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De'land Maelstrom
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Author:  Verideth [ Mon May 28, 2018 1:45 pm ]
Post subject:  De'land Maelstrom

Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 130 lbs
Eyes: Red
Skin: Purple tint
Age: 114
Sex: Male
God: Atheist
Home: Menzoberranzan

De'land's Mother Sis'elis Maelstrom was a worshiper of Eilistraee and taught her children love. She took to De'land closely teaching him about music, lore and the craft of being a bard. De'land's Father Laventh, was very practical and always feared those of araushnee would discover their kind heart and drag them before an altar. He was a merchant and spend most of their coin paying off the right people to avoid close inspection.

This happy time ended, one of my Fathers contacts sold out the Maelstroms to the priestess of araushnee. My Father got warning first and begged his wife to flee. She decided she could not drag her family on a race she did not believe she could win. Perhaps if she allowed her capture and went willingly, her family would be spared. Laventh disagreed but Sis'elis frantic cries to save her sons, broke Laventh's heart and he left as she asked.

Laventh fled to Sshamath and deposited his sons there. He then left to silence the traitor that told the priestess of his family. It is hard to say if it was for vengeance or to make sure his tracks were not followed easily. Sis'elis was taken before an altar and it is rumored she did not break and held to her faith after a brutal end.

De'land is having a hard time letting his Mother go and has the typical submissive mindset of a male. He is slowly realizing that Sshamath is a bit different and is growing in his trade. His brother and half brothe are both keeping a very low profile until more can be found out about this city.

He remembers the last words of his Mother "Darling, do not hate them or you will become like them." He struggles with those words everyday.

Author:  Verideth [ Thu May 31, 2018 2:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: De'land Maelstrom

*written in draconic*

I was prompted by several mistresses to tell a tale. I told a tale of the forming of the cult of the dragon. I read a book once and filled in the rest. The tale was more than a success but it drew to much attention! A mistress walked up to me and claimed me by biting me. This interrupted my story and caused quite a stir, in truth in almost caused a fight between several mistresses in attendance.

The one that claimed me never took me, the fact I am most happy about.

I began traveling with one of the mistress who heard my tale, she didn't seam to care about me romantically, which suits me just fine. Over the course of the next few cycles she has been directly asking everyone we meet to join her... I am more than surprised, even for one of the spider queen to be so direct when in uncharted territory. We eventual ran into a powerful Matron who invited her to possibly join her house. They started discussing how they would over throw the males of the city and kill any that worshiped any but the spider queen. I keep my head down and listened.

Later that cycle, the Matron we recently met, found me alone. She surrounded me with giant spiders to make her point known that she was superior and I was nothing. She then showed some tenderness and brought me before a throne of the spider queen. I think she wanted to take me as a consort but luckily another powerful Matron showed up and I was told to run away like a little dog. Again I was lucky... Fearfully, at least two powerful Matrons have noticed me and I do not like attention in that way. My brothers are sticking to the sewers, I do not blame them.

I met a fellow Jaluk and he appreciate my formality and politeness. I told me about our city and how things are not as they are in my home town. He said Jaluk's are free do so as we will. That was a shock to me, I heard rumors males could have power but to be completely free? He pressed me if I was going to stick with tradition or go native. I did not directly answer and he was polite enough to allow me time to think. I think he was sizing me up for a pairing with one of his sisters.

Then a mask surfacer walked up to me and a priestess I was with in the tavern. She called me friend... Who in all of the underdark calls a stranger friend? Way to obvious. This surface female called herself "Lo'" and offered 50 bag of gold for information on a group called the Silver Rose. Seams this group was interfering in her business affairs. The priestess I was with agreed to the terms.

I dig some digging and found out the Silver Rose is a surface Knightly Order. [Out of Game confirmed with Lisa] I assume they are a group of paladins, the priestess I was with thinks this Lo is with the zhents but why come to the underdark for information on a surface group?

We arranged for a surface guide but was stalled as Lo never got back to us. Lo was suppose to use a Sending to communicate another meeting and arrange payment for information gained. I have begun mastering the ways of a Stormsinger and the talk of the surface really has me wishing to see some clouds and feel the wind in my face...

Hopefully I can make my way to the surface soon, I know my brothers would also be eager to go.

