Freya - New life, new luck?

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Freya - New life, new luck?

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Disclaimer: All entries are recalled from memory and are given from my character's own personal perspective.
Disclaimer:: All entries will be honest, but mind you. They're not meant to annoy, tackle or pick on anyone. They are really just RP.
Disclaimer: New entires will be added over time. feel free to Pm me and goad me into keeping it up if you enjoy what your reading and want more.
Freya's return -Wind of Change

She was away from the coast for a long tme.
Lurue called her away, the Coast wasn't ready.
Tymora called her back here, what irony.
Many things happened in that time and a lot changed.

She changed, had experienced many things.
She had been chased by Beshabans going after her.
She chose the time and place and faced them...
...and she won!

In the end it all hada price for her.
She had to leave friends behind.
They had moved on to far places.
And he was back here at the Coast.

Soon had to realize it was the same old.
The place didn't change at all really.
But the faces did, different people.

Barely anyone she knew was left.
All she heard was like an echo.
She remembered the old days,
but she knew they wouldn't come back.

So she had to change something,
she couldn't cling to old times.
They were over, so she accepted.
Soon she simply started anew.

And it worked out, she met new people.
There were only very few old friends.
Friends on different levels.
She still didn't know who she could trust.

But still she found new tasks and goals.
And one person from back then she never forgot,
they were out of sight, but not out of mind.
This time she wouldn't let him go so easily.

Even that she changed.
She met him again,
and had to see things changed.
They changed for the better.

She remembered a saying from the East.
"When the wind of change blows,
some people build walls,
some build mills."

Freya would be the latter.
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