Alystin'Draada ryld del Qu'ellar Jaezred

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Alystin'Draada ryld del Qu'ellar Jaezred

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Alystin Jaezred

First Name:Alystin
Last Name:Jaezred (formerly Mlezziir)

Appearance:A strange-, if not eerily, beautiful drow elven woman, covered in elaborate tattoo's created by a meticulous hand. With an upright posture, an athletic and muscular build, she looks fierce and battle hardened. The glare in her pearly purple eyes and the dark circles beneath them attest to an existence of pain, anxiety and exhaustion. And an utter lack of patience can be derived from her often sour expression. In stark contrast to her alarming appearance, she seems eloquent of speech and her softly spoken voice is like a gentle but unwanted caress. A sibilant breathing, her flared nostrils, whilst often licking her lips as she regards you with dilated pupils, would likely cause most people to be frightened or at the least, on guard. There is a sweet and exotic floral-fruity fragrance of perfumes heavy about this female, an appealing scent of a strange mixture that seems almost alien to the Underdark.

Race: Drow
Age: 161 years
Height 5'2” (157cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (54kg)
Eyes: Pearly purple
Hair: Silvery

Personality Profile: Alystin is a cold and emotionally detached drow elf, she shows little remorse for her actions and seem equally void of sympathy. She seems confident and disregard most creatures as beneath her and unworthy of attention. She is quick to anger and only reigns it in, to act according to laws she may be subject to. Her murderous gaze and throes of rage are often a predictable prelude to violence.

General Health: Alystin appears healthy and perhaps unnaturally so, an affinity for poisons and great experience in their usages has perhaps hardened the jalil and made her impervious to many diseases of the Underdark. Mentally however she seems borderline psychopathic or mildly insane, indulging in meaningless violence, finding amusement in others depravity, laughing hysterically at the prospect of them suffering or simply mocking their insignificance in the grander scheme of things. Some that would observe Alystin, quickly draw the conclusion she suffers from extreme paranoia and appears constantly on guard, seldom positioning herself with her back against a door or otherwise where she doesn't have a larger overview of the immediate vicinity. The most notable feature of Alystin's health, is her damaged respiratory systems. She seems to struggle to breathe properly at times, hissing and making sharp sibilant sounds, occasionally causing her to cough uncontrollably before she steadies her breathing once more, the excruciating pain she suffers during these lapses seems to evidently sour her mood and cause her to suffer from near constant acid reflux and chronic headaches.

Deity: Unknown, formerly a Llothite.
Initial Alignment: Lawful evil
Profession: Former Concubine / Kulggen-Sargtlin (shield-warrior)
Habits/Hobbies: Alystin has a habit of licking her lips and nibbling on them as she converses with males, like a predator would eye a readied meal unable to fight back, her breathing often intensifies in these situations. She has no known hobbies but occasionally refers to her sword, Jiv'elgan Velve, as a sentient being demanding to slake its thirst on the lifeblood of whichever unsuspecting creature Alystin unsheathes it for.
Languages: Common, Undercommon, Drow, Drowsign, Draconic, Elven, Abyssal, Netherese.

Weapon of Choice: Jiv'elgan Velve; The dark metal that has been fashioned in to this blade seems to hold an especially keen edge. The unusual dusky colors and distinctive rippled patterns of this blade seems as unique as the metal it is made from. It seems to absorb and quench light around it, a truly finite type of sword that bears no markings to identify the craftsman whom labored to forge it. The cross-guard and hilt seems to be made of a type of adamantine alloyed with a high-mithral metal that makes it near unbreakable. The pommel of the sword is adorned with a rogue stone that seems to shimmer faintly in the dimly lit caverns of the Underdark, in a plethora of scintillating colors. Strong enchantments are imbued in to the edge and handle of the sword, slaking its thirst on the blood of those it strikes and transferring a measure of their life energy to any who would dare wield such an accursed blade in battle. Jiv'elgan Velve is a slightly curved longsword, appropriate for Alystin's style of combat, easily identified as a blend of Ust sreen and Z'ress a'thalak.

