Aradove Starglow

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Aradove Starglow

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First Name: Aradove (Dove; a nickname/shortened name given by her mentor)
Last Name: Starglow

Dove is a fairly unassuming figure overall with a relatively average build for a Moon Elf. She is in relatively good physical health though thanks to continual traveling. What tends to make her particularly obvious are the old scars that are evident over her exposed skin. Even her face is crossmarked with light lines indicating the old wounds as if she'd been dragged behind a cart or raked against rough surfaces at an earlier point in her life. There are areas of her body that seem to have flesh gouged out of them as well only to heal back over with time. These are all relics of the time she spent possessed. Dove's movement makes it clear that she is in some pain even when moving about, but accepts it is part of her life. Despite the damage to her body, she more often than note has a quiet smile on her face that helps to make others less uneasy around her. She tends to ask those she gets to cut her hair to keep it short as it is hard for her to handle longer hair with the difficulties she has at times with movement.

She favors wearing green robes with a gray sash and wearing a brown traveling cloak most of the time like most of her order. Additionally, she wears her holy symbol openly. It is a simple wooden disk painted sky blue with fern fronds on it.


Recently, she has been receiving treatment for her scars at urging of others. Her facial and neck scars have been faded noticeably and allowed the elf to see herself without them for the first time in her memory. It seems to have had the effect of making her hold herself with more confidence.


With the full treatment of her scars, the faint remainders seem to have fully restored the woman's confidence. The treatment of her body has also allowed her to stand properly for the first time in her memory. While she moves stiffly and with a small traces of pain, she no longer suffers to simply walk.

Race: Moon Elf
Age: 143
Height 5' 3”
Weight: 127
Eyes: Silver
Hair: Long, silvery white

Personality Profile:
Dove tends to maintain a relatively upbeat personality much of the time, but this can shift in the blink of an eye at times for no apparent reason. Her need to take care in her movements and scars don't seem to bother her very often beyond occasional bouts of frustration when something seems beyond her grasp. In keeping with her path in life, she tries to project a steady and comforting aura when dealing with most people and reserves obvious doubt and shakiness for those she trusts. There is an undercurrent of controlled anger in her though that tends to be struck by oppression.
General Health: Dove's overall physical health is fairly good most of the time though she is not terribly strong and her dexterity falls behind most of her elven kin due to her wounds. Her mental state is also fairly good unless she is feeling particularly plagued by intrusive thoughts at the time.

Of late, she seems frailer without divine energies consistently sustaining and shielding her, but her ties to nature seem to protect her. Rania's healing also means her body is far less trouble than it once was.

Deity: Eldath
Initial Alignment: Neutral Good
Profession: Priestess of Eldath, Healer
Base Class & Proposed Development: Favored Soul, Druid, Hierophant
-Dove's hands are not as battered as the rest of her and as a result she is prone to making rough sketches. With her healing by Rania, Dove's skill is rapidly improving as she becomes accustomed to her new freedom of movement.
-Dove's journal entries have become much more sporadic thanks to the nature of the Coast, but she still tries to write in it occasionally.
-Dove tends to hum absentmindedly much of the time
-Dove occasionally seems to get in quiet arguments with herself.
-Dove is prone to thumbing her family amulet or the back of her left wrist when she becomes nervous.
-While not a Peacewoman herself, Dove tries holds herself to those standards of action as well avoiding wearing armor.

Languages: Common, Elven, Orcish (learned from an Ondonti priest), Celestial, Sylvan, Dwarven, Druidic, Animal
Weapon of Choice: None, Unarmed

Dove's memories before fifty years ago are hazy at best. She stumbled into a grove maintained by the priesthood of Eldath then and proclaimed “I seek the Lady Eldath.” before collapsing to the ground. Her body was a network of scars and open wounds. Healers quickly noticed that many of her bones were also broken in many places to the point it was surprising she could have even made it that far.

It became apparent that the young woman had been fighting possession by an evil outsider for some time with both it and Dove trying to maintain control. The outsider had been damaging the body to punish the young woman until she had started doing the same to try and hamper the outsider.

The power of that outsider holding Dove's body together and preventing the body from dying was likely the only thing that allowed her to reach the grove. Between healers and the priests the outsider was forced from her body and the young woman was slowly nursed back to some approximation of health.

Dove's family eventually came to find her and some of the blanks were filled in by her adoptive mothers. The outsider had escaped from a caravan with Dove when they family was on the way to see the priesthood of the Seldarine. Dove and her passenger had wandered for a while before she heard of the Eldathyn near where she was wandering and managed to get there.

