshaba’s spiteful whimsy. To Vyrana, the act of prayer is more akin to offering herself up as a channel for calamity and woe in exchange for mercy.
    •IG-RP IMPACT: She will not deny her faith to Beshaba, and will warn others to save themselves by accepting the Lady’s dogma. She will primarily use dark spells such as Inflict Wounds, Doom, Cause Fear, and Bestow Curse; she will not memorize cure spells but will make use of heal scrolls.

    As a devout missionary, Vyrana is well aware that many in society remain unwilling to hear Beshaba’s message. Unlike others in her order who preach through threat and intimidation, she seeks out those entrenched in hardship and aims to guide them toward redemption. For fate is a cruel mistress that strikes with random mischief and malice, showing no mercy for the mortal condition. Only by surrendering and paying homage to the Maiden can one hope to avoid her ire. Vyrana stands with open arms ready to receive those willing to open their eyes.
    •IG-RP IMPACT: As a general rule, she will attempt to convert other characters who suffer hardship and despair but will likely withdraw when challenged by those unwilling to receive her ministry.

    Through religious study, Vryana has adopted the cosmological model that suggests the multiverse is composed of an all-pervasive energy, an ephemeral force with two opposing poles, one light and the other dark. These poles create positive and negative energy streams; all beings are attuned to one or the other. Good luck draws from the positive whereas misfortune flows from the negative. Vyrana sees herself as a conduit for the latter, and she is committed to helping others realign, to get in tune. For the world must maintain equilibrium, a balance between perfect harmony and discord.
    •IG-RP IMPACT: When pressed, she will attempt to explain this worldview to others in hope they may tolerate her use of dark powers.

    Vyrana is driven by self-preservation. Life is not about achieving status or wealth or glory, but about avoiding catastrophe and ruin. She feels a victim of pernicious fate, that for her entire youth she has remained powerless to steer her own course. Her new faith has changed that condition. Vyrana becomes more and more enticed by the dark powers granted by prayer to Beshaba, in self-denial that such black ambitions can corrupt one’s soul.
    •IG-RP IMPACT: She will remain open to allying with those of opposing alignments so long as it safeguards her own welfare and ultimately promotes Beshaba’s cause. She will do what it takes to survive.

    Vyrana serves as a willing vassal to divert misfortune unto others, be they deserving or not. She feels no guilt or sleight of conscience, for such is the way of maintaining balance between benign and baleful Fate. Those of more benevolent faiths might claim her greatest sin is a lack of empathy for others.
    •IG-RP IMPACT: Like many of the clergy, Vyrana often uses religion as a shield, hiding behind her faith to justify acts of an unsavory nature. When it comes to random acts of kindness, such as finding a corpse upon the road, she will roll a random die to determine if fate deems that person worthy of revival.

    Scarred by her turbulent childhood, Vyrana seeks a life of stability. She has found solace in spiritual regimen, yet she struggles with Beshaba’s chaotic persona. For Fate is based on predeterminsm, yet Luck is derived from randomness. Such conflict has become a source of internal strife for Vyrana as she finds herself inclined toward lawfulness. Vyrana hides this mindset from fellow priests out of concern they will one day challenge her for it.
    •IG-RP IMPACT: She will tend to work within the rules of society rather than break them, for it is better to manipulate from the shadows than to openly draw unwanted attention.

    As a member of the clergy, Vyrana maintains a serious, reserved demeanor. This somber bearing often makes her come across proud and aloof. She sometimes attempts to counter this with sarcasm, but it usually lands with a caustic wit that reveals her grim core.
    •IG-RP IMPACT: When encountering strangers, she will typically offer a polite, formal greeting but will show disdain for mirth and revelry.

    Though Vyrana ranks fame and glory of low importance, she esteems personal integrity. She endeavors to keep her word once given, and she values bonds formed from fighting alongside fellow adventurers. And while intimidation has its uses, she considers brutish threats the ploy of common thugs.
    •IG-RP IMPACT: She will treat bonds with respect, and will tend to back away from challenges she knows she cannot win.
  • - Convert new believers to the faith of Beshaba.
    - Master her newfound dark powers received through prayer.
    - Erect a temple to Beshaba along the Sword Coast (if none already exist).
  • - Help spread word of dark tidings, such as any impending threats as part of new server campaigns.
    - Be drawn into operations or conspiracies that might advance Beshaba’s crusade.
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Re: Vyrana Ravenmoor

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Re: Vyrana Ravenmoor

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~All Their Days are Numbered~
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