Spider Excrement Cleanup Services: Jaezred Chaulssin

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Spider Excrement Cleanup Services: Jaezred Chaulssin

Unread post by TymoraPitBoss »

Increasing whispers of open dissent of drow being fed up with delusionally indignant lolthites disrespecting, inciting and provoking all no matter their station around Sshamath has begun to start a new development. Fliers have been posted throughout Sshamath of black dragon wing's surrounding a wicked dagger drenched in blood, the old symbol of House Jaezred Chaulssin. Some even say recruiters have been as far as the surface rousing others who would stand against the 'wicked spider prostitutes' either openly, in secret, or otherwise.


"Their imposing entitlement has no place in these parts," and other such messages have been seen on the board. As scroll burned in Draconic with magic and pinned with a dagger in Varhalla's Passage which was then translated by a local mage. It reads: 'They would treat a ruling wizard or the regional leader of Bregan Daerthe with less respect and openly threaten them more hastily than the dirtiest slave in Menzoberranzan which this city most assuredly is not. It's time someone taught these mentally defective arachnid acolytes a lesson. They forget that their yapping and skittering suicidal cult is far from the ruling power here.'

The culmination thus far has been a fantastic display of illusory magic that vividly showed images of a drider like creature -possibly lolth- shitting all over drow paying attention to their books then begging for her life once the wizard's paid attention by impaling her with conjured stalagmites. The grand projections which were cast all about the vaulted high ceiling of Sshamath was quickly dispelled most likely so as not to cause any political upheaval or tension.

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Re: Spider Excrement Cleanup Services: Jaezred Chaulssin

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A drowess with white bear fur on her shoulders, identifiable as Selmiyeritar's matron, can be seen taking one of these fliers with an inscrutable expression and paying a local mage a hefty sum for a mere written translation.

With each passing moment in her journey back to her house's compound, her lips press together tighter and she raps her fingertips against them. Aunrae pauses by the warrior standing guard at the veil before the set of buildings.

A mithral-tipped claw raps against the symbol on the pamphlet. "If you see anyone bearing a symbol like this, point them my way. Thank you." She pinches the bridge of her nose as she presses a rune to the compounds door, then enters.

Every displaced, polished stone scrapes back into place with a loud thud.
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Re: Spider Excrement Cleanup Services: Jaezred Chaulssin

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An old face who's been laying low notices the posters. She goes through the trouble of reading it, dismissing it as simply another annoying pest screaming for attention. However upon noticing the symbol, a laugh would escape her helmet full of genuine mirth. People would see the dark armored woman turn away, her skin dark ebony with snow white hair that would likely be familiar at least in rumor to some. She speaks out loud so any near can hear her. "Tell this fool to find me. I'll be waiting. He had better not disappoint me or death would be much preferable to what I will do this coward."

She then strides off only shaking her head, wondering why she is bothering to give this one any attention after her past experiences. However, that symbol she supposed was enough to warrant it.

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Re: Spider Excrement Cleanup Services: Jaezred Chaulssin

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Zhax'ar, strolling casually through the streets of Sshamath happens across on these flyers and can't help but reveal a slight smirk. "This should be profitable." He says aloud as he continues his leisurely walk.

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