Rumours of Sshamath

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Re: Rumours of Sshamath

Unread post by Rhifox »

A drow, a human, and a small man were seen in the Sshamath mark asking after armorsmiths willing to take special commissions. The drow and small man claimed to be representatives of the Bureaucracy and Bregan D'aerthe, respectively. The group was directly towards the Darkspires, where they spoke with a Duergar smith, and a transaction made. They departed the city shortly after, venturing towards the mushroom grove, and were later spotted purchasing slaves and wares an auction in the Illithid Hive. One of these slaves, apparently, was a friend of the Duergar, as the two women brought him to the Darkspires upon their return to Sshamath.

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Re: Rumours of Sshamath

Unread post by Anchor »

"This was a worthy venture," said Ankar'kuk as he stood on a ledge overlooking the Dark Weavings Bazaar. The colorful tops of each stall lined the area as far as his eye could see. Beholder merchants trading with duergar smiths, infernal mistresses attempting to hawk their wares at passing persons - every one of them a potential buyer, illithid overlords scheming in their invisible art. Incantations and cantrips, herculean spells and flashing magic filled the enormous cavern. Yes, this Bazaar's reputation was legendary, he thought to himself, it is time to taste the fruit myself.

The Drow leaned off his petrified staff and made his way into the market proper. With his horned hood pulled low, and enormous fur skin cloak heavy behind him, he would draw an eye or two even in this bazaar...the sight of a reptilian skin garment fully with teeth and spike, obviously patched together in a semblance of clothing..would be an interesting sight indeed.
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Re: Rumours of Sshamath

Unread post by DaloLorn »

DaloLorn wrote: Sun Oct 03, 2021 2:25 pm
DaloLorn wrote: Wed Aug 04, 2021 3:25 pm The redhead was brought unconscious into the temple, bleeding and half-frozen, for healing. After a brief exchange with her tiefling friend, the two went into the auction house.

They returned with a new suit of armor, and departed Rockrun shortly afterwards. They have not yet returned, but before their departure, the human retrieved a number of items she'd given the gnomish merchants for safekeeping. It could be inferred that she didn't expect to come back to Rockrun in the first place.
The redhead returned to Rockrun this cycle, accompanied by a blonde, bearded human with twin blades and deep blue armor. She asked if the tiefling had returned to Rockrun, and helped her companion sell over three hundred gold's worth of assorted gemstones to the local merchants.

After they were done trading, they proceeded eastward to Undrek Naudal, and deeper into the Underdark...
Upon their arrival in Sshamath, the redhead and her bewildered companion inquired at the Gloura's Wings and Spider's Kiss about the tiefling. After hearing she had not been seen at either establishment, they headed into the slums in the Darkwoods.

Sometime later, they headed back to Undrek Naudal and the surface. The girl showed clear signs of having cried heavily during their time in the Darkwoods; whatever discovery she had made in the slums seemed to have badly shaken her, and none of the drow saw her utter another word as she sullenly guided her new friend out of their domain.
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Re: Rumours of Sshamath

Unread post by Anchor »

In the dim light of the Gloura's Wing, two Duergar could be seen conversing. These two are different than the resident Duergar of Shield Breaker or whatever local smattering of Sshamathan duergar there are. These two are strong, confident, and independent. Those nearby would see them conversing excitedly, their voices loud at times, then hushed at others. The name "Clan Blackanvil" could be made out quite clearly by the patrons. Many would notice throughout their conversation, their backs were turned on the broken vessel that is the Shield Breaker dwarf.
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Re: Rumours of Sshamath

Unread post by Necropolis »

*Word might spread of a drow scouting or perhaps raiding party of unknown faction afilliation attacking the passages leading to Sshamath up to where the guards are posted that defend the portal. A Deep Imaskari necromancer known as Dravaal was seen animating undead which he let loose onto the assaulting drow, slaying them all and assisting the guards defend the city.*
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Re: Rumours of Sshamath

Unread post by JIŘÍ »

Decently sized group of drow entered Gloura. All heavy armed and severe looks on their faces. Some of their gear dusty from crossing tunnels.

The only women in group led others to the table on far side of Gloura. The local patrons could easily think this is just another scheming.

But those who would try to drop an ear would quickly be disappointed. As soon as group seated, they began to pour Gloria's special import wine. Severe looks were gone in moment.

Cheerful and joyful banter went forth and back. All about trivial things, memories from childhood and alike. Teasing, joking. Few songs traded as well.

The group did not care to be watched or listened to it. Did they come just to drink a wine? Or perhaps, did they come to make a statement to their possible enemies?

Or maybe both at the same time.

Time passed fast, hohr after hour until finally the group broke up dispersed, it's members to vanish into sshamatian streets.

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Re: Rumours of Sshamath

Unread post by SpookySkeleton »

A woman entered Glorias, hood and mask shrouding her identity. Two Lolthites stood brazenly near the entrance, discussing their faith for any to hear. The woman pulled her hood to hide her face and took a seat. There she quietly ordered drinks until the two left.

Notably, after the departure of the Lolthites, she began to speak to the patrons. Those with a keen ear could gleam that she sought a way to the surface, or any place out of the grasp of the Lolthites.

She could be seen following a Genasi who promised to show her the way to Rockrun.
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Re: Rumours of Sshamath

Unread post by Rain »

Within the mid-cycle of the Underdark a few of the locals of Sshamath may have noticed an all to familiar face accompanying a prestigious drow through the streets and shopping centers of Sshamath. The hin necromancer and the drow merchantmen would converse through mild toned exchange as they take steps towards the Darkspire of the Duregar and later on that cycle spotted wandering towards the Darkwood District. A subject of trade and barter may have been overheard by some listening in to their conversation in passing.

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