Wirg Bunegrynder

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Wirg Bunegrynder

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First Name:Wirg
Last Name: Bunegrynder

Race: Gray Orc
Age: 32
Height : 5'8
Weight: 210 lbs
Eyes: One grey eye, the other missing which he covers with an eye-patch.
Hair: Bald
Facial Hair Style: None

Personality Profile: Methodical and can be carefree, his humor often gets him into trouble.
General Health: Due to his affiliation, he is well fed and rested. It makes him in great health for an Orc. He is a bit pudgy around the waist though from excessive indulging.
Deity: Malar
Initial Alignment: Chaotic Evil (But has shifted to Neutral Evil in recent years)
Profession: Mercenary for Bregan D'aerthe.
Base Class & Proposed Development: 27 Cleric, 3 War Priest
Habits/Hobbies: Making 'Shinies', eating well, spending obscene coin on prostitutes, debating philosophy and sleeping.
Languages: Orc, Common, Undercommon
Weapon of Choice: Morningstar (Bone Phoenix)


Wirg was born as the runt of his tribe, the Bloodclan Orcs situated around the Moonsea region. He portrayed no physical prowess yet had intelligence not typically seen in his kind. The tribal shaman Grishn'lock, a cleric of One-Eye Gruumsh, noticed this and took Wirg in as a pupil. For ten years he perfected his knowledge of the divine and made contact with Gruumsh early on. Once contact was made, Grish showed Wirg the most important aspect of the tribe; The chief was a mere figurehead, a pawn to be manipulated by the clerics. It was they after all, who spoke directly to their father. A chief could be reigned in by promising a curse from One-Eye.

The young orcling took delight in this knowledge and learned the value of manipulation. On his thirteenth year, the tribe prepared for the ceremony held when the cubs are made into adults and their place amongst the tribe is chosen. The warriors brawled, the hunters would try and catch the biggest game, each contest designed to choose who is the strongest and what rank they held. It is this day, the feast of Gharfek'taaz when new Clerics and Shamans were ordained with bloody sacrifices. Wirg's sacrifice, like those before him, was his own eye. He ripped it out, holding it high above him to show his devotion and emulation of One-Eye.

The next day, Wirg was to join the new warriors on a raid of a nearby goblin camp. It was simple and successful yet when the warriors and Wirg returned to their camp they found their kin dead, heads placed on pikes and the bodies burned in a pyre. Markings of their rival clan, the Boneclaws were placed around the burning camp. Wirg vowed revenge for his tribe and began to formulate a plan. After a quick body count, he recognized that the Boneclaws took heavy losses themselves and would not be at full strength while they, were better off. A hunter found their tracks and the group followed them back to their own camp.

They came across the Boneclaw's celebrating and feasting with their spoils of war. The war drums and songs echoed off the trees, allowing a small group of archers to sneak to the southside with ease. The plan was simple, the archers distract them from the south with fire arrows. While the drunken Boneclaws tried to fight back and tend to the fires, the warriors with Wirg would strike from the north. The two groups would meet in the center. The plan went off as expected with the Bloodclan suffering few casualties. It was for his planning and for leading the raid that he earned the monkier 'Bunegrynder'.

There was nothing left for the Bloodclan around the Moonsea. Being a migratory race and young, they travelled far to the Swordcoast to make a name for themselves.

Life on the Surface:

The arrival of the Bloodclan was doomed to failure from the start. They laid claim to an abandoned bandit camp out the outskirts of Baldur's Gate, trying to earn a foothold. Wirg recognized that they were in foreign lands, surrounded by enemies who wished them dead at all times. He commanded the new chief to not make war on the Humans or Elves, just yet. They had to bide their time, wait until they possessed the strength to do so.

Yet it peace never came, it was not destined, despite their attempts at trying. The humans and elves would launch attacks of their own upon the hapless orcs. Casualties would come on both sides, but mostly for the Orcs. Slowly but surely, his clan was killed off. Not wishing the same fate for himself, he fled to the one place he knew would be safer, despite the inherit dangers.

Turning his back to Gruumsh:

Wirg stood in the center of Sshamath, seeing his kind be used as slaves or experimented on by mages. "One-Eye!" He called out, "Why do you not help your kin? The Drow use them as fodder, as experiments and as slaves in their own wars."

There was no response.

Wirg raised his fist. "One-Eye! Why have you turned your eye on them?"

There was no response.

Wirg realized what it meant to be an Orc. To fight for Gruumsh, was to fight FOR Gruumsh. They existed to serve him and do his bidding. The instant an Orc is captured, turned into a slave or worse, they are of no more use to him. The father abandons the child. Whats more, what legacy did any Orc have to look forward to? A glorious death in Gruumsh's name. The Drow city was beautiful in comparison to anything the Orcs had. The Drow slept on beds, the Orcs slept on the ground. The Drow create beautiful buildings and literature, the Orcs destroy them. It is Gruumsh's legacy, for his children to have none.

Seething with rage and anger, Wirg shouted, "Blood traitor! One-Eye, you abandon your kin! You create us and ignore us! I reject you, I reject your teachings! Destroyer of blood, it is you who kill us more than any other race combined!"

One-Eye responded, but not with words, but by denying Wirg access to his magic. The Priest understood all too well, that he knew the truth.

Introduction to the Beastlord's Ethos and Bregan D'aerthe:

Wirg found the Underdark to be a harsh place to survive in. It was upon one of his journies in the deep caves that he came across an odd sight, a savage Imaskari follower of Malar. The two conversed and the Imaskari told Wirg much of Malar. The belief that survival is for the fit resonated deeply within him. He spent the next few weeks studying what literature was available in Sshamath.

Wirg was not strong enough physically to serve the Beastlord as a combatant in that manner, yet he had cunning. To survive in a city of merchants, one needs coin. Survival is not something that is strictly designed for the wilds, as anybody knows, the streets are their own kind of jungle. He devoted himself to the Beastlord, vowing to prove that he will survive as best he can... by becoming filthy rich.

Wirg took on work as a freelance mercenary to earn coin in the Drow city. It was by doing this that he encountered Bregan D'aerthe. When he saw how professional and profitable it was being associated with them along with the respect one would gain, he decided to join them. He flourished here, rising quickly in the ranks of the Brute Forces to become their de facto representative. The Orc's ability to support and train others was noticed by their leader, Jarlaxle and new, untrained recruits were given to Wirg to whip into shape for other duties. Wirg treats his Bregan D'aerthe as his family and serves with unwavering loyalty, which is something the other members have noticed.

The Orc's coin grew and grew. Soon enough, he used Bregan D'aerthe's contacts to have a suit of Mithril Full-Plate crafted for him to serve as a shining example of what a lowly Orc can accomplish. He enjoys the fruits of his labors. With each meal, with each new purchase, he devotes it to the Beastlord, proving to himself and others that he is surviving and he is certainly more than fit.

Wirg's goals are to better Bregan D'aerthe's position and strength while earning as much wealth as possible.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
-Wirg's knowledge of Orc clans makes him a danger to their stabilization. If given an opportunity, he would attempt to convert them away from Gruumsh and to the Beastlord and Bregan D'aerthe.
"Orcs have to commute long distances to access the resources privileged Elves and Men enjoy."
- Wirg, Social Justice Warpriest

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