Background: Alystin is a classic example of a drow elven female, born as the lesser daughter of a matron mother and rising to a more prominent position with the demise of her older siblings. A physical prime example of females superiority among drow elves, Alystin always had a talent for violence and the brute strength to exercise it from early age. She played an unknown part in her ascension to the status of second daughter, as all of her sisters were overshadowed by the older and far more brutal, Ahlysaaria. Unbeknownst to Alystin her success in enduring the many attempts on her life, should be credited to the male Pharaun as she knew him, who largely was responsible for all the events of the matron daughters life, most notably killing his own daughters and ensuring Alystin's captivity. Spending over seventy years as a concubine and giving birth to over thirty children, Alystin changed drastically during these years and was infused with several gifts and powers, to better accommodate her body for the gestation of unnatural spawn of mingled draconic and drow elven blood. Most of these subtle changes are unnoticeable, such as magically accelerated pregnancy, but her rarely used ability to breathe forth acidic vapors has left her with permanent damage to her respiratory systems. Having escaped her captivity, by means she refuses to relinquish, Alystin has carved a bloody path through the Underdark for nearly two years prior to her arrival in Sshamath, where she has quickly and by mysterious means, managed to alter her branding and plain writ of ownership, to mere beautifying markings with no particular meaning. Of the tales that molded the Drow elf Alystin'Draada of Q'ellar Mlezziir, in to the ruthless and murderous female that now walks the streets of Sshamath, much can be said. Though not all are blessed with the longevity of life, such as the children of Corellon, for the sake of these mortal readers here follows a more summarized account of these events.

1193 DR, 13th of Kythorn: Alystin is born as the seventh daughter to Ilharess Nizana'Rilrae of Qu'ellar Mlezziir in Ched Nasad, a lesser vassal house to Qu'ellar Melarn and considered largely insignificant in the City of Shimmering Webs politics and affairs. Alystin's beauty is perceived to be a curse, in particular her purple colored eyes, and a sign of Lloth's waning favor, Ilharess Nizana'Rilrae is urged to sacrifice the child, but refuses.

1217, 11th of Flamerule: Ilharess Nizana'Rilrae eldest daughter, Ahlysaaria, proclaims all her sisters unworthy of Lloth's favor and that only she may torment her siblings, that every drop of their blood shall be payment for her ascension, making a display of it by murdering her younger brother Imbros. Calling the ire of the Spider Queen upon their house to prove her self-proclaimed superiority false, all of the daughters are punished by the Ilharess for their infighting, but Lloth is silent.

1218 DR, 18th of Alturiak: Confrontation between Ahlysaaria and the two twin daughters, respectively fifth and sixth daughters of the Ilharess, Yasrena and Yasrhyn, sours their relationship considerably. Yasrena is permanently scarred and loses an eye from the fighting, Alystin is uninvolved but is severely punished by the Ilharess for her reluctance to cease upon the moment of her sisters weakened state, despite being little more than a child.

1221 DR, 30th of Nightal: Qu'ellar Melarn renounce all relations to Qu'ellar Mlezziir, for the sixth time in two centuries, perceived to be a measure of bargaining for lower slave prices, the primary trade of Qu'ellar Mlezziir.

1222 DR, 4th of Tarsakh: Qu'ellar Melarn welcome the lesser Qu'ellar Mlezziir as their vassals once more, upon acquisition of several Darthiir slaves caught on their voyage towards Evereska. Two of the ten surface elves are said to be of noble blood, Ilharess Aunrae Nasadra confiscate the nobles and performs a public blood sacrifice to the Spider Queen from atop the high balconies of Qu'ellar Nasadra.

1229 DR: Tension between the Qu'ellar Mlezziir, Mylyl and several other slaver houses, leads to an increase in prices on the slave markets. Rivvil slave prices more than doubled and as a result the more common slave prices rise as well, fewer raids are carried out and several attacks on the few that are attempted, by rival houses, leaves several of the slave trading Houses passive and overcautious for years to come.

1233 DR: In the hope of creating an ideal slave race, drow of Qu'ellar Mylyl travel from Ched Nasad to the lands beneath the Far Forest and begin a magical breeding program. Over time, their efforts culminate in the creation of the chitines. Slave prices return to near normal in Ched Nasad.

1235 DR, 12th of Alturiak: The patron of Qu'ellar Mlezziir and father to five of the Ilharess Nizana'Rilrae's daughters, Vuzlyn of Sschindylryn,is killed by the matron for having “exceeded his usefulness”. Rumors circulate among enemies of Qu'ellar Mlezziir that the Ilharess has taken for her bed, the weapons master Pharaun, rumored father of the twins Yasrena and Yasrhyn.

