Wyra, Svirfneblin Ranger

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Wyra, Svirfneblin Ranger

Unread post by Khazrak » Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:25 pm

First Name: Wyra
Last Name: Graybane
Race: Svirfneblin (Deep Gnome)
Age: 72
Deity: Callarduran Smoothhands
Profession: Tunnel Runner
Base Class & Proposed Development: Ranger/Cavestalker
Initial Alignment: Neutral Good
Languages: Animal; Common; Dwarven; Gnomish; Terran; Undercommon


Clad in shades of gray and blue and equipped with plenty of arrows and daggers, this svirfneblin is not an easy person to look at. She is unnerving and stares back in an almost alien way. Her dark gray-blue eyes are seemingly unblinking, and her pallid gray skin is rough and dirty. The cave-dweller's height is remarkable: she stands very tall for a gnome, and her build is lean and muscular.

The gnomish archer smells as if she hasn't bathed in weeks, and while her equipment looks to be of high quality, it has received rustic repairs. Her demeanor is that of someone who spends more time in the Underdark's caverns than in the shelter of its cities.

Perhaps the gnome cares little for her appearance, for her short black hair is cut roughly and bound with a small cord of thin blue cloth. Her nails are rough-cut, too, her hands calloused, and her face scarred. The gemkin smells of fur and fungus, and her armor seems augmented by the chitin of the Underdark's creatures.

Personality Profile:

Like most svirfneblin, Wyra is a guarded individual whose personal life is in no way visible to outsiders. She has a cold and calm attitude, treating every new face as a potential threat, and leaving no doubt she feels that way. She is not subtle, nor is she particularly diplomatic or threatening; she prefers to let her arrows do the talking when possible. Strangers often see her as stand-offish or even aggressive, and the way she stares at people is unsettling at best.

To her kin, however, Wyra is very different. She's odd still, yes: nobody can deny that she's not a people person, and she seems to some degree unable to grasp the need for basic creature comforts. Her alien behavior is more awkward than anything to most svirfs, and though she shows proper deference to the authorities of Rockrun, she seems to only be following the motions and is perhaps at odds with certain stances Rockrun has taken.

Those who know her best understand that the icy surface hides a red-hot fury like the sun. Wyra may have been a gentle person once, but the trauma of a long, personal guerrilla war has turned her into a weapon in and of herself. She hates the enemies of the svirfneblin, and she has no intentions of hiding that. That anger can be dangerous.

Nevertheless, this ranger is a loyal member of her community. The archer possesses a sharp mind, a strong sense of duty, and the ability to remove herself from her passion when alone with other svirfneblin, an ability that lets her suggest courses of action the xenophobic scout may otherwise not consider. She is highly observant, and while she comes across as paranoid even to friends, Wyra's patience and insights make her a useful person to take second opinions from.

In her free time, Wyra collects gems and tools that may be useful to her people. She does not read very often, but listens to oral stories passed on by older svirfneblin at the tavern, and attends the congregation of Callarduran's faithful frequently. She also reads books, and in fact learned to speak Common by doing exactly that. Elsewise, she spends most of her time out in the caves surrounding Rockrun, watching for any threats to her people and eliminating them whenever possible.


Life for the svirfneblin outside of Rockrun is not easy. Wyra can attest to that.

Most svirfneblin villages survive by hiding from their enemies and never revealing themselves unless absolutely necessary. Most are very successful in this, but Wyra has had the ill fortune to see what happens when they cannot hide. Born to a hunter and a sculptor, Wyra wished to become a storyteller as a child to better help the svirfneblin pass their legacies on to the next generation. Mind flayers, however, managed to capture the hunting party her father was a part of when she was still young, and so Wyra took his duties upon herself and became a hunter. It was an early introduction to the harsh realities of the Underdark.

Life did not become easier. While serving as both a gatherer of food and scout, Wyra found herself avoiding brushes with death: roaming driders, illithids hunting for fresh minds to harvest, drow raiders... The wildlife within the Underdark was certainly no friend to Wyra. She began to foster a hatred for all these threats, studying them each in turn to discover new ways of defeating them and protecting her people. By the time she was a young adult of fifty years, she was an experienced ranger.

Disaster struck again: Duergar raiders discovered the village, and before her people could be relocated they used their dark sorcery to attack. Dozens were killed; most were scattered or enslaved; and those survivors that could find each other formed a band of refugees. Though they were harried by the horrors of the deep, they eventually found another svirfneblin village to join.

Many peaceful years passed, but misfortune reared its ugly head again. This time, Wyra's home was discovered by a surfacer who was later tortured into revealing its location by Drow. Again her village was attacked; again it was plundered; and again her people scattered throughout the Underdark. Wyra led a small band of refugees - eleven gnomes in total, four of them from her original village - throughout the cavernous depths in search of a safe place to live.

Finally, luck favored Wyra and her folk. A Tunnel Runner found her band as they ventured near Rockrun, and after some consideration she and her folk were given a place to live in Rockrun.

Tired and angry, Wyra has no intention of letting history repeat itself once again. She sees the destruction of both her previous villages as personal failures, and has utterly dedicated herself to the defense of her new home. She may not agree with how Rockrun conducts its business, and she may not even truly be an accepted member of the community. Nevertheless, it is her home now, and she intends to kill anything that threatens home.


1) Defend Rockrun by any means necessary.
2) Find a means of ensuring Rockrun's safety in the event that it must choose a side in the politicking and wars of foreigners.
3) Kill as many enemies of the svirfneblin as possible.
4) Shield the next generation of svirfneblin from the horrors of the Underdark.
5) See Rockrun become a truly thriving place that can stand on its own against invaders.
6) Survive.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:

Wyra is a deeply religious person. Her faith in Callarduran is strong.

The name 'Graybane' is not Wyra's birth name. It was a name given to her by fellow villagers after she killed a large number of Duergar in the defense of her first village. She has not used her old last name - Evergleam - since.

Wyra may be distrustful of strangers, but is wise and intelligent enough to learn and digest new information. It may be difficult, but her views can change.

There are relatives of Wyra's that she does not know the fate of: a few cousins, an uncle, and a half-sister. The rest of her family she knows died, but she will seriously consider any opportunity to find her lost family and bring them to Rockrun.

Wyra suffers from what the real world would call Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The few survivors Wyra led from her last village to Rockrun are very dear to her, as she has lived with them longer than these new svirfneblin she has settled with. She takes it as a personal responsibility to assist them should they come to her for help.

If anyone were to kidnap svirfneblin from Rockrun, Wyra would be the first to try and rescue them, or at the least kill everyone involved in their capture.

Given how alien, cautious and withdrawn she is (even compared to other svirfneblin), Wyra is somewhat of a stranger to most people in Rockrun, and many think her aloof. She knows the Tunnel Runners well, and she attends religious ceremonies diligently, but oftentimes she's off wandering the Underdark in search of news to report.

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Re: Wyra, Svirfneblin Ranger

Unread post by Khazrak » Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:28 pm

The reason this character has a storied biography already is she started in-game at level 13. Ergo, I figured she needed a reason for being that high of a level at the start, as that indicates some measure of combat experience. The destruction of her previous villages seemed fitting.

Also, I will admit that I wanted to give her a sort of grimmer Strider (from LotR) feel.

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Re: Wyra, Svirfneblin Ranger

Unread post by DM Soulcatcher » Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:14 pm

Reviewed and Approved. Please ping a DM IG for the reward.
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