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Re: Rumors & Events of Baldur's Gate

Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 7:27 pm
by Steve
Traveling the short distance between the Temple to Tyr in the East District and outside the walls to the refugee camp where his attentions have lingered as of the last few days, the knight-errant Henryk Urde checks at his posting the to public announcement board.
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Steve wrote:A scroll is posted within Baldur's Gate upon the free bulletin board near the Elfsong Tavern. Some may realize a near identical copy is also hung upon a post near the Temple to Tyr.

[parchment]A Hiring!

I, Henryk Urde, knight in Tyr's service, have identified many regional locals where a Rule of Law has failed to manifest, and worse, the chaotic-of-nature have taken residence where they should not be allowed to cause wrong-doings without reprisal.

I seek an armed band of men and women that hold courage in their hearts and are willing to face adversaries above their current measure—yet together, a combined strength in battle may overcome any odds.

I myself crusade in the name of the Just God, and stand firm against any enemy that would seek to destroy the weak and act without mercy. What is needed to fulfill a stalwart band that shall not fail in any mission, are:
  • a ranger that knows the ways of the regional lands
  • a bowman, that may rain down protective strikes from a high point
  • one of faith that holds their fair and good God's power in prayer
  • a skilled, dexterous and nimble person that will not let locks and traps hinder progress
  • one that commands the Art so that invisible shields and strengths shall empower us when needed.

Any combinations of such will command a greater attention.

There is but one requirement for inclusion, and that is all must swear to the Gods their willingness to uphold justice, and have no qualms over the result of the discovery of Truth, no matter how telling, and no pause in the punishment of the guilty with just vengeance.

Myself, I will ask that a small ten percent treasure or payment for our combined actions be taken to be given to the Temple of Tyr. That which remains may be distributed among the others as is deemed fitting.

Interest may be return posted upon this scroll, or seek my acquaintance at the Temple of Tyr in Baldur's Gate.

In the Name of the Even-Handed,

OOC: My PC Henryk Urde is Level 7 currently, so other PCs between Levels 5-9 are sought. Cheers.

Re: Rumors & Events of Baldur's Gate

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2018 2:09 am
by Darradarljod
On the 16th eve of Uktar, Bueroza and Barristan Schultze met together in the city-state. Armed with simple truncheons they descended into the sewer complex where by force of arms they subdued and apprehended a total of nine outlaws; three halfling thieves, four human muggers, a female human witch and a quite notorious robber (unique "yellow name" spawn).

Before dawn the miserable parade of criminal scum - shackled hand and foot and belted together by their necks - were forced on by the blue-blooded clubmen through the East Gate District as a colorful collection of concussions, contusions and compound fractures. They made way directly to the Flaming Fist compound where the anarchists were delivered into the keeping of Captain James Norton for processing.

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Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2018 3:10 pm
by Tsidkenu
There was a commotion upstairs in room twenty-two of the Helm and Cloak Inn yestereve where a tiefling woman was later found blinded and paralyzed with an eerie magical branding of a giant black scorpion disembowelling a cat between its claws left upon one of her forearms, a new accompaniment to the brand she already had on her other arm.

An invisble form cloaked in the shadows of the night itself later fled the scene, never to be seen in the city again.

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Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 3:24 pm
by Shadow

Commotion in the docks is seen at the Blushing Mermaid as the city guard show up but eventually leaving empty handed. The night stays ever cold and time moves on but a lingering presence is always ever watchful.

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Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 2:55 pm
by artemitavik
Several notices are posted about:

Come One, Come All

This month on the 15th the Last Anchor in Ulgoth's Beard will be hosting a Late Harvest/Early Solstice party!

All are welcome to attend. Food and drink will be provided at no cost! Some of the furniture will be removed to make a dancing area and all bards who wish to perform will be paid 1,000 gold provided their songs are season-appropriate.

The party will begin by ((19:30 GMT)), but don't let that stop you! Come early if you like, enjoy fun, food, and song at the Last Anchor!