Author:  Verideth [ Sat Jun 02, 2018 11:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: De'land Maelstrom

*written in draconic*

With my new acquisitions, I have decided to do some retraining. I found a few books and have been reading over those that fight dragons. I believe formally they are called Dragon Slayers. This intrigues me and I have been seeking out someone who has this profession. My helm of telepathy sure makes thing easy. It is a bit overwhelming to open my mind up and hear those that are nearby. I can not do it for long but perhaps in time I can wield this power as I do my songs. [OOC: I am rebuilding the same toon and read you need to mention this on the forums]

My surface trip has been postponed, unless I meet that one Jaluk from the other day. For the best I say, I need to get ready.

My brothers and I went out after the escaped goblins slaves. I tried to talk to them but they just fired slings at us and charged. It was sad... There are times I really dislike my race... It comes with so many prejudices. Well earned prejudices I might add.

I have gotten use to the nearby areas, oh I found a dying Jaluk in the mushroom caves. He has just been taken down by an adult beetle. I killed the beetle and was able to save him before he bleed to death. Then to find out he also is a Bard! We traveled together a bit and I gave him a few minor trinkets to help him out. I warned his strongly about the mistresses in town. I hope he listened.

Author:  Verideth [ Mon Jun 04, 2018 5:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: De'land Maelstrom

*Written in Draconic*

I have finished by basic instruction in becoming a slayer. It has given me such peace. I have content to now that I may die and it that acceptance I no longer have fear. I have lived a life of fear and to know have peace is so satisfying.

I met the Master Conjurer again and he bid we come on a raiding party. He teleported everyone down to some dark depths, were demons walked openly. We fought our way deeper and eventually faces a winged demon on nightmares, a Balor I believe it is called. The peace I have did not falter and amazingly I did not fall either. My new ability to shape shift has proven more than powerful. Becoming a Troll or a Minotaur has changed how I conduct myself for certain. It is funny still singing my battle melodies while in such a form. I more hum and beat out the rhythm than sing.

I have had no more encounters with any mistresses or matrons. I am happy about that. Thou next time they threaten me in town, I will call a guard over. See if they would defy the laws or perhaps even attack and be cut down. Now that my fear has been contained, I find myself with another strong emotion... Hatred. I constantly wrestle with my Mothers last words. Constantly. It seams in life we overcome one problem, to just find another.

Author:  Verideth [ Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: De'land Maelstrom

*written in draconic*

I finally did it! I reached the surface. The sun burned so much but when I looked up I saw the clouds, it was glorious! I am a storm caller and in the Dark I feel so muted but image what it will be like under the sky. I did not linger but I now I know I wish to go back and live there. I believe my brothers would join me, for since our Mother died, life in the Dark has not been the same.

The ogres we faced getting there, were more than daunting. Compared to my various companions I am weak. I need to find a skills set I am comfortable with, that is efficient. I may retrain myself again.

I found something incredible, a Blue Diamond. From what I know about Arcana, I believe it is used in summoning. I know nothing about the various realms, so what it summons I do not know. My two friends told me it is worth 250 to 300 bags of gold. Either way I am sitting on it right now but will seek out a buyer or gift it to an ally.

Author:  Verideth [ Sun Jun 17, 2018 2:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: De'land Maelstrom

*written in Draconic*

I have decided upon retiring my inspiration. For now I need to concentrate on survival. I still sing and perform but it is not as it was...

Jaxon was gracious enough to teach me the ways of killing. I do not say murdering, as with all things it is how you use it. I will not hire out to murder people. Knowing the venerable spots and how to stun someone to end a fight has proven most effective. [Out of Game: RNR same name again]

Oh and I found a Dusty Tome... A few weeks ago a Blue Diamond and now the tome to match. I must have a road in front of me, few are so fortunate or "lucky" as the surfacer's say.

Thou I no longer sing to the clouds, I still wish to go above ground. I have been hunting with my brother Laventh but he is a mage. I found him a good crossbow and he can use that well. Elhrik has been meditating on his faith and not been willing to sojourn into Sshamath openly.

I explored the tunnels and found the area the Zhents warded off. I also stumbled upon the orc encampment. I was disguised and was let in but ran into Gerfex and he said no to push my luck. The orcs do not allow others into their camp and I will respect that.

I am still looking for an easier way out than the ogres and have been practicing shape changing. I have been told you may not go into Baulder's gate with a face covering, so I need to become a human or elf to enter. I do not wish to use deception, I wonder if I could surrender myself to the Silver Rose. I have been to the surface but not long enough to really learn anything. My next visit I will walk about and learn a bit.

