Rumors of the Underdark Wilderness

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Rumors of the Underdark Wilderness

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One of the Zhentarim officers was murdered near the Darkhold's subterranean outpost.
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Re: Rumors of the Underdark Wilderness

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A host of Zhentilar has begun to move through the Underdark. As it prepares to set out from a camp north of the Gauth Grottoes, the Zhentarim confer with drow locals.

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Re: Rumors of the Underdark Wilderness

Unread post by renshouj »

A most vile sight could be spotted by travelers of the Underdark.

Remains of animals cruelly disposed of in indescribable ways. Their blood used to paint a disturbing visage in a cavern wall: an Eye, ever vigilant, ever watching.

Who executed such abominable act is unknown.

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Re: Rumors of the Underdark Wilderness

Unread post by Antimeta »

*Somewhere deep below the surface, several Kanahraun Drows might report of missing Guards, Warriors, and Occultist. The only thing that could be found, were spilled blood. Oddly there were no bodies to be found. Nor was the Reanimated dwarves numbers missing nor the Iron and Bone Golems, they seem to even be unscathed. A precision attack maybe? Or a message? *

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Re: Rumors of the Underdark Wilderness

Unread post by Rinzler »

As there seem to be fewer Kanahruan Warrios in the ruins of Oghrann or its Great Halls, word is spreading throughout Sshamath that its never been easier to earn a bit of coin there.
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Re: Rumors of the Underdark Wilderness

Unread post by Nathe »

The last cycles have been a mess in the ruins. Missing soldiers, blood over the floor and nothing more than pure emptiness so Azazel decided to walk in and see for himself the rumours were true. Inside the ruins he found less soldiers than usual.

Reaching the altar there was a priestess with no guards and suddenly from the shadows an unkwnon figure shot the priestess at point-blank, leaving her cut head on the altar before leaving without being seen by anyone around.

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