Feel free to contact Derik Ranloss, proprietor, with any questions.
((the Parchment option doesn't seem to be working, sorry about the view. :) ))

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Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 8:27 pm
by DivinityDelayed
There is a buzz about the local taverns and inns of Baldur's Gate. Apparently, word is that the famed artist, Iris Sorin - recently of Waterdeep, is looking for a carpenter for a construction project. Some locals are curious if she is setting up permanent residence in the city, or perhaps crafting her own stage. Though none are for certain, some are hopeful of a more permanent presence.

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Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 9:57 pm
by Shadowspinner70
Despite having entered with Zulandi, the raven-haired bardess can be observed leaving the Baldur's Gate sewers - alone - with a handful of ashes and a tatter of black robes in her other hand, horror plain in her expression. Tears fall freely as she makes her way out of the city for a period of mourning.

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Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 7:54 pm
by Tsidkenu
As the chill of the morning fog gave way beneath the warming rays of Lathander's dawn, a merchant ship flying the colours of Calimshan slid into a quiet Baldurian pre-winter river harbour. Amidst the din of goods being unloaded from ports near and far was an olive-skinned Calishite woman, bedecked in well-maintained and polished platemail, a flowing red cloak forming her train. She thanked the ship's captain in her native Alzhedo before disembarking with a leather-bound lockbox of her own belongings, her keen blue-eyed gaze searching amongst the quickly assembling porters for someone to hire to carry them to her lodgings.

There were murmurs amidst the dockrats at that point, a few fingers pointed and questions asked. One of the younger lads, far more astute and certain, suddenly darted aside and dashed down the pier until the back alleys of the docks had concealed him from view. The woman took a parchment from a belt pouch and read over it once more, again surveying the crowds with a tinge of uncertainty and unfamiliarity. She offered a warm smile to several of the teenage lads standing by and checked her coin purse that she had enough to pay for transport across the city to the Palace District as per her instructions. The scene was immediately interrupted when the boy called out in his distinctive native Chionthar twang.

"That's her right there sirs!" he yelled, waving his hand furiously in the woman's direction. "Just like on those bounty notice! See?!"

Sure enough, the squadron of City Watch that he had summoned came to their foot-thudding halt upon the wooden pier. The squad's sergeant gave one appraising glance and then nodded to his men. Weapons bristled in readiness.

"Yep, it's her alright."

The woman went wide eyed and held up her hands in protest, trying to get a word in.

"Sir, I'm not sure what you've been told but..." she started but was immediately cut off by a loudly barked order of the Sergeant.

"Mae yr Machshikhah! You are under arrest for sedition and treason of the Grand Dukes of Baldur's Gate! Surrender now and let this end peaceably, and may Tyr have mercy on your wretched soul."


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Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 9:20 pm
by sweetlikesplenda
Word goes about that the Flaming Fist sent a runner to request an audience with the Radiant Heart within the Flaming Fist compound. A few of the Order's Knights attended the meeting. Depending on who you talk to, the meeting was called by anywhere from a jailer, to a Flaming Fist Officer, to those who claim to be in the -know- upwards of Duke Eltan himself. The Knights were seen leaving the compound some time later to return to their other duties.

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Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 12:55 am
by DM Chant
The cell, though lit by just one brazier that threw restless shadows onto dank stone, nevertheless brimmed with activity. City Guards frog-marched an armored woman bedecked with a variety of holy symbols and a flowing red cloak into the confines of the holding area, employing chains swiftly at hands, ankles, and tethering them together for good measure. Others searched the bewildered figure of the infamous "Helmite" amid her protestations, confiscating weaponry in a silence that was marked with caution of the sort reserved for dealing with wild animals and criminals.

"Quiet," the arresting officer scowled at Mae once restrained, cutting off her continued attempts to speak. "We'll hear none of your poisoned words, woman. Dissent and sedition climb too easily from your tongue." He tested her chains with a rough tug, contemplating their hold thoughtfully for a moment before the middle-aged Baldurian leveled another accusation at the prisoner.