Author:  Verideth [ Thu Jun 28, 2018 6:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: De'land Maelstrom

*written in draconic*

So much has happened. One of my allies has formed his own tribe and has begun raiding the surface. He wishes me to go but I will not wiling murder anyone. A duel or random monsters are one thing. He bragged that he killed a blue haired elf. I did my best to play it off that I was a bard and it is better for me to retell tales of glory.

This has really made me realize, how can I keep my sanity and my heart pure in this evil and chaos? I have been putting off going to the surface because my bothers are not ready yet.

Then I met an Assimar that is my polar opposite, he is some sort of a blackguard. I am not sure but he has a dread aura about him. He came into the dark claiming that he hears the spider queens voice becoming him. I took him to the secure room in Sshamath and he took his hood off. Seams he is born of good blood but has chosen evil. While I am born of bad blood but choose good.

He explained about Drow society, that we Jaluk are seen as breeding stock by the Jabress. Hoe much more so a male Assimar that comes to worship the spider queen!?! He would be sacrificed and maybe if deemed useful raised. I think I made an impact, led him about the dark a bit to show him I was trust worthy. We returned to Rockrun and I told him that nothing is random and out meeting was fated. Just because I have no faith in any of the immortals does not mean I do not have faith in the power of good or purpose of design.

I told him if any other drow had met him and heard his request, he would have been murdered. Fate gave us a chance to talk and that goodness is still not lost on him. Perhaps he will return to goodness. I hope.

That meeting made me realize even more. I have trained as a Dragon Slayer and always felt a pull toward their kind. But I do not wish to slay them or worship them but I admit I need something greater than myself in my life. I have learned the ways of a Dragon Warrior. Of all Dragons the Silvers fit me best. They are lawful, good but do not lord it or demand it of others. They will interfere if asked but do not get involved other wise. My brother is a Paladin but he could never travel in the circles I do. I do not like or do evil but when does light shine the brightest? In the darkest places.

So I have decided to go to the surface. It is my thought that I should go tot he Silver Rose. Perhaps they will overlook my heritage and see into my heart. I am very concerned they will simply kill me... I have yet to die. If I wish to take this step, I believe it is wiser to have allies. Besides I know my Brother Elhrik will appreciate being surrounded by fellow Paladins for certain. Jhael prefers his books and perhaps a tower one day.

Either way I sit in front of their gates now waiting to speak with one of them. I met a friendly fellow named Char... thon? I am so bad with names. He politely escorted me to the Silver Rose from Baulder's Gate. I read the laws and will not break them by trying to polymorph or sneak into town.

Author:  Verideth [ Thu Jun 28, 2018 6:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: De'land Maelstrom

*written in Draconic*

I met with the Paladins and they did not kill me, or brand, or cut off a limb, or take my blood for some cruel magic...

It went as I hoped. I am surprised they said our meeting never happened. I will of course honor their request and understand why. They suggested I settle in a wood or the city of Nash-kell. I must accept life with a cowl or helm. In no way could I walk openly without attack.

I think I will go find that Svirfneblin druid I joked with. He said he would be happy to share my name with other druids. Perhaps he would walk the surface and introduce me. That would be the safest way I think.

I need to research this Nash-kell and see what type of city it is. I think being the masked Bard would be a good alias. If asked why I am covered, I do not wish to have fame. I need to practice my manors of speaking. Perhaps learn a local dialect.

The sun.. it does bite... It was hard to walk about.

Author:  Verideth [ Fri Jun 29, 2018 2:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: De'land Maelstrom

*written in draconic*

As I returned to the Dark, I stopped once more and read the plaque in front of Baulder's Gate. I then noticed a 15,000 gold reward for the killing of any Drow. I made me realize that evil has a hold on that city. Everywhere I went on the surface, I was at risk. Merchants would not speak with me, I could not use the carriages, guards were after me. It is for good reason but blind hatred is evil. So the evil of my race has spread to others.

That I believe is the true power of evil. If you return the favor, you become it as well. It is self propagating. I see now why my Mother's last words were to not hate them, least I become them.

I also realized this problem of mine is one of legalism. The library in Sshamath is vast and it speaks on the various surface cities. It seams my race is outlawed everywhere but Soulbar and that Zhentrium Keep. I did notice every city did have a clause, that exceptions could be made. I know for certain I never wish to go to Baulder's Gate. Nashkell and Beregost sound possible. I need to study the Nation of Amn more.

