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Re: Rumors & Events of Soubar

Unread post by DM Soulcatcher »

Almost everyone seems to respond to the inquisitive person with a variety of slurs, insults, other venom or threats of being sold at a market to a group of kobolds. Except one person. He claimed to live with 20 tieflings, 11 ducks, 5 wererats, 57 humans, 15 badgers and 366 rats. He also demands more gold for this, because it's really a difficult job to keep a proper head count of all these people in Soubar. Yes, Soubar. He claims that's all the "creatures" that live in Soubar and did all the work for Ruby. So... 10,000 gold is his demand.
metaquad4 wrote: Tue Apr 04, 2023 2:20 pm A pale man, rather pretty in the face but carrying a very nervous disposition, visits each inhabitant in Soubar - be they in a tent or in one of the few buildings and bungalows within the dank town's walls. A few might recognize this man as Ruby, an enigmatic, if subservient mage; one who has made himself available for several northern hunting expeditions.

To each, he offers two gold pieces with the promise of more after he obtains the information he needs.

"N-name. I-inhabitants of your home. O-occupations of yourself and inhabitants." He stammers out the words, steeling himself with each reply. When each inhabitants gives an answer, he bestows three more gold pieces upon each of them.

He notes the replies, as well as descriptions of each inhabitant in a little note-book.

If he is questioned, he would nervously state his business on behalf of the Emelia, the new Magistrate of Soubar.

He continues along his way, methodically going to each Soubar 'household' and gathering the information - before depositing his notes with the Black Abbey.
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Re: Rumors & Events of Soubar

Unread post by TheTwiste11491 »

Rain wrote: Tue Apr 04, 2023 4:01 am
Within the veil of the night, torches are raised high in the air as a duel lineup of acolytes baring the symbol of Myrkul upon their cloaks marched in tandem with the small pitter-patter of a small halfling who took up stride in the middle of their footwork display. The tiny halfling adorned in a gown of skulls, a crown of pure bone, and a necklace of a magically infused gemstone cluster would take up the center of the march leading the group seen outside the Soubar gates from the north. Banners are held high in the sky showcasing a symbol of an -Overwatching Eye Upon a Praying Man-. The group would appear at the entrance of the northern gate of Soubar marching quietly along the inner roads until they reached the doorway of the Ebon Blade Keep. Very soon after, the doorway would be held open for the halfling within their ranks as she steps inside along with her followers. It was not very long after the group had entered the Ebon Blade keep that a banner of the -Overwatching Eye- would be placed on the highest tower of the keep allowing the winds to touch upon it and showcase its symbol to the rest of the town.

Two long parchments lie unrolled towards the grass hung on either side of the entrance.
Let it be known upon this day that the withering hand of the High Priestess Batibat Kok-Lir Kasdeya and followers of the dogma of the All-Seeing Eye has taken upon Soubar in accordance with the recent events set upon Soubar and its citizens. The Ebon Blade keep shall now act as a reminder of the old faiths and a reminder that faith is the one true protectorate of Soubar as it has been for many years under the vision of the gods of the Black Abbey, The prideful hunters of Malar, and thee indoctrinate of the founders of the Northern Barony. Upon this time the All-Seeing Eyes shall be devoted to the protection of Soubar, its lands, its people, and most importantly its faith. In time shall we cleanse these fearful hearts and restore your trust in the old faith and its protection of Soubarian walls. See what we see, for through our eyes your lives hold meaning.
Later within the day Greil sees these hung up against his fortress where he also spies Julius Baptiste. After a brief conversation an an act of eldritch flame later the offending banners are removed and disposed of.
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Re: Rumors & Events of Soubar

Unread post by Dr_Shadelore »

The dank streets of Soubar have, recently, witnessed a heavily armoured Myrmidon, bearing a shield emblazoned with the scales of Tyr, patrolling it's muddy, rain drenched streets. This woman, who's march identifies her as militaristic in origins, offers the citizens of the settlement any assistance they require from settling neighbourly disputes to healing the wounds sustained during a hard days work.

If asked for identification she would reply, sternly, with:

"I am Sergeant Emelia, of House Mourneheart. I serve Soubar as an enforcer of the law and a clergyman of Tyr, the Even-Handed. I am at your service and I vow to keep you safe."
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Re: Rumors & Events of Soubar

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A Red Wizard bearing a strangely disfigured face coming to be known as Xorgrael Sanir can be seen frequenting around Soubar with his Thayan Knight Alano Boriin. Despite it's troubles they are slowly becoming known by the folk there to be travelling to various dangerous places around Soubar and working to rid the lawlessness of the region from destroying bandit hideouts, leading assaults on the High Moor and eliminating the Bugbear tribes to patrolling the roads around Soubar and slaying any lawless humanoid or beast that endangers travelers on the road. Xorgrael can also be seen helping to distribute Thayan food, water and even some Thayan Wine to many of the townsfolk there who have been struggling to make ends meet along with giving gold to some of the locals who are in desperate need of it.

