Rumors of the Sword Coast

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Re: Rumors of the Sword Coast

Unread post by LivT »

A druidess walked with her companion through the dense woodlands, the brown bear padding quietly after her. They cut a familiar route toward a giant, gnarled oak, one scarred with ancient runes, but one that promised sanctuary. The druidess stretched and yawned.

"No wolfsbane today, Kuma. But we will look further tomorrow, huh?"

The bear bawled softly in response and Iolanna chuckled, reaching out a hand to the tree- and froze.

A scent caught her, something coppery, something too familiar. As the leaves shifted the canopy of the oak tree above a beam of moonlight fell on the old bark, and illuminated the marking. The bloody print of a delicate hand. Iolanna's core turned cold; she examined it closer, already remembering the scent.


The druidess turned quickly to her companion, a few gestures and animalistic sounds to give one clear message. Learn the scent. Find Menolly.
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Re: Rumors of the Sword Coast

Unread post by LivT »

As Midsummer approaches, many servants of nature are seen preparing the Shrines; around the Shrine of Mielikki however, remains an aura of fey magic. Rumours spread that they were visited by one of Mielikki's sacred creatures.
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Re: Rumors of the Sword Coast

Unread post by Truthiness »

As Midsummer draws to a close, activity in the northern farmlands marks yet another festival to be had. Tents and booths set up, food & drink gathered, and final preparations made. A few extra notices are placed around Baldur's Gate, just in case any missed the first.
Shieldmeet is soon upon us! The Siren's Song would invite all to attend the festival to be held in the farmlands north of Baldur's Gate to celebrate the day.

The festival will last through the day on Shieldmeet, all welcomed within Duchal lands are invited to attend.

Activities will Include:
  • A free open market for local and foreign merchants to sell their wares. The market will be around all day long as the events unfold.
  • Food and drinks provided by the Siren's Song and other local establishments.
  • Performances held throughout the day, managed by the the Director of the White Mask, Oona Siofra.
Prizes to be won from the following special events:
  • A martial tournament hosted by the Bladestone Foundation.
  • Mage duels hosted by Sirion Te'dwa.
  • An archery competition ran by Fenix Wandersoul.
  • A drinking contest ran by a lucky volunteer.
If there are any that wish to take part in the festival, whether it be performing, trading or competing, be sure to show up! Donations and sponsors to help fund the festival and it's prizes are welcome. Contact Captain Fenix Wandersoul if there are any questions or concerns!

Drinking, dancing and revelry await![/size]

A scroll is attached to the notice, listing out the rules of the two tournaments taking place.

Rules of the Martial Tournament:
  1. 2v2 tournament, last round is a 1v1.
  2. Teams are formed at random each round.
  3. Each contestant can lose two times before they are eliminated.
  4. 3 magical wards per team to be cast before countdown, none after. Innate warding only, and team members can ward each other. Teams will have a moment to coordinate this before the fight.
  5. If a team member intends to use stealth during the fight, it counts as a single ward for the team. No limit on how many times you can use stealth, although you only may remain hidden for 12 seconds at a time.
  6. Inspirations count as a single ward.
  7. No leaving the arena. No scaring your opponent to leave the arena. No offensive magics or songs and no shapeshifting.

Rules of the Mage Duels:
  1. 1v1 tournament, double elimination.
  2. Both agree on 1-3 wards after countdown before they can cast offensive spells.
  3. Magical items, wands, potions and scrolls are allowed.
  4. Stealth is allowed.
  5. Weapons must be conjured during the duel if you wish to attack with them. You may also change your shape to attack.
  6. Summons allowed, although keeping to the laws of Baldur's Gate.
  7. You must be capable of casting arcane spells yourself if you wish to enter, whether through study or naturally.
//The festival will be held on Sunday, August 2nd, and the events will be strewn throughout the day.
Martial Tournament: 17:00 GMT
Mage Duel: 21:00 GMT
Archery Competition: 00:00 GMT
Drinking Contest: Sometime later//
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Re: Rumors of the Sword Coast

Unread post by CooCooCachoo »

"It was as big a house I tell you!"

It was heard from the backs of bars in taverns from Amn to the Gate. Tales of a bear twice the size of a normal brown bear were told most often. Then some of a tiger or calossal elemental with before unseen powers. The beasts would interfere where men were hunting for sport. Elementals would savage logging operations that clear-cut indescriminantly. Some reported terrible plagues of biting insects and packs of enlarged wild animals.

The wilds were not safe for those that abused them.

Other reports of a woman in a mask that had no eye holes also began to circulate. "A beautiful wild woman dressed in leaves and moss." She appeared to lost travelers, the hungry and the sick. Her touch healed woes incurable and closed injuries before the naked eye. She was followed by a warm green or angry red glow and attempts to track her were fruitless as if hindered by some force of magic. Some say twas delirium, the ravings of starved lost people halucinating in the woods after eating bad mushrooms.

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