Leah Freewind

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Leah Freewind

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First Name: Leah (Ashleigh)
Last Name: Freewind (Springheart)

Appearance: Leah stands just a hair's breadth taller than the average him and is fit and healthy in a lean way. Lots of time on the road has given her mainly freckles and helps maintain her overall healthy shape. Her youth and health tend to make her stand out and she wouldn't have it any other way. Strawberry-blond hair almost as long as she is tall tends to make her fairly memorable. She tends to keep it in a ponytail to minimize the hassle. The one thing that truly seems at odds with her overall appearance and cheerful demeanor are serious gray eyes that would lend her a bit of gravity if she weren't so busy laughing her way through life.
Race: Halfing/Hin
Age: 20
Hair: Strawberry blond, long, ponytail

Personality Profile: Leah looks at the world through her perpetual grin. This seems to define her more than anything as she seems hard pressed to take much of anything seriously. Life just seems like a big joke to her to the point that the threat of death seems equally absurd and just another thing to experience. She loves to talk and given half a chance will weave implausible tales about relatives that might or might not exist and grand adventures she probably didn't have. Anyone listening or watching closely will quickly realize that, despite her seeming incautious nature, a whip smart mind rests behind her eyes and she often knows more than she'll let on just to keep that much more ahead of anyone that might try to stop any of her goals...not that she'll ever let on.
General Health: Good
Initial Alignment: Chaotic Good
Profession: "Traveler", Tale-teller
Base Class & Proposed Development: Warlock (to be eventually RCR'd to sorcerer under the right circumstances)
Weapon of Choice: Not-Zapping! (Eldritch Blast), or when hiding her powers a simple sling

Background: Leah Freewind might cheerfully proclaim her name to everyone she meets as a happy introduction, but that is actually only the first of many lies to likely come out of her mouth. She was born Ashleigh Springheart to parents in a village in Amn. While within distance of Esmeltaran to ask for aid, the village was still mostly isolated.

The Springhearts had a relatively respected position within the village as protectors and as one of the younger children, Leah grew up on stories of how her family had helped protect the village and otherwise made their names. She had a lot to live up to from a young age. All of that contributed to her wanting to do something to do her part.

Unfortunately, she wasn't exactly the most adept of the children and began to be surpassed even by her younger siblings. The only things Leah really excelled at were telling stories and keeping everyone's spirits up. A spark of magic seemed to manifest when she was young, but it went nowhere.

Being towards the northern side Lake Esmel, the village's need to defend itself

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