Diana the Cook. A Broomstick at her side,and a Sling tucked

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Diana the Cook. A Broomstick at her side,and a Sling tucked

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Why Was I Born Without a Perfect Eyesight?

Diana, age 12
Diana:"Father, why on earth that everyone has quite nice eyes and not me?" *She starts to touch the veins around her eyes. She remembers during her childhood that its hard to see even objects and things around the house but at night, it starts to get better. In her heart, she always thinks that she is not beautiful enough and envious of other girls with dreamy eyes.*
Charles:"Its a gift from your mother my child, don't let it hinder you and embrace it. soon i will show you what they are capable of. we will head to Oghrann Ruins and Upperdark to train more" *Says the half aged Human Male, father of Diana by the name of Charles Wales.*

Diana, age 17
Diana:"Father, why mom left us?" She asked with a calm intention, since she is used to live with her father for 17 years without a mother
Charles:"She was not meant to live in this city dear, we were so in love but her kind does not tolerate me as a Gwaeron Windstorm worshipper. She is the most beautiful woman i have ever met."

Diana, age 20
Diana:"my beloved Father, i think i have learned quite the tricks to go hunting and survive. would you allow me to go out seeking charismatic Leaders that i can make myself useful of? perhaps guarding some Lords or Dukes somewhere in the City? become a Nightwatch on top of some watchtower if it pleases you?"
Charles:"Its about time for you to go my dear child. You need a man, an organization, or an institution that will accept you for what you are, what you are capable of. Here, take this sling. its not above other slings, but it will do you light upon your travel. Perhaps you can even find your mother since she is the one who gave it to me. Its how our first love blossom. she accidentally shot me during my hunting in the Other planes realm. Cherish and love it and always keep it by your side."

Diana, age 27
*For 7 years Diana wander around Sword Coast, training to become somebody in spite of her difficulties, she gain friends and always tries to avoid enemies. Her last training was successful and its time for her to return to the cities and make more friends to fill her hobby. She loves cooking and sweeping the floors. People can see her sometimes at Friendly Arms Inn or Eastern Farmlands*
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