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Re: Rumors & Events of Soubar

Unread post by Consortium »

Kali of the Consortium would once again be seen within Soubar speaking to the many merchants that lived there about joining the Soubar Merchants's Consortium, taking time with any blacksmiths, particularly the goblinoid over a new shipment of varied metal ingots that would make his work much easier as well as the ability to make more types of tools.

She would then offer the same jobs to those without work, a simple task of spending a few hours cleaning up Soubar for a small ammount of gold, easy pay for easy work.

Once that was finished she would leave a letter with Ebon Blades keep.
I hope this letter finds your captain in good health. There is a matter I would like to discuss with you at your earliest conveniece. At this time the Consortium lacks security and I would like to hire the Ebon Blades for simple caravan protection. For now many of the proposed routes would be short and relatively safe which means it could be an easy and lucrative contract for your company should you accept. I will await your response within Mags tavern

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Re: Rumors & Events of Soubar

Unread post by Rainy »

As common as it seemed to be, Enakid, mage conjurer of Sshamath, was once again seen arriving in Soubar by magical means.
Perhaps more unusual, this time he was in the company of an heavily warded female, fluently speaking in her own tongue. With her wards up and ready, they headed towards the Boareskyr bridge.
Since then, the conjurer has never been seen.
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Re: Rumors & Events of Soubar

Unread post by LordHamburger »

For those that keep their ears to the ground for rumors in Soubar there is one currently making it’s way round the campfires at night and in muted conversations between groups at that Tavern. It is said there was a massive creature of muscle and plate dragged into the market place recently by an equally large monster. The horror was bound in chains and cord which crisscrossed it’s many ragged wounds. The abomination was dumped onto the muddy road by its charge; displayed briefly until dragged off by another party. Rumors were that it was fairly well behaved only needing the most mild of corrections administered by a massive feathered forepaw. Exact details are hard to come by, the event happened quickly and was even more quickly over with. What more is to be said? Strange cargo is boring and not really anyone’s business. Now fights in the pit? Those make much better rumors in Soubar...
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Re: Rumors & Events of Soubar

Unread post by metaquad4 »

Anyone who has been to Soubar during the last tenday surely will have noticed a marked increase in Milita activity. Soubar's defenders seem to be hiring from a group of elite adventurers that have made Soubar their home - as well as a few foreign adventurers from as far south as Amn. The sounds of clanking steel and training can be heard from both the fighting pit and the Ebon Blade's training hall as a group of experienced adventurers perform combat drills.

Along the main road, by the merchant square, a sign is posted and left maintained.

"The Soubar Milita is Recruiting!" the sign reads, "For those who seek to defend Soubar, for those who are driven to aid in Soubar's growth and prosperity, for those who wish to see the threats to Soubar eliminated - we are here to answer your call. What we ask from all our active milita is simple:

Uphold Soubar's Edicts;
Work with Soubar's notables to ensure Soubar's prosperity;
Scout and patrol the lands around Soubar for threats;
Ensure visiting merchants and traders are protected during their stay in Soubar and the surrounding lands.

All on active duty are entitled to a stipend once every tenday and a half! In addition, all of the Milita will be given free board and quality meals - as well as training given by the famed warrior-adventurer Sabel

For those who would reliably heed the call to defend Soubar in times of grave peril, we offer places as members of the Milita's reserves. You will receive no stipend and you will not be put on active duty, but you will be entitled to training, food, and shelter.

Most often, tiefling clad in dark and heavy robes, a half-dragon clad in dramatic red robes with a crown, and a human clad in steel-grey and red armour stand present near the sign - each greeting any potential new recruits with a smile.

The Soubar Milita stands at the ready. Their numbers flourish and with their helping hand - Soubar's prosperity is guaranteed.
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Re: Rumors & Events of Soubar

Unread post by Storm Prophet »

An aged and maniacal half-orc doomsayer dressed in hides and furs would have found his way to Soubar. He can be seen drinking horns of ale and loitering on it's boundaries before confidently proselytizing about his faith in a deity known as Kozah.

Elaborating further with talk of dark prophecies, omens and spirits, the self-described 'storm prophet' would be seen gesticulating wildly, the drunker he got with a crude spear he'd always be seen to carry.


Heed the words of Yatagan Sky Fury! Spirits speak in thunder... Spirits speak in wind... They say that Kozah will break these lands!

Pay tribute to Kozah or prepare for destruction!

The ground will sunder... The towers will crumble... All will fear Kozah!

Whilst seeming slightly crazed, the half-orc seems capable of drawing small crowds of onlookers amused and disturbed by his presence - if only for a brief moment. Appearing disaffected by the odd jeering response or laughter, the aging orc-blood shows some ability to play to whatever crowd might pay him attention, eagerly feeding off their attention.
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