"And it is no secret here that you tangle with vile gods. To say nothing of the...other rumors that circle around you."

He let go of the bonds with an amplification of the scowl he wore, increased in sourness by the offense of Mae's crimes as he looked on her.

"Remain silent," he barked at her, then eyed the rest of his cohort and the personal effects they'd collected. He gave a nod and a jerk of the chin to signal the guards to take it all away for inspection; weapons, lockbox, and all. The heavy door dragged against the stone beneath it to shut, followed by the dull sound of a deadbolt sliding into place.

The same noise announced a new figure after a lengthy sum of candlemarks had passed, a frowning man whose symbol of Helm denoted his office within the faith, followed by the city guardsman who had earlier ushered the prisoner to her cell. The former shuffled two documents between his hands, breaking from his study of them long enough to look over Mae's rumpled state with a neutral eye.

"...Pryat," he began with just a touch of doubt in the word. "I am Overblade Martin Valdore of Baldur's Gate. And you carry...some very compelling documents, for a wanted criminal."

His forehead showed deep divots where he puckered his brow in the low lighting.

"Commendations from Guardian Telwyn of Athkatla. Guardian Petros of Saelmur. A statement of acquittal. Things that could well be forged by a villain of your--" he cleared his throat. "...this...alleged impostor's caliber." A purse held the shape of his lips and persisted for a few moments.

"Had I any doubt whatsoever that this missive is sealed with Guardian Petros' own personal, divine mark we would be having quite a different conversation. However, I have Read Magic upon it and I cannot doubt its legitimacy." He raised one of the pages, shaking it in indication before he shuffled between the two again, skimming their contents once more. "Very compelling," the Watcher murmured into his beard.

"Officer Bren," he turned to address the guardsman. "Please come in closer to serve as witness. The evidence I hold is such that cannot easily be questioned, but we must be thorough." He handed the documents neatly to the other man. These were accepted, though suspicion still polluted the guard's demeanor from his previous contact with the woman.

"Aye," he muttered.

Overblade Valdore produced a diamond in one rough-hewn hand, and chanted a spell out loud while eyeing Mae.

"I trust you are familiar with a Zone of Truth, pryat. Now is your chance. Tell me exactly who you are, where you have been these last two years, and how you came by these letters of commendation."

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Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:40 am
by Tsidkenu
The woman straightened her posture, chained as she was, her wide and attentive gaze firm in its determination as she gave her reply in the most politically sensitive manner she could muster given the circumstances.

"Al-Tabayuzas," she began with the prefixed Calishite word for his honourable rank in the church, this despite the fact he likely would not have understood the cultural significance of her address thusly, "my name is Mae yr Machshikhah yr Kawlah yr Havva yr Zahra yr Esma yr Yamina yi Nahar-Minta, Musarra el Shomer, ranked Trusty within the clergyhood of our common faith. I took my Consecration of the Postulant on the twenty-first day of Uktar in the Year of the Bloodbird, 1346 by Dale Reckoning, in the Holy Temple of the Watcher, Saelmur, and was immediately deployed as a Pryat-Adept thereafter at Fort Arran, as testified thereto in the report by al-Tabashyk, Guardian Petros," she further declared, tapping towards her breastplate another four times with the left-handed motion of the annuv, a cultural custom of her ethnicity, being still quite naive of the common lack of such custom in the river-port city.

"After the outbreak of the Tethyrian Civil war in the month of Eleint, Year of the Bright Blade, 1347 Dale-Reckoning," she continued with careful attention to details, "my company of thirty Everwatch mercenaries was redeployed to the region of the Deepwash under the sponsorship of honourable Duke Valon Morkann. We spent six years as contracted mercenaries, defending the Duke and his loyal subjects from anti-royalist incursions out of Tethyr, in addition to reinforcing key thoroughfares towards and through the Snowflake Mountains to Riatavin in Tethyr proper."

she paused for a brief moment of reflection, "suffered significant losses and we were reinforced and rotated back to Saelmur after six years of service for a year's furlough, during which time I was promoted, on the third day of Mirtul in the Year of the Arch, 1353 Dale-Reckoning, to my present rank of Trusty for meritorious service to the Church."

