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Gatering information to the sunken ship Defient Role Play

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 6:28 pm
by Arcanum
A halfling named Frido Tealdold can be seen walking the hills of Candle Keep in search of information to a missing ship known to be last seen near the shores of the giant keep. He has spoken to and left a message to the guards and merchants of the keep in hopes to have get some Info to the name Soren The Immortal

Re: Gatering information to the sunken ship Defient Role Play

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:06 am
by Arcanum
Its been three long days here at Candle Keep. Frido Tealdold can be seen entering the inn for food and a bit of rest. *He toss the Inn Keeper a gold coin in return a small room key was tossed back at him* The Halfling smiles as to say thanks mate. Walking up the steps to find his room door number 6
Frido begins to wonder in his mind putting the pieces to what happen to the Lady Luck and her crew.? But the strangest thing of all that haunt him is that just maybe a ghost ship Defiant is sailing the shores of the coast. If rumor are true that she sank *He starts to shake all over his body as the ship starts to dance about his mind*

Re: Gatering information to the sunken ship Defient Role Play

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 5:03 am
by Arcanum
Hearing the calm music coming from the walls of Candle keep Frido reach into is pocket for his wine skin to take a drink. *Gulp*
He hears a knock on his room door. He ready his two weapons as he opens the door slowly. Its the barmaid making round of the inn.
Welcome to the inn Oh my she jumps back a bit seeing the sharp blades before continuing her speech. Will you be needing anything for the night good sir. *Frido looks the human woman up and down*. He quickly put the blades down to his side.

Hullo hullo love *he winks with a smile showing his gold tooth*. No need to be alarm mate I wont harm ya. Hmm That depends will ya be sharing this space with me on this cold night? The woman starts to giggle and smile. I think not I may be more than you can handle. *She winks with a smile**A sad look becomes him* Well then roasted chicken and ale love. Coming right up! *She poke him in the side*. Frido closed the door and headed towards his hard bed. I need to get word to the captain, perhaps a magic message I'm sure one of them mage here can do it.