Rumors and Events of the Cloakwood

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Re: Rumors and Events of the Cloakwood

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An elf in a blue dragonscale breastplate could be seen from time to time throughout the Cloakwood, often disappearing into a whirlwind of air or a nearby tree.

He seemed to be studying the Fist and the Gnolls, but never came to either group's direct aid.
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Re: Rumors and Events of the Cloakwood

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Iolanna's efforts remained quietly constant, the Eldathyn following her role as the Goddess taught. Animals that had crawled their way from the rotting heart of the woodland often found themselves under her guidance or care. Most often, she would attempt to heal them, to find them some temporary home to wait for the day the Cloakwood would be reclaimed. If some poor creature was beyond help, Iolanna's hands would bring a merciful end, the bodies returned to the earth.

But in all, her efforts seemed to be the patient actions of a woman... waiting. Waiting through those darkest hours before dawn, waiting through that last blizzard of the winter... Waiting, watching, for the hour they would take the woods back from the Bhaalists, and bring life back to the woodlands.
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Re: Rumors and Events of the Cloakwood

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Upon the crack of dawn as the darkness of Shar began to subside and make way for Lathander's morning grace, new events and sightings would slowly begin to unveil themselves upon the Cloakwood forest. An un-natural looming mist would begin to befall upon the woodlands within the mornings bloom and an aura of something sinister follows suit as the magical mist thickens and shrouds the deeper parts of the forest. After some time the moans and grumbles of the dead echo in the misty Cloakwood center as sightings of what would be perceived as a small sized patrol of undead horsemen would take up a trot of a lead ahead of a moderately sized herd of undead soldiers. Banners of the Lord of Bones would be held high by standard holders organized at the front and the back of the moving group of the dead as they continue from the forest center and were said to have disappeared into the Lion's Way after their march. The un-natural mist disappearing along with them.


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Re: Rumors and Events of the Cloakwood

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The visitor from the East has good reason to be concerned for the forest offers little in the way of balance. In fact surviving is no small feat. There is little warning, no concern to quickly escape just lingering doubts about the need to flee, one more minute cannot harm surely. Gnolls encircle, the boar a reluctant witness, unable or unwilling to fight or flee. A bright eyed wolf breaks the spell driving east with magical prowess. It seems to shock the duo into action and a timely escape from the deadly gnolls gathering. They quickly follow the wolf to the east. A lesson learned then for it seems little more can be gleaned from watching the balance has shifted against the Druids. Some urgent consultation may be needed, something more than mundane magic likely.

The other watcher, more alert to the danger from previous encounters, dodges all contact wisely, skirting the more dangerous central Cloakwood, but learning nothing of movement save a rumour of Undead horsemen. Deadly Gnoll weaponry, corrupted woodland creatures, and an underlying Bhaal like curse to the forest calls for Druid consultation, stout arms may no longer be enough, relics, wisdom of the ages, or some refined magic may be the answer.

Waiting, watching, for the hour they would take the woods back from the Bhaalists, and bring life back to the woodlands a Druid of Eldath muses. But the time for waiting and watching has passed. An enchanted wold pauses before the Druid an unheard message passes. Nothing defined a sense of urgency of consultation, a gathering of magic, a sense of hope, of Druid held wisdom and relic, and yet there she stands uncertain, the wolf gone.

A consenus then that scouting may prove dangerous despite woodland skills, and the Gnolls may soon be on the move again. (next round of activity will generste events, small and medium sized)

((OOC: Anyone or any group may post here with their own direction or send me a pm if planning an active move in the great game. otherwise it will move on as NPC play dictates and result in some mechanical changes.))

Need these in by Friday 17 September when plot will enter round 1 (this being a measure of time and IC group and npc energy to take an action or direction)
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Re: Rumors and Events of the Cloakwood

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At the first light of dawn a figure in pitch black armor seems to teleport near the Friendly Arm Inn.

After observing the changes that have occurred since the last time he was there, he begins to walk towards Cloakwood Forest.

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Blaze wrote: Fri Jun 04, 2021 5:06 pm Recently, a man in shining armor appears to be prowling around the Friendly Arm Inn, observing the Flaming Fist during various patrols near Cloakwood Forest.

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Approaching the tavern he asks for some provisions for the night and some water.

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During the night the man seems to enter the forest, some green lights can be seen coming from it in some scattered points.

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Who goes into the forest notices that no trees have been destroyed, animals killed but there are many heavy footprints left.

Hidden by invisibility, he enters the forest moving quickly, despite being in armor, looking for the gnolls.

After a few hours the same figure can be seen returning, no blood stain on his armor, his shining blade firmly in his right hand while in the other a fiery red glow is clearly visible (brimstone).

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