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"Justice does not always have to be administered without compassion"

Full name : Lux (derives from Luxanna) Summermight

Race : Aasimar

Gender : female

Alignment : Lawful Good

Deity : Tyr

Class : Divinate / Woman-at-arms

Age : 23

Hails from : Cormyr

General appearance :
Lux features radiant blonde hair, like it incorperated the very essence of summer, every strand reflecting light even in shadowy areas. Everywhere she shows up, it’s as if the day would never end, her smile would never fade, and her chiselled beauty would be eternal. In battle, her golden hair flows like a queen of the heavens, her ocean blue eyes seem to shine, bright against the greyest of skies. Her Cormyrian accent gives away influence from her first language as well as her place of origin. Her voice is as sweet as her face and as clear as her eyes.
Lux wears a polished armor with a few marks and seals of the Cormyr region that are a visual indication of some sort of militaristic history. Her bright, shiny figure is starkly contrasted with the darker background of a regal, sky blue cloak draping her shoulders. In one armored hand she carries a large albeit not inhumanly tall white shield, and in her other, a straight, double-edged blade that gleamed with silvered perfection.

Quick background :
Lux was raised in Daggerdale, and already as from a young age it was clear she was destined to do something else than attending to crops and livestock. As an orphan educated by a pair of farmers, she learned how to work hard and with love for the land, but when the Zhents killed her foster moster, she turned to the military of Cormyr with the request to train her.
A Purple Dragon saw to her training and in no time she mastered the basics of melee, her talent undeniable. She was always eager for the truth, wanting nothing but righting the wrong, and was always trying to be true and just in her actions. It is no wonder that when she turned to Tyr, she got a hearing. With the help of a Tyrran cleric, Lux learned how to channel divine powers and put them to use.
In the Year of the Dragon, Lux was there when the allied army led by King Azoun IV overthrew Gondogal. One year later, she left Cormyr to see some of the world, to reinforce the Church of Tyr wherever may be necessary, to bring good-hearted justice and guidance to those who failed in society, and to deliver vengeance to the guilty for those who cannot do it themselves

((more later...
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Justice does not always have to be administered without compassion -Lux-
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