Lia'Dris Maendellyn

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Lia'Dris Maendellyn

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Lia'Dris Maendellyn
First Name: Lia'Dris
Last Name: Maendellyn
Appearance: A slender and small elf-lady with coppery skin, a pair of bright green eyes and a shade of caramel brown hair with strands of gold. She seems nimble and agile, swift on her feet and is most often clad in a suit of elven armor and equip with a spear and trinkets of similar light and minimalistic style, yet obviously high quality craftsmanship that all attest to the fact she is a wood elf. She carries herself with a natural elven grace and seems to observe her surroundings with keen eyes and a cautious approach.

Race: Or'Tel'Quessir (Wood Elf)
Age: 361 years
Height: 5'4" - 163cm
Weight: 137 lbs - 62kg
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Caramel brown with strands of gold

Personality Profile: There is a sadness to Lia'Dris that is likely derived from the decline of elven culture and tradition. Having lived a long and secluded life, prior to her emerging from the depths of the Yuirwood, have left its mark on the wood elf. She seems to hold a certain amount of prejudice towards other races that is better described as sympathy and pity than scorn and mistrust. She is well mannered and often described as very formal among those she does not call kin, it is no rare sight to see the copper skinned elf bow deeply even to a local captain of the guard, or address people by title and station rather than by name. She is slow to anger and quick to forgive transgressions that are deserving there of, reserving her wrath for her true enemies whilst not opposed to granting them mercy as well.
General Health: As with most elves, Lia'Dris is healthy and full of life. Though one can discern a strange melancholy to her demeanor at times.
Deity: Corellon Larethian
Initial Alignment: Neutral Good
Profession: Glade Guard / Shal'nys Tel'Vandor Ilaerothil (Spear-sister of the forest sentinels)
Habits/Hobbies: Reverie on low hanging branches and carving strange runes in to pieces of dead wood.
Languages: Elven, Aglarondian, Sylvan & Common
Weapon of Choice: Elven Glaive (Spear)

Background: Lia'Dris was born amidst the silver-trunked sentinel tree's of the Night-glade, deep within a secluded part of the Yuirwood and the settlement known only by few as Myth Nar'Ahnvae or the City of Eternal Night. Encircled by ancient menhirs erected in the glory days of the Yuireshanyaar empire, the settlement of Myth Nar'Ahnvae would seem as a ghost of the past to most Tel'Quessir and is so scarcely populated that an eerie silence seems to engulf every uttered word.

Counting less than a hundred inhabitants and dwindling in number, Myth Nar'Ahnvae is a remnant of a mystical past and the glade in which the settlement is located was once believed to be the home of the primal spirits of the Yuirwood. The towering silver maple trees that act as a natural wall for the settlement are unusually tall for its kind, as some stand near three hundred and forty feet tall, twisting and turning ever upwards as if woven by the hands of spells. The hollow trunks are studded with naturally shaped holes that act as doorways and windows, few of which seem inhabited and many are overgrown with moss and grass. The leafy canopy of the settlement seems so thick that even elven eyes can not pierce its veil and often covers the glade in a perpetual twilight.

There are few notable locations within the settlement, but for the tallest and most central of the silver maples, which acts as a temple of reverence to Tel'Seldarine and the ancient aspect of Rillifane Rallathil known as Relkath of the Infinite Branches. Some believe the primal spirits of the Yuir still watch over the hundreds of miles long forest and its deepest and darkest secrets, but homage is paid chiefly to the Coronal of Arvandor, Corellon Larethian. The settlement is governed by a council of elders, of which two are ancient descendants of the Yuireshanyaar empire, the third a more recent addition and the last new inhabitants of Myth Nar'Ahnvae, Elaethan of House Maendellyn.