1242 DR: Reaching adolescence the three youngest daughters of Ilharess Nizana'Rilrae are initiated in to the Yath, Alystin is said to be frequently disciplined and is deemed least potential of the daughters to become a Yathrin of the Dark Mother. As punishment for the shame Alystin brings upon Qu'ellar Mlezziir, she is set to undergo additional training in the martial arts of Ust sreen and Z'ress a'thalak, weapons master Pharaun is responsible for the training,. Ahlysaaria, the first daughter of Ilharess Nizana'Rilrae, is meanwhile given the rare honor of training with Qu'ellar Melarn, for her visions granted by the Spider Queen that expose several Vhaerunite agents in the city and her reluctance to suffer the demeaning presence of Alystin. Illharess Nizana'Rilrae suspects a plot to supplant her with a more loyal and ruthless Ahlysaaria, by Qu'ellar Melarn.

1257 DR, 28th of Eleint:A strange illness befalls the three youngest daughters of the Ilharess Nizana'Rilrae. Bedridden by fever and an incurable disease that cause their flesh to be covered by blisters and abscesses, the stench of rot and decay lay heavy about the Qu'ellar Mlezziir for near a quarter of a year. The two twin daughters of the Ilharess, Yasrena and Yasrhyn, grow ever paler and more sickly with each passing day and for all the attempts of curing the ailment, none are successful, Alystin on the other hand seem to strangely recover rapidly as her sisters come ever closer to an agonizing death.

1258 DR, 17th of Hammer: After months of suffering, Yasrena and Yasrhyn pass away within hours of each other, as a fully recovered Alystin miraculously leaves her bed, to the surprise of all within the Qu'ellar. Suspicion rise and whispers among the household claim the twins were poisoned and some one had dispensed the antidote in due time to save the youngest, perhaps a clever ruse by the accursed daughter to supplant her siblings and rise to be the fifth daughter of the Ilharess. The Qu'ellar Mlezziir weapons master, Pharaun, exposes the second daughter Faeryl as the culprit who in turn makes a feeble attempt to claim the status of Ilharess, Nizana'Rilrae feeds the remains of her daughter to her pet spiders, in thanks to her goddess for exposing the weakness of her offspring.

1272 DR, 7th of Uktar: A raid led by Qu'ellar Melarn on the outlaying farmlands and shepherds of Orlbar, west of the Graypeak Mountains, also serves as the coming of age ritual known as the Blooding, for the youngest daughter Alystin. Twenty veteran warriors and a Yath'tallar accompanied by Alystin and the Qu'ellar Mlezziir weapons master Pharaun, descend upon the farmlands and capture near fifteen humans. The party is ambushed on their return to the Underdark, by a band of elves from the High Forest and Evereska, nine drow and all of the thirty three attacking surface elves die as the High Priestess of Lloth summons forth a Bebilith. The monstrous demon spider is left to terrorize the southern High Forest, as a divine mandate proclaimed by the Yath'tallar.

1273 DR, 5th of Kythorn: First daughter Ahlysaaria makes an attempt at supplanting her mother, resulting in the deaths of Aunrae and Ghilanna, the second and third daughters of the Ilharess. Ahlysaaria withdraws with half the household to an undisclosed location and plots her next move, as a result Alystin becomes Alystin'Draada, second daughter of Ilharess Nizana'Rilrae and is ordered to leave for Menzoberranzan, so that she can complete her ascendance to become a Yathrin and able adversary to her sister. She is deceived by Pharaun, who is revealed to be Nilonim of Chaulssin and leads Alystin'Draada to be captured by his associates of the Jaezred Chaulssin. Alystin'Draada is subdued and brought to the northdark city of Chaulssin by secret routes, whilst magically impaired of hearing and sight, leaving her only with blurred memories of endless tunnels and muffled whispers of her captors.

Chaulssin the City of Wyrmshadows

1273 DR, 21st of Kythorn: Alystin'Draada is presented to slavemaster Szordrin, who begins molding her in to an appropriate concubine for the Patron Fathers, revealing that this is her destiny and she has been handpicked for this great honor, for her unusual appearance and the strength of her body. Szordrin orders the initially defiant female branded and marked, with her name and former position as second daughter, tattooed upon her face in mockery of her repeated uncooperative stance, condoned by Patron Grandfather Mauzzkyl. The magically infused tattoos would tamper with Alystin'Draadas mind and make her more docile and mellow, yet her resilience prevails and she rather chooses to take a diplomatic route, tempted by the allure of her promised position and to escape Szordrin. The prospects of a more lavish life than that of an ordinary slave, and the more solitary existence to contemplate escape becomes a prime motivator for Alystin'Draada, unbeknownst to her captors.

