Altering reflections

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Altering reflections

Unread post by Cinta » Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:43 am


A young drow female enters the Gloura's Wings in Center Sshamath, dressed in a golden lined shiny chain-shirt, thick sole boots and a heavy blade hanging form her belt. Her skin tone is jet black, her dense snow white short hair is styled up on her head, and her golden eyes shine with enthusiasm. She orders a Slow Spout, then another, and shortly starts a conversation with the barmaids.

"... Not much, besides I'm celebrating today! I just bought this small house in the Darkwoods, and.. What's with that face??" she laughs "It's a perfect place to restart my life. What's more, it's close to this extremely easy job I found, and I don't even have to dress like you to apply!" snickers "Ah, don't be mad, I will order another round..."

After a few rounds, when she feels the attention slowly diverting from her, she leans back on her chair with the last tankard of duergan ale, and observes the patrons in silence for a long time.
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