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Krieg Kross

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First Name: Krieg
Last Name: Kross

Appearance: Krieg is depicted as a tall, extremely muscular man, standing at 6'4" with short, dark brown-spiked hair. His tall muscular frame compensate for his lack of reflexes. He has one scar that runs all the way down his left arm which he received during an encounter with his brother Darius.
Race: Human
Age: 25
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 250lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Facial Hair: N/A

Personality Profile: Krieg is determined, concentrated, independent and loyal. Initially, he is cold and standoffish, distancing himself from his companions. Once you develop a relationship with Kreig you will notice he will do anything in his power to protect you. His motivation is fueled on protecting those that he truly loves.
General Health: Healthy, Fit
Deity: N/A
Profession: Mercenary
Habits/Hobbies: Favorite hobbies include anything that involves the use of his blade, Strength training, A weaponsmith in training, Kreig often likes to enjoy an occasional beer after a successful mission.
Weapon of Choice: Greatsword

: Father, Malcraw Kross (52). Mother, Mary Kross (50). He has an older brother/ Former Rival, Darius Kross (29).

Background: As a young man of twenty-five years, Krieg was a devoted Mercenary for a small group called "Devon Blades" within the Dalelands. Upon Completion of his final mission with his former mercenary group, Kriegs brother Darius (Filled with jealousy) attempted to put an end to Kriegs success. During the encounter Krieg suffered a severe cut running all the way down his left arm. Though exhausted, Krieg went through A rage most people would never see in a life time. During Kriegs rage he lost all control in his mind and threw his greatsword straight into his brothers chest. Ever since the murder of his brother Darius, Krieg has temporarily put an end to his mercenary time. Now he spends most of his time training, and controlling his rage.

(( Any questions and a more in depth background can be found out through role play. ))

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