Amenthes Serb

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Amenthes Serb

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First Name: Amenthes
Last Name: Serb

Race: Human
Age: 28
Height 6'2 Feet
Weight: 234 Pounds
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bald
Facial Hair Style: None

Personality Profile:
General Health: Good health
Deity: Kossuth
Initial Alignment: Lawful Evil
Profession: Thayan Knight in training
Base Class & Proposed Development: Thayan Knight
Habits/Hobbies: Cleaning... He has a OCD
Languages: Thayan, Common
Weapon of Choice: Longsword

Background: Amenthes is your typical knight to be in training, his skills honed from many years practicing his weaponry in Thay to be sent to Baldurs gate to serve the Enclave and finish his knightly education. At the academy he was never the best nor the worst, usually the middle of the pack at both obedience and martial skills. What set him apart was his eagerness to please. Many of the other squires held themselves in some high regard, knowing as knights they would be just under the red wizards in power and esteem. Amenthes however always saw the wizards as near if not above the Gods, their words to be obeyed as if beyond law itself.

Of his family and otherwise background little is known, he keeps himself private, his work his life and that which he is most proud of. What is known of his father was that he was a well to do merchant, a tinker, his specialty in fine gadgets and arcane trinkets. Amenthes father was a very weak wizard, having tried to become a full mage he had never succeeded, though his skill in the arcane had led him to a rich life as a merchant. Amenthes was his oldest son, and the only son who did not have any grasp on the weave of three brothers.

As a older brother then it had been difficult for Amenthes to in a way look up to his brothers as they both became more powerful with the weave one of them even joining up to try and become a red wizard. He however died during his trials like many others did. This however never persuaded Amenthes from worshiping the red wizards then as he does now, his whole life up till then in servitude to them.

He is currently awaiting approval to serve as a squire for the Thayan Enclave in Baldurs Gate.

To Become a Thayan Knight.
To serve beyond his duties for the red wizards.
To die protecting his given wizard.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
He wishes to serve the Red Wizards beyond his duty, meaning he has no qualms of using unfair or even cheating to get to this end. He would make bargains will all sort of creatures to ensure he is powerful enough to defend his wizard when the day comes.
Player of:

Damian Pascal, - Run away/dead. - Background - Corruption from Within
Amenthes Serb, Knight - Gone missing/Supposed dead Background
Tamzim Renima, mercenary - Handed over to the fist. Background
Kiran, Golden Wheel - Presumed dead
Althalous Fenwick, Paladin of Mystra.

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Re: Amenthes Serb

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