Lamth'ari and Fatum- Life with spirits

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Lamth'ari and Fatum- Life with spirits

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They stood between the mountains, surrounded by snow, fog and silence, the moon was full.
They found a suitable mound. He lay down nearby, guarding. She cleared one of the flatter stones and placed a small skull without parietal bone on it. On both sides and behind of it she set candles. She dropped a mixture of some dried herbs into the skull itself. She set fire to the wicks and herbs, humming quietly. The melody echoed gently, awakening a snowy valley.
She exposed her left forearm and with a small knife she cut two intersecting lines on it, resembling an open goblet. She dropped some blood into the skull, choking the flame of the burning herbs, which slowly began to spread a pleasant, bittersweet scent around the area.
She has stopped humming, but the melody hoovered continuously among stones, snow and fog.
She got up and started jumping around the area looking for what was hidden between the melody and the silence. Her path was marked by drops of blood dripping lazily on the snow.

- "Where are you who no longer want to walk among the lost?"

Shadows slowly began to form around her under the fog. She did not have to be afraid, he was with her and looked after her, as always and forever. The ritual had to work.
She watched carefully looking for the one who would show the will to exist, balancing just like them, on the edge. She found him. Standing at the back, small and quiet, but for her he stands out among many, eager to experience the blessing of life and death among those who are close to him.
She dips the finger in the blood flowing from the point where the lines of the "chalice" crossed, she marked the forehead of the little fox spirit with it and then her own.

- "Now you and I, we are one. Live as we live and feed on what is inside of us. You will know when we will need you, so that you can breathe into our gasp. You will share your breath so we can go back to beginning."

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Re: Lamth'ari and Fatum- Life with spirits

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... The paladins had vanished and what remained was a masked, very dead body on the bridge. One had helped them take the corpse from dead magic zone - to the Troll Claws, where they teleported to Soubar. A cold figure laid on the grass in front of her. Still dizzy, Lamb took his mask off, revealing it was Cherry.. They did not expect it to be him.
They tried to find his soul and call it back, but there was no response. They could not find him and priest they brought him too was useless as well.
Lamb teleported again, to their new home, to Cherry's Tower. He should be safe there... She will try to find his spirit and won't give up.
The young shaman tried all night, she used everything she could. In the morning, the floor in Locke's bedroom was covered with gore, Lamb almost dead from exhaustion and lack of blood, and only Fatum kept her going. They found him.
What happened after and how they arrived to Soubar was not clear, but Cherry was with them, alive. She did not know why he does not want others to see him. They could not see or hear him, she had to explain Cherry is with them, he stands next to them. They were blind. Deep in her head she could hear a voice, very quiet voice, "You know why... It happened before..." The girl, however, pushed the voice deeper, to the place she almost could not hear it.
Two days passed, but Lamb did not remember too much from it. Zerros wanted to speak to her and to Cherry. It was stupid, he could just ask Locke directly she thought. They invited Zerros to Cherry's Tower.
Corneille went to his bedroom to take some rest before Zerros' arrival. Lamb was exhausted and sleepy, and she felt so cold. The reason was not to clear for her, but the girl could ignore it, she can rest after Zerros' visit.
It started, as always, from wine and conversation about nothing. Zerros' words did not have any sense. Lamb could not understand what he was talking about. Cherry was in his bedroom, why did this stupid warlock could not understand he was fine? She lost her patience and offered him conversation with Locke. He will explain everything to him.
The voice in her head was louder and louder, but she still ignored it, as she did before.
They went to Corneille's bedroom, he was on the bed, sleeping. He was tired, the last few days had to be exhausting for him. Zerros had a different opinion, he tried to wake up Cherry, but Locke's eyes did not open. Zerros should not have done it, her brother was tired and he needed to rest.
The warlock was talking of something, words without sense, and the voice in Lamb's head started to become annoying, she could not ignore it any longer. She knew from the moment Cyric snapped his fingers and killed him - this body will stay empty, souless, but it was before she found out it was Cherry...
In the room, in Locke's bedroom, she could see two Corneille de Locke's - the empty shell and the essence. They looked into each other's eyes, brother and sister. Words were not necessary, not between them.
With the help of magic, Lamb positioned Locke's dead body into shape. To his left hand she put his dagger, to his right - staff, on his head she put on Cherry's hat.
The girl asked Zerros to turn Corneille's corpse into stone, and he did what was requested. Afterwards, they used another spell to make "the sculpture" smaller, and Lamb put it on his desk, next to his mother's book.
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