Alepou Chrysos

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Alepou Chrysos

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First Name: Alepou
Last Name: Chrysos

Race: Wood Elf
Age: 120
Height: 5'5
Weight: 140lb

Personality Profile: Alepou is aloof, but faithfully offers aid to any of the good folk in need of protection. He has doubts about his faith, and has to hide his emotions, sometimes unsuccessfully, which drives him to be even more aloof, cold and distant.

Deity: Helm

Initial Alignment: Lawful Good

Profession: None
Base Class & Proposed Development: Paladin/Fighter/Weaponmaster

Weapon of Choice: Falchion


Alepou Chrysos lived in a small wood elf village in the reaching woods. An important event in his life was when a group of clerics dedicated to Helm, who entered their village unaware that they were in a village at all, and camped nearby, were beset by gnolls. The helmites were about to be overwhelmed when the wood elves joined the battle. Alepou, a warrior in the village, was healed several times during the battle, and the positive energy of Helm that healed his wounds had a profound effect on him. The force of lawful protection healing his body deeply moved him, as his own lawful tendency had created a distance between himself and the more chaotic elves of the village. He decided to travel with the helmites and guided them through the forest. Alepou learned that they were inspecting burial mounds to see what gods were honored in the forest. After other battles and being sustained by the healing of the Helmite clerics, Alepou decided to continue to travel with the clerics, who reached Scornubel on the river chionthar and followed the river to return to their church in Irieabor. After staying there some years and ordaining as a paladin of Helm, he heard that his home wood was being overrun with gnolls. He returned to his village and fought to defend it. Eventually all the elven warriors were killed except Alepou, who spilled gnoll and hobgoblin blood endlessly, as the numbers of his village dwindled. He mastered his use of the falchion as a result of this endless battle. Eventually there were only a few elves of the village left, and they decided to leave. Alepou defended these few elves, an elder, and woman and child, on the dangerous journey to Misty Forest wood elf village. On the journey the woman and child died when beset by a large band of orcs, all the orcs died on Alepou's sword. The elder found a place in the new village, and Alepou was left with some troubling doubts about the value of protection against a seemingly endless barrage of ill events. He does not speak of his doubts, but buries them.

Goals: He wants to re-establish his faith, and travels the land seeking signs that Helm will win the fight and preserve civilization (elven mainly, as human civilization seems too transient). He follows the code of a Helmite Paladin scrupulously and wishes to continue to follow this code as long as he endures, his doubts have not won any major internal battles to uphold the faith..yet...
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: Good folk in need of protection, preservation of (elven) culture and civilization,
Alepou Chrysos
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