The experience left Dove disconnected from her family even if she knew who they were again. This wasn't helped by the fact that Dove began hearing a distant voice in her mind that she thought was the outsider much diminished. She chose to remain with the Eldathyn who had saved her and began to learn their ways to hopefully crowd out the voice and find her center.

In truth, Dove has never really escaped that voice and while the decades spent with the Eldathyn have calmed her soul and allowed her to make peace with what happened to her body. The priesthood has never been able to identify any residual possession, but it has not taken away the lingering voice.

Her inherent connection to the divine began to pull her a year ago and drew her towards the Sword Coast. She bade the priesthood that had cared for and trained her goodbye and began to travel in that direction while healing others and mediating disputes along the way.


While Dove has not severed her divine connection and as such remains Favored, Dove is no longer focusing or cultivating the power of late and has instead focused on the druidic path of her own choosing. This has distinctly altered what she can do, but seems to have brought her more peace.

-Dove desires to repay the Eldathyn for saving her life and soul by setting an appropriate example for the ideals of her goddess out in the world
-Dove wishes to find a way to be rid of the intermittent voice in her head (whether it is simply trauma at this point or truly a residual, intermittent connection)[Progressing]
-Find Eldathyn on the Sword Coast[Found Rosalind Fox, Tappatta]
-Learn of other peaceful philosophies and faiths
-Hold to the example set by the Peacewoman, Mara Brightwood, that took responsibility for Dove while she was learning the ways of the faith
-Provide aid to those that need it through healing and maintaining the peace
-Find why The Green Goddess has sent her to The Sword Coast [She believes she was brought here to be teach and be taught. Finding her own chosen path and other factors have lead her to feel confident about her transition to a druid.]
-Be rid of the fiendish taint to her wounds so that stabilize. [Her connection to nature seems to have stabilized her wounds and enabled their treatment.]
-Find a means to break the geas on Oth, Ak'hab, Juno, and Elspeth
-Grow her connection to nature further

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas:
-Evidence of a possession or hearing of one similar to her own when she was younger
-Any lead on higher magics that can help her to break the geas on Oth, Ak'hab, Juno, and Elspeth
-Evidence of natural and infernal corruption around the Coast
-Local scale disputes in need of a mediator
-Events involving the Halls of Inner Light
-Servants of Eldath, Mielikki, or Ilmater (she feels a certain kinship to worshippers of The Broken God) in need of aid

Misc Facts:

-The voice, whether it is actually a connection to the outsider or not, eggs on Dove's anger and can make it hard to control at times. / Attempting to treat her wounds has lead the healer Rania and others to believe Dove's scars and wounds are linked to this through a fiendish taint that either returned to them or lay dormant for a time.
-Dove herself is uncertain on whether the voice she hears occasionally is simply made of intrusive thoughts or if there is some subtle thread her tormentor continues to use against her. / With the discovery of the fiendish taint left in her wounds, it seems likely distant torment is what is going on and offers Dove a sense of hope towards respite.
-Dove's hazy memories bother her and she doesn't like talking about it. / The increased focus on her scars and wounds has made Dove antsier about whether or not her memories might be reclaimed or not.
-Dove's scars are at once a point of pride for her and a mark that she has trouble letting go of what happened. Restorative spells could take them from her if she wished, but she keeps them just the same. Her mentor thinks it will be a mark of progress if Dove can let go of the scars metaphorically and perhaps later literally. / Even what little progress has been made on treating her scars is having a positive effect on Dove. Seeing herself with heavily faded scars is helping her see herself as a person while still retaining the marks of her past. / Dove is much more confident now that her wounds and scars have been treated as well.
-Several members of Dove's family are adventurers and prone to traveling as well. They all share similar family amulets that identifies they are related, but Dove does not keep in contact with them at the moment / Dove has been keeping contact with them through magically delivered letters and seems the happier for it.
-Dove is internally disconnected from her experience and is still trying to find a better sense of self after her ordeal. Though fifty years past, it is still a fairly short time for an elf. / With choosing her own path as opposed to the one given to her, Dove is growing into a stronger sense of self.
-Dove makes a study of languages when possible to ensure she can communicate with as many of those she meets as possible.
-Running is, understandably, painful for Dove. She rarely does it unless trying to escape a situation. / Dove can run now with greater ease, but favors shapeshifting to move anywhere quickly.
-Dove is originally from the vicinity of Highmoon in the Deepingdale and was cared for by Eldathyn within Cormanthor after her possession.
-Dove refers to deities as “Lord (name)” and “Lady (name)” more often than not.

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Re: Aradove Starglow

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