Vastin Fryar - Wyrmhunter

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Vastin Fryar - Wyrmhunter

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First Name: Vastin
Last Name: Fryar

Race: Human, Cormyrian / Mulhorandi mix
Age: 19
Height 5' 9"
Weight: 141 lbs
Eyes: Storm grey-blue
Hair: Duskwood brown
Facial Hair Style: A scruffy stubble

Personality Profile:
General Health: Generally healthy
Deity: Mystra, Hoar (secondary)
Initial Alignment: Neutral Good
Profession: Former Alchemist, mage and scholar
Base Class & Proposed Development: Wizard, a training dragonslayer and warrior-mage.
Habits/Hobbies: As a habit, he tends to drum his fingers on his spellbook. There's rarely a time he's not looking to improve his art.
Languages: Common, Cormanthan, Celestial, Draconic, Arcane, Elven,
Weapon of Choice: Longswords, Bladed weapons

A young man from a small little farm village in Cormyr, Vastin was a simple man with a bright mind that he put to use for the sake of his village; he was their main alchemist, their healer, and a self-taught mage who used magic to help protect the hunters and aid those needing some basic mending or cantrip work. Relatively popular with most in his village, there was little he needed or wanted in life except to study and to help others learn, and took up Mystra's worship after learning more of the goddess from a book merchant who roamed through.

Things turned ill weeks after his eighteenth summer, as a wyvern of significant size attacked the settlement and butchered almost all the inhabitants, Vastin's own survival mostly luck as he scrambled to throw potions at random and burned it's eye out forcing it to flee. However, the devastation has left it's mark in this bright young man's heart, and he became set on slaying dragons and their cousins in revenge, swearing to Hoar to honor the fallen of his kin and clan with a dragon's head for each.

Travelling for a time aimlessly, he eventually ended up in Baldur's Gate, where he hopes research about his mortal foe and refinement of his magical art and training in martial arts could commence.

Goals: Vastin is a character of revenge who hopes to gain a name for himself by slaying dragons and striking fear into those that remain. For him, it's difficult to determine good dragons from evil, as old scars undoubted reopen and memories drive to his heart the risk of sacrificing his old life for his selfish sake of revenge. An unrealistic goal is to bring about the extinction of dragon-kind for 'the good of the people'.

He also seeks to master both magic and blade to an extent where he can teach others, rebuild his village, and start a family.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
- Master and Student, Vastin is self-taught and unwise and untrained in the ways of the Weave.
- Fellow Dragonslayers/Eldritch Knights apprenticeship/squiring.
- Corruption plots (encouraging evil for the sake of furthering the darker parts of his ambition)
- Harper or Blood Magus (player interactions will shape which is taken in this character's build, affecting his general outlook into how to handle things)
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