DM Rumors of Beregost

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DM Rumors of Beregost

Unread post by DM Chant » Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:22 pm


Having regained freedom from its Amnian annexation in late 1354, Beregost stands proudly on its own in its idyllic location upon the Coast Way, nestled amid farm and field. It is governed by a newly-appointed ruling Council of five, these being trusted and well-loved citizens chosen from among the township. Home to a prominent temple of Lathander, the people of Beregost are nonetheless tolerant of the varied folks who pass through, who offer friendliness and business, and take care to respectfully uphold the laws of the town.
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Re: DM Rumors of Beregost

Unread post by DM Chant » Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:46 pm

The Most Radiant Kelddath Ormlyr has convened a Governing Council for the newly independent Beregost. As its first action, the Council has announced a new set of laws for the town. These laws will apply to all denizens of the town as well as any travelers passing through. Justice will be delivered by those deputized by the Council to keep the peace - currently the militia of Beregost and the Templars of the Song of the Morning temple.

The list of laws and punishable crimes below has been published on bulletin boards across the town:

Laws Ordained by the Council of Beregost

1. Disruption of Peace - Disruption of life for a citizen of Beregost will result in fines, a minimum tenday imprisonment, or confiscation of items. The offenses defined as disruption of peace include but are not limited to:
  • Public intoxication
  • Brandishing weapons
  • Rowdy and/or immoral behavior
2. Withholding Identity - Expulsion from Beregost and possible fine will occur for any person(s) that:
  • Refuse to give their full name upon demand by any member of local militia that patrol Beregost and its environs
  • Refuse to show their face at all times while within town limits
3. Violence - Behavior ruled as violent will result in fines, monetary compensation for healing, prison time, and possible execution. Violent actions include but are not limited to:
  • Assault in any form other than self-defense or defense of Beregost
  • Murder
  • Trespass by any banished race
  • Trespass by any person that has been exiled
4. Undermining the Sovereignty of Beregost - Acts against Beregost are punishable crimes. Punishments will vary depending on the severity of the offense. For the most serious cases, exile and death are possible. Acts may include but are not limited to:
  • Bribery or impersonation of officials
  • Disruption and/or incitement against the government
  • Passing/selling of information with nefarious intent
  • Plots to overthrow or destabilize the government
  • Sabotage which compromises the defense of Beregost

5. Illicit Trade - Trade and sale of slaves is an illegal practice, punishable by imprisonment. However, license may be obtained from the Council of Beregost to deal in the trade of substances, including but not limited to alcohol and pipeweed. Neglecting to obtain the necessary permit may incur a fine, temporary ban from Beregost, imprisonment, or possible exile. Such trade may include:
  • Distribution and sale of substances intended for recreational use
  • Peddling poisons or other toxic elements that might be used to harm others
6. Theft & Trespassing - Criminal theft and trespassing are strictly forbidden. Punishment ranging from fines, imprisonment, mandatory service on behalf of Beregost, or loss of a finger to be regrown once one's debt to society is repaid is possible in the event of the following infractions:
  • Breaking and entering into private property
  • Burglary
  • Fencing
  • Pickpocketing
  • Robbery
  • Shoplifting
7. Vagrancy - Vagrancy may result in immediate escort from Beregost or mandatory service on behalf of the township. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Begging
  • Homelessness
  • Loitering
8. Property Damage - Destructive behavior will result in imprisonment and paying for damages. If payment cannot be made, service to the town will be mandated. This includes:
  • Defacement of registered official property
  • Destruction of dwellings
  • Destruction of livestock
  • Destruction of personal belongings
9. Harmful Magic - Casting spells that are harmful in body or mind is forbidden, unless in defense of Beregost. Such magic and the following practices are illegal and punishable by fine, exile or up to death:
  • Practicing blood magic.
  • Practicing eldritch magic.
  • Practicing necromancy that results in desecration of the dead or the creation of undead.
  • Summoned, called, or companion creatures.
10. Monstrous & Evil Races - Any such beings will be assumed hostile and killed if found within Beregost. Mercy will only be granted if a such a creature surrenders to the religious authority of the Song of Morning for questioning. Amnian citizens of orcish bloodline may petition to be granted special permission by the Beregost Council. Banned races include:
  • Drow
  • Full-blooded Orcs
  • Goblinoids
  • Xvarts
11. Proselytizing Vile Faiths - Preaching the word of the Dark Gods, openly wearing their holy symbols, and the private worship of them is strictly forbidden and is punishable by imprisonment, exile, or death unless the worshiper surrenders themselves to the local authorities. These faiths include:
  • Bane
  • Bhaal
  • Shar
  • Talos

[[ OOC Notes:
  • Laws are in effect for the Beregost map.
  • Punishments for crimes may only be given to Player Characters by Dungeon Masters.
  • Execution that results from crime is a perma-strike against the guilty character. (Three perma-strikes results in a character's permanent death).
  • Do not roleplay criminal activity unless you are willing to accept the consequences as crimes will most likely result in punishment.
  • By committing a crime in front of witnesses or fleeing from a crime scene, you auto consent to the crime. This equates to no trial and punishment as seen fit by Dungeon Master(s).
  • You are expected to roleplay the consequences of your actions if brought to the authorities.
  • Aside from perma-strikes, consequences are only temporary and will not render a character unplayable in the long term.
  • Dungeon Masters may increase or decrease the severity of consequences at their discretion.
  • Multiple infractions and repeat offenses may result in heavier punishments or perma-strike. ]]
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Re: DM Rumors of Beregost

Unread post by DM Warden » Mon Mar 18, 2019 10:56 am

A document goes out to the people of Beregost, delivered to business owners, homes, and posted on public notice boards, revealing the elected members of Beregost's new ruling Council. Appointed to the Council of Five are the following:

Councilwoman Ehra Belrose
Harvestmistress of Chauntea
Ehra is a priestess of Chauntea who is well known to the farming community of Beregost. She is a lifelong citizen and a skilled, respected priestess of her faith with many ties to those who venerate nature locally.

Councilman Cullan Mirrowell
Commander of the Beregost Militia
Cullan is a veteran and an adventurer, one who settled permanently in Beregost quite some years ago. Though he was born in Neverwinter and has traveled extensively in his lifetime, he has never looked back to his origins after adopting Beregost as his home.

Councilman Kelddath Ormlyr
Most Radiant of the Song of the Morning
Kelddath is the most instrumental figure in the success of Beregost's independence from Amn, as well as the guiding light and spiritual head of the town. As such, he is overwhelmingly loved by the citizens of Beregost and has served them well for many years.

Councilwoman Kastyla Revathon
The Raven Bardess
Kastyla is an Amnian woman of Calishite heritage who comes from influential and wealthy stock. A close friend and trusted advisor to the Craumerdaun family of Beregost, the charming bard is locally renowned for her songs and tales.

Councilman Gerard Travenhurst
Lord and former Mayor of Beregost
Gerard is a member of the aristocracy and considered something of a dignitary in outlying cities due to his station. Gerard is an expert on all things legal and previously served as mayor of the town. His large estate employs many of Beregost's people.
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Re: DM Rumors of Beregost

Unread post by DM Warden » Fri Apr 05, 2019 6:31 pm

Locals speak of the Council of Beregost convening recently, with numerous mentions of a halfling woman courting their attention for some new business enterprise or another for the township. The nature of the business can only be guessed by the busy tongues of the populace, but the topic buzzes between them with heightened curiosity and the anticipation of something new.
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