Relnor Ironfaar - Silver Defender of Ironfaar

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Relnor Ironfaar - Silver Defender of Ironfaar

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First Name: Relnor
Last Name: Ironfaar

Race: Shield Dwarf
Age: 74 (born 1280)
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 210lbs
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Dark brown/black. Shaved sides and usually braided down the middle.
Facial Hair Style: Beard, partially braided.
Tattoos: Tattoos on each side of his head, above the ears and back of head. The tattoos depict battle scenes with orc-kin and giants. Twin axes cross his neck and lower skull. He has dwarven runes of honour and loyalty on his forearms.

Personality Profile:
General Health: Strong-looking. Apparently in great physical condition.
Deity: Clangeddin Silverbeard and Dumathoin.
Initial Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Profession: Weapons trainer and part time battle field medic.
Base Class & Proposed Development: Monk and maybe Dwarven Defender.
Habits/Hobbies: Meditation, researching Ironfaar relics and methods of recovery. Researching enemies - orcs, giants, grey dwarves.
Languages: Common, dwarf.
Weapon of Choice: Unarmed or quarterstaff.

Relnor's father, Felnor Ironfaar, was a battle priest in the service of Clangeddin Silverbeard's clergy. He passed down his devotion to his god and a minor amount of his medical prowess to his son. While Relnor was still young he started training with Clangeddin Silverbeard's monastic order - the Silver Monks. It was here that he honed his discipline and focus, while at the same time fostering a love for his god and kin. Relnor was not able to adopt their methods of hand to hand fighting at this time however, so he turned his mind to that of a battlefield medic, and although he could not commune directly with Clangeddin, or his other favoured deity, the god Dumathoin he showed he could patch up all but the most grievously wounded fighters on the battle field. One such fighter that he returned from the brink, started training him once again in the ways of hand to hand fighting, this sparked an interest in the still-young Relnor and much to his family's dismay, he ventured out of the realms of dwarves and travelled north, to the Spine of the World to seek more guidance. This was a mere seven years after the Ironfaar Clanhold was established and sadly it would be the last time he saw it in all it's glory or his family alive ever again.
Years passed and on his travels in the frozen north he met various clans who welcomed him as a brother, but he never stayed long. It was during one of these stays that he met a young female dwarf and fell in love. They were just about to return to Ironfaar (still unaware of it's fate), when yet again, tragedy struck. A warparty, comprised of orcs, goblins and giants, attacked by surprise and killed many of Relnor's comrades, including his love. Heartbroken, he vowed revenge on the beasts and over the next four years he exacted justice, even using methods foreign to the Ironfaar clan. Upon his victory he depicted the battle in a tattoo on the right side of his head. He then began the long journey home ...

Major - recover and resettle Ironfaar clanhold.
Minor - gain access to Ironfaar clanhold and start retrieving relics and giving dwarven kin a proper burial, especially those assumed to be family.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
Anything revolving around dwarven RP or recovery of the Ironfaar clanhold, relics or Ironfaar remains.
Anything regarding opponents of the Ironfaar Clan or Kraak Helzak - particularly if it involves orcs or giants.
Relnor Ironfaar - Silver Defender of Clan Ironfaar
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Bramdur Ironfaar - War Chanter of Kraak Helzak

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