Henry Murdock: A Man of Siamorphe's Faithful

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Henry Murdock: A Man of Siamorphe's Faithful

Unread post by Rhaegar » Sun May 20, 2018 8:47 am

First Name: Henry
Last Name: Murdock


Race: Celestial
Age: 37
Height: 5'7
Weight: 170 pounds
Eyes: Dark Golden
Hair: Leather Brown
Facial Hair Style: Loose hair on front left and right with a dreadlock tail
Personality Profile:
General Health: Decent shape

Deity: Siamorphe

Initial Alignment: Lawful ideology against tyranny and corruption

Profession: Militia, Watchmen, noble, farmer, stable master in Waterdeep

Base Class & Proposed Development: watchmen and scout

Habits/Hobbies: Observing the drama and activities of people, listening to good songs, hunting in the woods. sometimes hitting on beautiful lady or complimenting friends traits. He also likes to dance/doing acrobatic things and drink wine while being in an Elegant parties.

Languages: Celestial, Common

Weapon of Choice: shortswords, bow, sling, dagger

Background: Henry Murdock is the 4th Child of Jonathan Murdock and Kaellya.

The story starts when Jonathan fell in love with an Aasimar Kaellya during his travel. Jonathan move from Waterdeep into a Mansion towards the outskirts of Waterdeep. There lies a river, a waterfall, large farming fields, and nature beauties where some farmers would take shelter in his land. The land is also triumph with vast horses that encourage Jonathan to open a stable and breed fine horses.

The Mansion have a large hall. in the middle of the hall lies a large Silver Chalice with golden sun on the side, where his family prays to Siamorphe. Every end of the month, Jonathan will gather his wife and his children to pray and ask for prosperity from Siamorphe for giving their noble life meaningful with leadership and purpose towards the land.

There is a small Garrison outside the Mansion where Henry learned a skill or two to defend himself. Local militia is very friendly towards him and shows him how to defend the town if it is attacked by raiding bandits, standing on the lookout from danger.

When Henry was young, he likes to find peace and serenity at the waterfall inside the hidden forest. There, he would be greeted by the druids and they would play. sometimes learning to track rabbits, or listening to the wind. These druids, other than the local militia are the ones who taught what Henry had learned today.

Goals: Resides in Baldurs Gate. having his own house/wife/shrine of the Silver Chalice . Henry also wants to see Tyranny and Corruption abolished from the lands.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
-Reunite with the druids/or meet new druids that taught Henry most of his skills
-Become one of the Militia to fight against Tyranny and Corruption(like how he fights bandits and local bullies at home)
-Meet with the Nobleman of Siamorphe in Baldurs Gate

When not in town or adventuring, Henry can be seen retreating to few temples praying for his family, and sometimes he also prays for the farmers and the druids back at home

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Re: Henry Murdock: A Man of Siamorphe's Faithful

Unread post by Rhaegar » Wed May 23, 2018 4:31 pm

An Orc who demands human flesh food that calls himself Oghruhn

Meeting Mercy, Grace, Zeren
As he walks through the Gnolls outside lair, Henry met a beautiful woman that shines bright like the sun. she has wavy hair and he calls her 'Love' or sometimes 'miss Sunshine'. Mercy brought along few friends which is Zeren and Grace and they get acquainted quite lovely as nice friends as they share their fair fight of the wicked demon spawn Gnolls together and then move towards the goblin mines.
Orc and Mystery voice threatening
There, stood a large big Orc with three undeads following an unknown voice, and a small female like halfling preparing to devour Mercy's party. With a quite persistent threats, the Orc wants to eat fragile helpless human flesh and demands that the party shows tribute or else face the consequences. At first, the party shows hostile reaction but without intention to hurt the Orc or even get dirty with all the undead skeletons. The unknown voice is also threatening and persuading the orc to strike them down and eat the non obedient party.