I am still looking to find one of the Faem from the University. I want to know more about these dusty tomes. I now have a ring that summons a D jinn. He is quite knowledgeable and I enjoy talking with him. I may destroy the ring he is bound too, if I discover he did not agree to his service. Though slavery maybe legal, I will not own a slave. I look forward to more discussions with him.

As always it is good to see Jaxon. Though I can tell our hearts do differ in our methods and theology. I admit I see him as a friend no matter. Friend... What a word, the surfacers use it all the time but I doubt they mean it. It is the quickest way to spot one of them in the Dark. I got the pamphlet from the Paladins, I am not sure if this Jo is still about but I can ask the half drow priestess if she knows.

Author:  Verideth [ Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: De'land Maelstrom

*written in draconic*

I just witnessed something horrifying... A female celestial murdered a male celestial. I was outside the tunnel near the the caravan outrider and the portal into Sshamath. This male, assimar I believe, was standing there barely alive. Then this female assimar used a spell and killed him. She then teleported away with the body. [out of game was confirmed that the dual teleport was an error with the participant]

I wish to understand what just happened... Is this the second evil assimar I have met?

[Out of Game: I used appraise creature on both Fredrick Card and Varissa. I then confirmed with Fredrick Card if I could collect some of his blood. He agreed. I have created a bottle of dried blood to be used to investigate this murder. I have screen shots if needed.]

Author:  Verideth [ Wed Jul 04, 2018 4:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: De'land Maelstrom

*written in draconic*

I have begun my investigation into what happened. I went to the school of necromancy and asked for someone to analysis the blood. Guess who I ran into and addressed like a common mage... The Blackblade, rumored to be the second in command of the 7th Circle.

I umm.. I told him what happened and he said I was lying. Why would one of us care what others did. I mean I was trained as a bard, I like to figure out mysteries and then retell them to entertain and perhaps educate. This was anathema to the 7th circle. The Blackblade threatened to cut me down for lying to his face.. I came close to peeing myself but luckily held it in. One of their member called me mad and the Arch Necomancer Zar' Vyrae came forward and the Blackblade said she could look into my inquiry if she wished.

I have such luck! To wander into a private meeting of the 7th Circle and survive!

I retold my tale to the Arch Necomancer and she was amused by it. She took the vial of blood I collected and asked for one of my own. I gave her my blood. She also said she would call upon me as she needed to repay my debt. A high price but I am both terrified and excited. To have someone so powerful want something from me!?!

There was a male there that protested me giving the blood to her, but what choice did I have? I asked for help and that was the price, well part of the price. Besides maybe she will scry one of my performances in the future. Yes wishful thinking.

Author:  Verideth [ Thu Jul 05, 2018 12:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: De'land Maelstrom

*written in Draconic*

I continued my investigation and went to Rockrun. I did not expect to discover anything but it is the first stop for surfacers. My desire to be thorough did not result anything but a good discussion with two gnomes.

I must await the results from the necromancers. I loath to use them but I know other way if I wish to continue this investigation.

Another necromancer has come to me privately and asked for a meeting. I am trying to keep a low profile but doing the exact opposite.

I posted a few noted around Sshamath and Rockrun, only message board I know of. Like to have a steady supply of certain products. No one makes wands, elixirs or scrolls openly in the dark. With the amount of coin we have, I am surprised. I did find out about a traveling merchant hin. He comes about once a ten day or so. Think he sells things for others? But if he can get what I want regularly, I do not mind him making coin.

I would like to discuss with him the notable figures of the surface. Maybe make some head way slowly with the different groups. I do not wish to live brazenly on the surface but a quiet hidden life would suite me.

Author:  Verideth [ Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: De'land Maelstrom

*written in Draconic*

My life I have accepted is odd or lucky. I walked into Glorias and Aunrae was at the door. She bid me to join her. She said she had a chance to talk to the shift druid who has been battling Nargazul. It called her by name and knew all about her. It said I De'land, sold her out. Me?!?!?

When have I ever met this dragon, druid fellow? I believe I met him once in passing in the halls but never spoke with him. Why and how does he know my name? I am very confused.

I told her about the two assimars I witnessed and she said she knew the female, Varissa. She said Varissa is powerful and meddling with things. I have a name now at least. Perhaps the Arch Necomancer can tell me the name of the one she murdered. I would like to contact him.