1274 DR, 15th of Marpenoth: Alystin'Draada is, after more than a year of preparations, deemed ready to join the harems of the Patron Fathers. Assumed to be domesticated and initially induced with heavy amounts of toxins, she feigns compliance and acts mildly drowsy, the sedatives leave no lasting damage on her body and little is thought of her diminutive brain from the Draa'Zekyl Patron Grand Father.

1276 DR, 23rd of Flamerule: Alystin'Draada, the slave Ilharen'Qarthen of Qu'ellar Jaezred as she is mockingly called, gives birth to a male Zekyl and is duly inducted as one of the Commanding Mothers, as opposed to the alternative of death if her first offspring had been female.

1286 DR, 11th of Nightal: Alystin is exposed to the plane of shadows as the shadowfringe engulfs large parts of Chaulssin and ushers it away from the prime material plane. Excessive experimentation and exposure to the unbridled magic of her masters, allows for the very fabric and essence of the bleak and dim plane of shadows, to be grafted on to her skin and seep in to her magical branding. Alystin's sight is enhanced as a side effect and she is able to perceive things she could not previously, even in utter darkness. The ultimate goal of the experimentation is to ensure gender specific offspring, its results are uncertain.

1304 DR, 17th of Hammer: Alystin gives birth to female offspring for the first time, concluding that her frequent exposure to the plane of shadows and the volatile magical experimentation has failed.

An Ilharen'Quarthen with her Zekyl offspring.

1304 DR, 4th of Ches: In an attempt to make Alystin be more appreciative of her position among the Ilharen'Quarthen and strengthen her, she is removed from the House of Hidden Masters and the lavish apartments that was her abode previously, to undergo the rigors of Szordrin's pit fighting training. Alystin excels at the combat exercises and savagely disposes of several other slaves, before being returned to her apartments due to the punishments evident failure, as the brutal Alystin seems to indulge in the violence.

1326 DR: Many years of practice allows Alystin to harness her abilities at will, seemingly embracing her existence at last, Patron Grandfather Mauzzkyl shows sign of favor towards the slave concubine.

1326 DR, 2nd of Kythorn: Alystin attempts to escape her heavily guarded abode, by showering her guards in acidic vapors she breathes forth. The attempt fails and she is disciplined extensively. Additional security measures are taken to ensure no repeated incidents, her guards are doubled and she is prohibited from many of her past luxuries.

1352 DR: Following two decades of still births and giving birth to several female offspring, Alystin is falling out of favor with Patron Grandfather Mauzzkyl. Isolated in her apartments for extensive periods, she begins to suspect that she is surplus to requirements and will be disposed of in a foreseeable future, or offered to another of the Patron Fathers, as she exceeds her usefulness.

1352 DR, 2nd of Tarsakh: After more than seventy years as a slave concubine, Alystin seizes an opportunity to escape while awaiting an envoy from Sschindylryn, in a portal chamber of the Galleries of Shadow. Alystin overcomes slavemaster Szordin and his entourage of guards, with aid from a handful of other slaves. With the control rod Szordrin had in his possession, Alystin activates one of the portals leading from Chaulssin and manages to escape, promptly disposing of the other slaves with the blade she has claimed from the dead slavemaster. Seldom staying in one place for long and frequently beset upon from pursuers, she becomes a vessel of pure destruction and a fearsome fighter, even by drow standards.

1354 DR, 1st of Kythorn: Alystin'Draada ryld del Qu'ellar Jaezred, arrives in Sshamath. Covering her branding and remaining mostly hooded and masked, she avoids interactions with the inhabitants of the city, till she catches the attention of Kren'zar Faerzhind, Faern of the School of Illusion and Phantasm.

Goals: To be free of her former masters and decide her own fate.
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
Re-captivity & enslavement anew.
Death as punishment for her escape and the slaying of slavemaster Szordrin.
Being pursued by agents of the Jaezred Chaulssin.
Confrontations of her ancient past as the last rival to Matron Mother Ahlysaaria of Qu'ellar Mlezziir.
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Re: Alystin'Draada ryld del Qu'ellar Jaezred

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Biography approved.
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