Mae yr Machshikhah - On Crusade

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Mae yr Machshikhah - On Crusade

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On Crusade

Name: Mae yr Machshikhah yr Kawlah yr Havva yr Zahra yr Esma yr Yamina yi Nahar-Minta Musarra el Shomer.
Origin: Lake of Steam - River Minta
Age: 26
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Deity: Helm
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Cleric
Height: 6' (180 cm)
Weight: 160 lbs (70 kg)
Eyes: Crystal Blue
Hair: Raven
General Health: Good
Profession: Helmite Pryat
Habits/Hobbies: Escorting Pilgrims, Investigations/Inquisitions
Languages: Common, Alzhedo.
Weapon of Choice: Broadsword or Mace

Theme Tune

Tall, olive-skinned and crystal-blue eyed, the Eastern-Calishite ancestry of this woman is immediately apparent from her trimmed raven locks, arched nose and prominent chin and cheekbones. Her physique is muscular without being terribly athletic, much akin to one who grew up farming and enjoying the fruits thereof.

She almost exclusively wears her standard-issue Helmite temple armour, a highly polished and well maintained suit of iron full plate with Helm's open palm etched in gold filigree at the centre of the breastplate. Her left gauntlet is etched with gold filigree, an open eye evident in the palm, clearly the woman's personal Holy Symbol and when not on her hand it is firmly clasped to her belt. Her scarlet cloak signifies her position amongst the clergy of Helm, her current military rank of 'Trusty' marked by the triple echelons on her pauldrons.

When not in her armour Mae will always dress modestly, fully covering her arms, legs and especially her cleavage, as it is inappropriate in her culture to expose the flesh unless one's occupation is harlotry.

She is always adorned with bracelets, bangles and necklaces bearing coin-size images of the holy symbols of a variety of deities: Chauntea, Shaundakul, Ilmater, Tymora, Waukeen, Selune, Silvanus and Mystra being the most easily recognisable.
Personality Profile
Mae can be fairly stern and stuffy when her mind is wholly set on her military duties but her general demeanour is a warm kindness accompanied by a homeliness and concern for everyday practicalities.

Mae has mild training in court/royal etiquette as a part of her clerical background but generally speaks like a commoner with an Alzhedo twang. Titles and names, however, are very important to her and she does her utmost to remember the names, vocations, birthplaces and parentage of those she meets.

There is a shadow to Mae's psyche, a lingering regret that she yet lives to tell the tale of those she has seen perish to the ravages of war. It is a wearisome burden upon her soul and one she struggles to alleviate at the best of times.

When asked about her past, Mae describes her origin as hailing from a small farming community twoscore miles from the Lake of Steam, nestled on the banks of the River Minta, between the regional centres of Mintarn and Saelmur. Mae was born on the 17th day of Tarsakh in the Year of the Adder, 1328 DR, the third of nine children. She grew up on the land and was always a religious child, much like her parents, paying homage to Chauntea for good harvest, Shaundakul for ease of travel between local markets, Liira in times of joy and celebration, Silvanus when out amidst nature's beauty.

At age fourteen, during late winter in the Year of the Behir, 1342 DR, her father's farm was attacked by a marauding tribe of hobgoblins who had been driven south out of the Thornwood by unknown forces. Her parents and grandparents were butchered during the raid whilst all the children were rounded up sold to Calishite slave traders and taken to the seaside port city of Manshaka where she was put to work in the gladiatorial arena as a serving girl.

She eventually escaped due to the efforts of an undercover Everwatch mercenary and spent the next four years in Saelmur training as a temple novice, honing her swordsmanship, siege engineering and military history before being promoted to the rank of Adept. She was deployed as the commanding officer of an Everwatch contingent deployed at Fort Arran for a year. The outbreak of the Tethyrian Civil War in the Year of the Bright Blade, 1347, saw the majority of the clergy of Helm and Everwatch redeployed to various locations supporting the Royalists who were paying for their protection. Mae speaks little of this time of her life because she lost many of her soldiers in various engagements with anti-royalists rebels and feels haunted with guilt over some poor leadership decisions she had made then.

After six years on the front lines the now battle-hardened Pryat received both a promotion to Trusty and a year's furlough for her dedication to the cause of Helm. Mae's furlough was cut short when she received a summons to military tribunal from her senior officer of the Temple of the Guardian in Saelmur. She was charged and acquitted of desertion and treason in the most perplexing of circumstances, a letter having been received by the Guardian from Watchknight Martin Valdore of Baldur's Gate that she was accused of the selfsame crimes in that city-state, an apparent impossibility given she had never even visited the place. Letters of commendation in hand, she arrived in Athkatla only a tenday after the attack by unknown forces upon the Temple of the Guardian there. She received a briefing and letter of commendation from Guardian Telwyn and has now finally arrived in Baldur's Gate to pursue the matter.

  • To bring to judgement the perpetrators responsible for the murder of Helmite clergy in the High Halls of Athkatla.
  • To escort and protect travellers upon roads around the Coast.
  • To escort and protect pilgrims to the Holy Place in Nashkel.
  • To survey and advise the reinforcement of Helmite fortresses and outposts in the region.
  • To research religious paraphernalia.
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas
  • Religious inquisitions/investigations involving religious and political entities around the coast or the Temple of Helm in general.
  • Ramifications of her identity having been stolen and used for nefarious purposes.
Miscellaneous Facts
  • Mae is an excellent cook.
  • She is unintentionally clumsy (DEX 9)
  • She is not the best leader (CHA 10)
  • But compensates with a clear and perceptive mind (INT 14, WIS 17)
  • And excellent at reading people (Sense Motive - trained)
  • Whilst Mae devotes much of her religious energies to serving her divine patron Helm, she is thoroughly polytheist and is never seen without prayer beads and symbols of other faiths adoring her wrists and neck.
Credits: Nyssis for Biography formatting; & for the portraits.
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Re: Mae yr Machshikhah - On Crusade?

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Tsidkenu wrote:Do you want to panic over something that 99.996 percent of the world population doesn't even have?
Do you want to panic over something that 99.99983% of the world population hasn't even died from?
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