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First Name: Netanya
Last Name: d’Abdelledion’dy’Quellium

Race: Moon Elf
Age: Elvan equivalent of 25 human years
Height 5’4”
Weight: Light as a satchel of feathers
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Onyx and exceptionally fabulous
Skin: Slightly tanned, immaculately flawless, and soft as a baby’s hind side

Personality Profile:
General Health: Just peachy!
Deity: Auril
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Profession: Councilor, Phoenix Company
Class: Ranger (7) | Wizard (3) | Arcane Arche (10) | Assassin (10)
Habits/Hobbies: Renowned Socialite, Wine Connoisseur, Self-Appointed Fashion Critic, Elitist
Languages: Common, Elvan, Arcane, Draconic, Animal
Weapon of Choice: Longbow


Haughty, elitist and privileged: Values, above all else, her appearance and how she’s regarded among the nobility class. Carries herself with grace, confidence, and poise and turns her nose up to those she regards as beneath her. She speaks with a haughty cadence of a self-immersed elitist. While quite genial she’s apathetic to the personal plight of others least their plight would impact her image.


Raised in a noble family of wealthy silk merchants in the Cormyrian capital of Suzail, Netanya has known nothing but wealth and privilege. Netanya would spend her early years immersed in Suzail’s noble society attending extravagant dinner parties, formal galas, and soirees while enhancing her social status. Netanya soon became regarded as a renowned socialite among the noble circuit earning her ever more invitations to socials and access to ranking nobles. The elders who administrated over her family’s enterprise were keen to use her social status as a means of preserving clients and on-boarding new clients.
Netanya regarded her inherited privilege as birthright and believed herself superior to those below her caste. She considered herself magnanimous for making the effort to acknowledge their existence when she happened upon them.

During her time in Suzail Netanya was recruited into the League of Fabulous Femmes, an adventuring Guild comprised primarily of female archers from the Suzail nobility. Archery itself was a recreational hobby her family practiced and she openly embraced. The League represented itself as an innocent gaming Guild of stately noble woman who hunted for sport while occasionally using their impressive archery skills to undertake high risk missions. Beneath this veneer the League would adopt Auril as their matron deity and dedicated themselves to culling “tainted” races and other ‘deplorables’ they deemed ‘unworthy of existence’. A sheltered life of privilege and wealth instilled within them (including Netanya) a sense of societal superiority and unquestionable entitlement. They believed their lavish lifestyle was endowed by providence and felt no obligation to regard anyone below their caste in equal terms. Never was it instilled upon them to believe otherwise.

The League hunted wild animal game as well as roaming orcs in the King’s Forest surrounding Suzail. Oh behalf of wealthy merchants among the nobility the League would often venture to the Storm Horns to suppress hostile barbarian tribes that threatened trade.

For this reason the League was highly regarded by the nobility. Moreover the nobility admired their exceptional taste in fashion and their overall elegance; even their hunting attire was exceptional in quality and appearance. The Leagued prided themselves on their personal appearance which elicited the awe of the nobility (and commoners). The nobility knew nothing of the League aside from the benefits they wrought by sustaining trade and their awe aspiring reputation. They had no reason to suspect otherwise of them.

The tactics employed by the League, however, were brutal by any standard measure. Often they would string up the bodies of captured and wounded tribesmen - hanging their arrow impaled bodies from tree branches to deter other tribes from threatening trade. The more vicious members of the League razed the villages of these barbaric tribes, killing all inhabitants, leaving nothing but cinder and ashes in their wake. Often the League would gleefully watch from afar as the village they torched burn while sipping wine, feasting on pastries, and bantering about such things as Baroness Esmeralda’s scandalous use of pastels to beautify her drawing room. The League covertly assassinated otherwise innocent and harmless half-orcs going about their daily lives that they would happen upon during their hunting expeditions - deeming them equally tainted as their full-blooded orc kin thus unworthy of life.

The League was keen on keeping the nobility and ruling class blind to their tactics least it stain their otherwise stellar reputation. Netanya neither condoned nor condemned the more vicious tactics employed by the League so long as her affiliation with the guild continued to earn her prestige. When rumors of these atrocities would reach Suzail the League’s stately reputation rendered them immune from suspicion.

Feeling to need to expand their clientele the elder administrators of the family enterprise dispatched Netanya and several of his cousins to various trade capitols throughout Faerun as ambassadors. These ambassadors would immerse themselves amongst the nobility and solicit clients as they had become adept at doing in Suzail. Netanya was dispatched to Baldur’s Gate where she would receive a handsome monthly stipend to sustain her extravagant lifestyle. She was accompanied by her personal servant staff consisting of her personal stylist Orlando who would tend to all her aesthetic needs and her personal cook Ramon who would tend to her dietary needs.

Netanya would bid her colleagues within the League farewell upon her departure though she would retain honorary member status with the guild. Upon her arrival in Baldur’s Gate Netanya quickly went to task ingratiating herself among the nobility using her wealth and association with her family’s wealthy merchant enterprise as a conduit into the nobility circuit. Netanya would earn herself invitations to exclusive dinner parties as she had done in Suzail. As of this day she continues to do the bidding on behalf her family’s enterprise.


Netenya cares nothing but for her reputation among the nobility and seeks to retain that reputation at any and all cost. She shuns institutions with unsavory or deplorable reputations and instead aligns herself with institutions of stellar repute. She continues to work to advance her family’s enterprise as her affiliation with such a wealthy endeavor has earned her good standing within the nobility.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:

- Netanya has absolutely little regard for the downtrodden – she views them as victims of their own making and societal leeches.
- She remains disdainful and contemptuous of “tainted” races (whether full or half-blooded), preferring instead their eradication.
- Mostly concerns herself with the trivialities of her own everyday life as they were cataclysmic in scale. She only concerns herself with larger worldly matters only to the extent they impact her image or disrupt her extravagant lifestyle.
- Eschews charity and sees no value in the enterprise least it provide a tangible return of investment

Likes: Wine (Preferably a 1329 Mulhorand Red aged in a ancient oak barrels which rounds out the flavor while infusing the wine with boldness), Dinner Parties, Formal Galas, Herb Crusted Cornish Game Hen basted in Balsamic Vinaigrette and served with a red wine reduction sauce to accentuate the flavor.
Dislikes: Conferring with anyone she believes to be below her caste.
Lady Netanya - Redefining Fabulous
Councilor, Phoenix Company

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