Unbeknownst to the citizens of the settlement, even the council of elders, is the ancient Mythal that was invoked to protect the glade millennia ago, by the Akh'Faerns of Yuireshanyaar, before the empire faded from this plane. Rather the citizens of Myth Nar'Ahnvae believe that the ancient spirits of the forest watch over them and Tel'Seldarine are to give thanks for the magical veil that sends would-be intruders wandering in a haze of bewilderment around the ancient glade. That by this boon and blessing they are better able to blend in with the forest of their home, after undergoing a ritual of attunement and carrying a magical ward known as Ahnvae'Nar or a Night-stone, some cruder translations may suggest its name is Night-eternal, and both are likely accurate. For though these attunement stones respond to the Mythal, by granting access to the glade and enhance the abilities of its wearer, to better hide and move silently through the forest, it is the nature of the Mythal itself to be wreathed in eternal night and remain hidden. Whichever other properties it may hold are truly a mystery and lost to the ages, but the wood elven inhabitants of the glade unknowingly owe gratitude to the Mythal for the endurance of their hidden city.
Myth Nar'Ahnvae

Prior to the fall of Myth'Drannor and due to their role in the infighting that preceded the Weeping War, branches of house Maendellyn abandoned the Cormanthor and sought refuge in the few realms of Tel'Quessir that were still prohibited from the younger races. Lord Ondabrar Maendellyn gave consent and blessing to those of his kin that did not wish to see their culture and traditions lost to the ages, as the doors of Myth'Drannor were opened to the outside. Of the exodus and their arrival in Myth Nar'Ahnvae, little is recorded and scarcely is it mentioned what tragedies befell their relatives outside of the Yuirwood.

Lia'Dris was raised on fewer stories of her heritage, than those of the forest that she came to know as home. Lectured in history of all Tel'Quessir and their connection to the woodland realms that once covered near all of Faerûn, Lia'Dris strove to uphold the ideals of the Protector, First of the Seldarine and Ruler of All Elves, in both deeds and thought. Honing the art of combat from an early age, only to enable herself to aid in the defense of her kin and home. Near early adulthood Lia'Dris was an able archer and equally skilled in seeking refuge and natural camouflage among the tree's of her home, but showed greater potential still with a glaive in her hand and was able to pierce the thickest of boar hides with but a single thrust.

As the copper elf grew in to adulthood, she grew weary of their seclusion from the rest of Aglarond and though often straying far and wide in the Yuirwood, ever did she return to her fathers abode and patrolled the borders of Myth Nar'Ahnvae as one of its stout glade-guards and spear sister of the Ilaerothil Tel'Vandor. Preservation of the stone circles and ancient menhir of the Yuirwood was an entirely impossible task, as the half-elves and humans of Aglarond delved ever deeper in to the forest realm. Avoiding contact for the most part, the glade-guards seldom revealed themselves to outsiders, lest they would give offerings of blood to the forest floor.
An ancient menhir circle of the Yuirwood.

Those few whom would desecrate the sacred sites of the forest, or hunt for sport and bloodletting alone would often be made example of and hunted down without remorse. But the settlement of Myth Nar'Ahnvae strongest defense is its secrecy and there for the glade-guards were prohibited from attacking any but those who threatened the Night-glade, as decreed by the council of elders in the year 1246 by Dale Reckoning. Though the decision was poorly received among many of the glade-guards, none would violate the rule of the council and the prophecies they had made in unison. For the coming of the ancient spirits of the woodland realm they said, would be the foundation of a new and stronger Aglarond, one that they too would serve as best able.

Under which circumstances Lia'Dris departed her secluded home, no one truly know, but as a new queen of Aglarond came to power in the year 1320 DR, the reclusive copper elf found herself drawn to Velprintalar and overcome with a sense of dread yet purpose, to aid in the defense of this new realm forged under the Simbul. Ever did the threat of the neighboring Thay loom over Aglarond and interwoven in its fate, would be that of Myth Nar'Ahnvae and all of the Yuirwood.

How the secretive glade-guard came in to service of the Witch-Queen of Aglarond and her armies, is not known to more than a handful of individuals. And though the two had likely never met or spoken, the dutiful elf never made attempts to conceal her admiration and devotion to the Simbul over her many years of service. The glaives of Myth Nar'Ahnvae were a frequent sight in less direct confrontations with their unruly neighbors of Thay, serving as spies and scouts on behalf of the Aglarondian armies and the Simbulmyn, where swift elven feet and the blending with the forest would serve best the interest of the Witch-Queen of Aglarond.

Upholding the tenets of Tel'Seldarine and understanding the cause for the Retreat among other Tel'Quessir.
Acquiring information concerning the condoned enclaves of Thay abroad.
Shandril Brightmantle
"Life is but a mystery to revel in, let the stars guide you through the mist."
Lia'Dris Maendellyn
"We remember cities now in ruin and forests murdered, yet still we sing to the stars and hope for renewal."

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