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Sign up for a Meeting of the Magical Minded

Unread post by Tekill »

Word on the streets of S'shamath has it that the Auger Court has given official citizenship to an aged Jaluk Fearn, named Zezmervyr. This old jaluk, a relatively fresh face in the city, has in short order become First Wizard of the fledgling noble house, House Maerinval and simultaneously accepted the position of Mage of the School of Mages.

Almost more worthy of note is how the news of yet another entitled Fearn gaining a position of privilege in The City of Dark Weaving has been significant enough to be noticed by the cities rumor mill.

The added attention may have something to do with the fact that he has been going around the city visiting the various schools of magic and putting up posters inquiring after any spellcasters willing to meet with him to discuss, The Art, politics between The Schools of Magic and a Spellcasters role in the future of S'shamath.

((I am sending out some feelers to see if ANY Arcane/Eldritch players (all levels, ranks, races, and magic abilities/classes) mage players are interested in RP related to the above. I do not see a lot of finger wrigglers in S'shamath these days and I wanted to see if there are others out there. Sticking to the lore of magic and magic users in The City, I think some sort of semi-organized Mage School RP would fun, and so I would like to get something started if there is any interest. Please post your In Character interest, disinterest, outrage or open hatred....or send me a PM with the same.))
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Re: Sign up for a Meeting of the Magical Minded

Unread post by Shadowspinner70 »

The commonly seen Ilharess'd'Selmiyeritar nods gently as she hears word of this mage, though she squints as she hears his name.

It doesn't take long for her to return to the house's compound, where she summons a servant with a clap and sucking her teeth; all with leagues less patience than customary for her, of which she apologizes for.

"I'll be writing a note and want it delivered to all of our mages." She sharply inhales and without her accompanying snerk, adds, "this is going to be fun."
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Re: Sign up for a Meeting of the Magical Minded

Unread post by Max Hatchet »

Necromancer (Archmage) Lyra of the School of Necromancy would be happy to attend any soirees or social arcane discussion groups.
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