A Substitute
Henry, knowing that he had taken some Bear Meat from the Trade Way hurries to open his backpack and tries to find the meat. perhaps it can be a substitute rather than killing and eating human flesh to the Orc and his halfling acquaintance with few undead armies at his side. Carefully placing the Bear Meat at the Orc's sight in front of all the undead army, Henry hurried and scurried towards his new good friends. The Orc tries to ensure that his target does not escape persist to eat human flesh but somehow is satisfied to eat Bear Meat

Deep Thoughts of the Threats of the lands surrounding Baldurs Gate
As a faithful of Siamorphe, Henry cant tolerate this kind of Bully but perhaps there is something far greater behind the scene that he must learn of this encounter and he follows what his friends said to continue the Goblin mines excavation without endangering one's life. Far inside his imagination, Henry thinks to himself of how to dispatch all the Undeads, the unknown voice, and the threatening halfling simulation in his mind. Perhpas within a moon or when he gets a better idea of this foreign land, he might show some formidable action against bullies.

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Re: Henry Murdock: A Man of Siamorphe's Faithful

Unread post by Rhaegar » Wed May 30, 2018 1:35 pm

taintedseraphim wrote:
From the Cloakwoods tonight came the sounds of a most horrific battle. A human male archer, blonde with a white cloak, was seen trying valiantly to thwart the efforts of a massive orc who was beating the redheaded woman the archer had just been slaying vampires with.

Back and forth both arrows and throwing axes flew between the two males once the redhead, who had barely wounded the orc with a greater ruin spell, had been rendered unconscious on the ground. The archer, known as Henry, fought with everything in him, but had to withdraw at one point, which provided the orc just the moments he needed to attach a rusted metal collar around the neck of the still out cold woman before doing so around both wrists and waist, using using clamp-hooks to secure the links where needed.

The other end of the chain was wrapped around the shield hand of the massive beast, with him half dragging, half carrying the badly injured woman along to parts unknown, her mouth gagged by a filthy rag to prevent her from crying out for help from any who might be near by in the vast forest depths.
Henry Murdock was slaying vampires with Rania and all of a sudden an Orc comes and threaten Rania. She slams him with Greater Ruins spell but the orc had too much vitality on him.Then the orc hits Rania until she falls down to the grass. Henry had to retreat and comes back only to realize that the Orc had shackled her with heavy chains.

Without hesitation, Henry had to battle the Orc. Blood flows from his head but Henry swipes it and continue with the barrage. Both trading blows. There is one chance where Henry would have picked up Rania unconscious body but the heavy shackle and her condition does not allow him to do that.

The Orc fled carrying Rania's weakened body towards an unknown depth being injured and so does Henry's head bleeding trying to save her from being abducted. A moment after, Henry met Phaele Darant one of the Mystran mage wand crafter and informed her of this story to pass along to Candlekeep authorities.
"I swear on Siamorphe's name that i will get stronger and protect the innocent from this tyranny in the future".

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Re: Henry Murdock: A Man of Siamorphe's Faithful

Unread post by Rhaegar » Sat Jun 23, 2018 10:04 am

Arena Training


It was about a month ago before his encounter with orcs and drows, Henry had a good insight and training back at the Arena with some well known people. Back at home, militia training was but a blunt knife needed to be sharpened. now he learn the real threat and danger that he must face. at first, only 5 to 8 people come to witness the friendly fight at the arena but somehow within an hour, 20 people starts to flock the surrounding area looking at the amusement.

It was a good fight. At the least everyone was showing good sport and deal with the punches very well and in a matured manner. Few of the participants are

Mages old, young and beautiful
hidden types throwing bombs
Bear earth genasi
Halberd lady
Monk with robes
Front row knockdown fighters
Spinning whirlwind
Range types
Scroll and potion swallow
Drunkard naked man
The punching merchant
Talk all day no action group
and ten other clappers *clap clap clap*
so far no Grey orcs or Drows, not sure if there are any Svirf around

Learning and grow is the best part of his life. they say Neverwinter was not built in a day, so does Henry body, heart and soul. Every single detail, and information that he can learn is important for his future days to come. to fight for Siamorphe, and protect the people being bullied by harsh life itself.

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