"I used my time in furlough to search for some of my own flesh and blood, my younger brothers and sisters who were taken captive with me in the winter of the Year of the Behir, 1342 Dale-Reckoning, an unfortunately fruitless search interrupted by my summons to military tribunal in Saelmur after your own investigation into my supposed crimes committed against our common faith and the good rulers and denizens of this fair city, Baldur's Gate," she continued, motioning to the Baldurian guard at his flank.

"The inquisition understandably acquitted me of the charges of dereliction of duty, sedition of lawful authority and dishonourable conduct on the simple basis that I was not, and could not, have been here in this city at the time the charges against me were laid and have full attestation of my whereabouts, duties and associations for the entire period. This is all verily included in the report I brought for that purpose, evidenced by my commanding officers and those with whom I spent most of my furlough at the time, and sealed with the divine mark of al-Tabashyk himself." Mae stopped to take a breath, daring now to boldly peer at the duo at the threshold of her cell.

"Thus, it is by orders of my own commander, al-Tabashyk Petros, that i was dispatched to answer in person the charges made against my good name, to seek exoneration and pardon by the fair and lawful Duchy of Baldur's Gate, and to submit my own person to you, al-Tabayuzas, Watchknight Martin Valdore, as your true and humble servant in our common faith of He Who Never Sleeps, the Great Guardian and Eternally Vigilant Helm, whom I serve in truth with sincerity of heart and purpose."

"That crimes were committed in my guise speak of a greater evil afoot in this city and the region in general, al-Tabayuzas, and for this cause alone were my letters of commendation attached, further evidenced by al-Tabashyk, Guardian Telwyn of our forlorn brothers and sisters in Athkatla who, I will add, formally issued me with the inquisition in this region for the identities of the perpetrators who committed sacrilege in the Temple of the Holy Guardian, Athkatla, shedding the blood of our righteous martyrs in the defence of their own holy place and desecrating their remains in a manner of which I am certain you have already been made fully aware."

"Behold, I do not lie: you have bound me to speak the truth and I have given it in full measure. So sayeth the voice of this Vigilant, upon my honour to Helm do I solemnly swear and pledge the accuracy and trustworthiness of the account here delivered to you this very day. May our great god guide your judgement, sir. I am heretofore wholly at thy mercy, and at the mercy of the lawful legislature of this honourable city."

The Pryat quietened her solemn proclamation, directing her gaze upon the church officer moreso than his City Watch lackey, the zeal of her conviction oozing through the directness and boldness of her elaborate recount of her innocence.

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Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:46 pm
by Winterborne
A Letter was delivered to Watchknight Martin Valdore.

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Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 11:42 pm
by artemitavik
Fresh Posters and such are put up announcing the upcoming party at the Last Anchor:


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Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2018 8:33 am
by electric mayhem
Those within the business circles of the Gate would note among the regular road caravan traffic bearing goods to the city, a wagon laden with crates and barrels with the markings Clarity Cellars arriving safely. Word among the guards should their lips loosen, Claret herself oversaw this load of wine from the Eastern kingdoms.

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Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2018 10:06 am
by kitteninablender
Those who venture too close to Corm Orp may notice a terrible, long-lasting Thunderstorm that seems to spring up from nowhere, followed by intense screaming as well as Dark music that seems to echo on the wind.

Any who investigate the occurrence would find no less than 500 Ogres, Batiri, and various other Goblinoids tossed into a massive pile and then set ablaze.

Written in Ogre Blood upon the ground would be a warning. Anyone who can speak the Giant language would recognize it.

"Wrath Was Here"