[out of game: I have screenshot of the conversation if needed]

I warned Aunrae that the 7th Circle is involved and I may have to tell them that she knows of Varissa. She said I should lie or run. Yes run from the 7th Circle.. Better yet lie to them. There is a future in either of those choices...

People never realize I do not lie. At best I would strech the truth or leave out information to save a life or prevent some world shaking event. To fellow Drow someone of good heart and a simple code of honor is so abstract, they can not fathom it. Every thing is always for self gain. Each statement with purpose to conceal truth.

Again how do I, a simple Jaluk walk into such events. Oh about luck, I found another dusty tome. Now that is lucky.

I met another Necromancer, who if you can believe it, told me to stand up to those Jabress, that Sshamath is a free city and Jaluk's can do as they wish. I was impressed at his concern. I am curious if his concern is over his hatred of females or wanting to see me bettered. I of course learned all this with in a ten day of arriving but I chose to be respectful. Partly out of fear, all drow fear it seams, but more out of wishing to show respect. My mother showed me what a true female could be and I honor her memory by showing respect to Jalil. She would have wanted that.

Author:  Verideth [ Sun Jul 08, 2018 8:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: De'land Maelstrom

*written in Draconic*

I finally got a chance to speak at length to Nargazul. The issue with me being a spy has been settled. Along those lines, he told me a touch about Varissa. That other assimar she murdered, was the Druid Shifter. Once I get his blood back, I hope the Arch Necomancer gives me a name. With that name I hope to legend lore him and hopefully use sending. I still wish to speak with him.

Narg asked me what I am about, what path I walk. I have been struggling about becoming a spy. I wish to see the surface world, visit what I can. Just by being in the right or wrong place you can learn so much. I do not drop ease but I often hear more than is what many would call safe. It was commented that my name De'land means "the land". Wonder if my Mother named me that on purpose.

I have decided I wish to know secrets, I wish to experience all I can but I place one condition on myself. To not play sides. I do not wish to be neutral, I agree with the Silver Dragons, well the little I have read about them. But I have decided I will not sell secrets, I wish to know them for their own sake. I do not mind warning people, telling people of dangers or mentioning things I know as a riddle in a tale. This resolution has given me great peace.

I told my friend about Varissa, I have problems with her walking about so brazenly in Sshamath. He suggested I mention to the guard she stole something and get her banned. Not a bad idea, but maybe her act of murder at our door step is a better idea. I will test this and put the word of a drow against an assimar. I will wait on the results of the Arch Necomancer and then act.

My thoughts on her have made me realized, that my race is also a problem for my goals. I ponder if I could get a permanent polymorph or a legendary wish to solve that. Again I need access to a Faem from the Schools. They are all busy and I have to be patient.

Author:  Verideth [ Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: De'land Maelstrom

*written in draconic*

I spoke with Keniji about my idea to change and travel safely on thr surface. He said he had a Thavian Archmage in his employ. He would have to discuss with the Arch mage if it is possible and of course the cost. I am pretty excited if it is possible.

He did mention it is a possibility that the change would be permanent. He didn't think so but with magics and wishes anything is possible. Its risk I would take, I want to have a family but the thought of marrying or mating with a Jalil terrifies me. I do not wish to pass my lineage on to my children. Its something I always avoid when a new Jalil shows up. I do my best to be none ambitious and never perform again so publicly... I do not wish to ever repeat that one performance again.

Either way I have finally met the hin I was told about. He goes my Pokey. He travels the dark and the light trading. It was funny, I met him in Rockrun and there was two other drow with me. One of them immediately got aggressive but I mentioned he was a merchant and my... companion's attitude changed. I did my best to direct the topics toward coin and supplies and hope Pokey is forgiving. I do not wish to bring aggravation to a potential ally. I asked him for two wands of improved mage armor. Hopefully he will deliver and I can give one to Jaxon.

I miss my brothers but Elhrik is in hiding. Since he is a Paladin, I do not blame him. Jhael is spending all his time studying. Wizards and their books. Speaking of books, I have found many books on the sword coast. The dragon coast too. Figure if my plan goes forward, I will need to know about where I am going.

I have been discussing the Dusty Tomes and the consensus is that you can imbue a gem and use a scroll to summon the creature. I am pondering reading my three tomes or buying a gem and tome. Several Faem have multiple unique summons and maybe they will part with one.

One last note, Keniji did tell me of his fighting techniques and I ponder if I can combine what Jaxon has taught me with his style. I am researching it.

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