Rawel San Raal's biography

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Rawel San Raal's biography

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Rawel San Raal's biography:

First Name:Rawel
Last Name:San Raal

Race:Sun Elf
Height: 6' 2''
Weight: 190
Hair: Very pale blond bordering on white
Facial Hair Style:None

Personality Profile:
General Health: Quite healthy without any specific disabilities
Deity: Mystra
Initial Alignment:Neutral good
Profession: Scholar and alchemist
Base Class & Proposed Development: Wizard(diviner) 20/ Arcane scholar of candlekeep 10
Rawel's favorite hobby has from his youngest years been reading. He enjoys games but more those that tax his intellect than those that need agility and brawn. He is also fond of learning languages.

Languages: Common, Elven, Arcane, Draconic, Abbyssal, Celestial, Dwarven, Netherese and Undercommon
Weapon of Choice: Quarterstaff


Rawel was born on Evermeet the oldest of 3 children. His father was a jeweler and his mother a mage specializing in utility magic and divination. From a young age Rawel has displayed a great talent for magic which was fostered by both of his parents. He spent much of his youth as an apprentice to his mother who guided his progress in magical studies. Even so he enjoyed the time he spent with his father helping him both in the shop and in the workshop.

Early in his life Rawel found a fascination for the planes after having read a book about the wanderings of a Githzerai named Dak'kon. Both the lower and the upper planes hold a great fascination for him and he would love to once travel them.

After having finished his schooling Rawel went on to work as a scholar at a university where he continued his studies in languages further enhancing his knowledge by learning Netherese so he could learn about the ancient wizard realm.

When he found that the confines of Evermeet were too limiting for some of the knowledge he wanted to acquire he decided he would travel to the continent, but it was not a decision he made in haste.

He appraised his mother of the decision and while she was not convinced it was the best idea she eventually agreed with it. She did however suggest that as long as he went, it would be useful if he could provide some tactical information about the happenings on the mainland that might be useful for the powers that be. He thus spent another 20 years preparing. Learning dwarven and undercommon so that he might better gain some extra knowledge.

It was never something he fully committed to though. He found his social skills sorely lacking and even though he thoroughly enjoyed learning new languages he felt he would not be able to effectively utilize them. Nevertheless he completed his studies and intends to do his best.

Personally he is looking forward to furthering his knowledge and gaining new and varied experience. He is less dismissive of other races than the average Sun Elf, but can still come of conceited and a bit of a know it all when it comes to subjects he is knowledgeable in.

He does realize his combat skills are severely lacking and hopes to remedy that as he understands the mainland is much less hospitable than Evermeet.

His strange choice of deity came about in slow steps. Rawel never was never fully committed to the worship of Corellon, because as much as he admires the diety's dedication to and support of the Elven peoples he never understood some of the more warlike aspects of the god. When studying ancient Netherese history and particularly the story of Karsus's folly he came to admire the sacrifice of Mystral and the subsequent preventative steps of his reincarnation as Mystra. This has lead him to revere Mystra as his primary deity though he of course still pays homage to other gods including Corellon.


Gain knowledge of all kinds, anything related to the planes is of particular interest. Power and wealth are secondary though he is not averse to either as they will allow him to gain more knowledge.

When possible gain information that may be useful to his homeland.

Enjoy himself on an adventure of a life time.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:

Any information about ancient magic will intrigue him.

Even mentions of planar travelers or items will always interest him.

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